A.N.: Okay, I will be the first to admit that Ben was my least favorite character this season. But I actually started to like him in the finale and I really hope they'll keep it up next season. So, taking this into consideration (that and other characters besides Tate need love) this is the drabble that came out.

Disclaimer: I do not own AHS, though I'm just crazy enough to want to live in that house.

He had made mistakes. Multiple, practically unforgiveable mistakes.

There was the affair with Hayden. His excuse for the secret anger that Vivien had lost their baby.

The continued pressure he had placed on Vivien (and to an extent Violet) to fix their marriage. There was nothing they could fix and he should have stopped approaching it like the family was one of his goddamn patients.

There was, of course, committing his wife to the psych ward. To be fair though, she had come off as certifiable at the time and he wasn't sure her absence from the house wasn't for the best.

And then there was actually buying the house itself.

It was strange, he had thought as he, his wife, Violet, and other spirits in the house banded together to chase off the new family. By all accounts Vivien had every right to never speak to him again. Violet could have disappeared without a trace. Instead they had forgiven him. Death had wiped his slate clean.

He didn't understand it; knew he would still spend most of eternity making everything up to them. There were things about this house that bothered him. The things lurking in the shadows that he sensed could (and still might) hurt his family. Yet he couldn't help feeling the slightest vindication that he had been right. The place had given them a fresh start, though not exactly in the way they'd expected. Who could have known that death would turn this house into a home?