Warnings: Daddy!Kink; mentions of bdsm; all done with love.

This kink previously squicked me out but I come to find it cute, so I decided to give it a try.

I sincerely apologize for any grammatical errors. I do re-read through this stuff before I post but I don't always catch everything.

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Harry let out a heavy sigh as he entered the dungeons. Usually it was Severus that came home late from detentions, not Harry. He threw his outer robe over the back of the chair when he heard the muffled sounds of sounds of his lover tinkering in his labs.

He slowly opened the doors to the labs and carefully made his approach. He had learned long ago not to sneak up on the man while he was brewing. He stood patiently while Severus concentrated on the cauldron before him. "Are you going to stand there and stare all day? Or do you intend on giving me a proper hello." Severus chided him.

Harry walked around to the man's side and using one hand pulled his face to meet his. He planted a tender kiss to his lips. "Hello honey. Miss me?" He whispered as seductively as could.

"Mmm. Very much." Was Severus's response. Harry walked behind Severus so that he could wrap his arms around his waist and nuzzle his face into the man's shoulder. Severus was still taller than Harry by a few inches, but Harry was quite ok with that. Holding the man this close he could breathe in all of the warm scents that is Severus. It wasn't long before he was wanting more than a mere hug.

"Why don't you put a stasis charm on whatever it is your brewing and come show me how much you've missed me." He tried purring into Severus's ear.

"Harry. It's been a long and tiring day. As much as I am loathe say this, my head is not in the right place. Why don't you go take a shower and I'll join you in the sitting room shortly." Severus said sounding tired.

"You could take a shower with me." Harry pouted.

"I have already showered. It became an immediate necessity when a Ms. Sorgenson spilt her poorly brewed potion all over my person. And taken the smell emanating from your person I gather you need a shower as well." Severus responded calmly.

Knowing when he was being dismissed, harry pouted and turn to leave the dungeons. But not before turning back to Severus to give him a bit of cheek. "Yes Daddy." He said sarcastically. He was caught off guard as Severus actually looked up from his potion. There was a subtle expression that quickly passed over Severus's face. Harry couldn't quit make it out but he thought it was look of lust that quickly passed over those onyx eyes.

Harry made his way to the bathroom with an evil grin on his face.


Severus Snape was glad he was not carrying anything in his hands when he came up the stairs and got an eyeful of harry; for he surely would have dropped it. He stood in shock as she saw his young lover snuggled up in the corner of the couch. That in and of itself was not unusual. What was unusual was the baby blue footie pajama's Harry was wearing, along with the stuffed penguin held under his right arm.

Severus started to speak but suddenly found his mouth was dry. "Daddy are you done working? Can you play with me?" Harry asked shly from the couch while Severus bit back a moan.

"H..Har..Harry? Are you feeling well?" He asked approaching the couch and trying not to pounce on his little imp. The couple had engaged in many kinks but the discussion of Daddy play had never come up. Severus always assumed with everything Harry went through in his childhood that it was one that was off limits. However, now that he thought about it, perhaps it made perfect sense. Harry had not had a real childhood; a chance to be coddled.

Harry's childlike demeanor slipped as if being turned off so that adult Harry could surface. "Severus. I'm fine. I saw the look on your face when I called you daddy." Harry crawled over to Severus reached over cupping the man's crotch. "And by the bulge begging to form here, I would say I read you just right."

Severus was trying to think clearly but that was being increasingly difficult. Now that Harry was so close he realized the boy smelled faintly of baby power. "Are you sure you really want do this?"

"Severus, seriously. You've had me bound, gagged and hanging from the ceiling with a plug up my arse, and clamps on my nipples. Not to mention the hundreds of times my arse has been so red that I was unable to sit for hours. It all makes this seem like child's play." Then harry started giggling.

"What is so funny?" Severus asked indignantly.

"Childs play! It makes it all seem like child's play…I'm about to act like a child. Oh never mind!"

Severus worried that the never mind was in response to everything. He hoped that he hadn't ruined his chances for play and was about to ask for clarification when Harry cut him off. "Look, I think it would be fun. Not that I don't absolutely love all of our other types of play, because I do, very much so. So why don't you go back downstairs and come up again and we'll start all over?"

Severus just starred at the boy…man, well boy with those damn footie pajamas on. No matter how many times Harry surprised him with how much he had grown up and become a logical adult, it never ceased to amaze him.

Now it was Severus's turn to wear an evil grin as kissed Harry on the cheek and made his way back downstairs.

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