As soon as I heard my name called, the crowd was murmuring unhappily as my mother broke down hysterically and my sibling started to cry, begging me not to go as I silently walk up to the stage with my fist clenched tightly walking in stiff small steps.

"Child killers! You goddamn murderers!"

"Would someone please take her place!" I heard my mother screamed. "She's only 12 years old!"

I flinched deeply; I felt hot tears trailing down my cheeks.

"I'll take her place!" A familiar voice yells, thus making the entire District 11 population turn to her and become silent, the thing I hear is my mother's sobbing. I saw her standing there, glaring as if she was the lioness ready to attack. Sharon.

I don't want to lose her.

"I volunteer as tribute!" Sharon said loudly and clearly, her brown eyes staring into mines.

I wanted to scream at her, tell her that she can't go, but I never got the chance as I saw two peacekeepers dragging her away with Sharon struggling against them.

"SHARON!" I screamed. I ran off the stage and only made it by two feet when before being held back by the Peacekeepers and forced back on stage. "SHARON!"

"Now now," said Via Pads. "Everyone lets give a round of applause to our youngest tribute, Rue Mafuane!"

Not one single person clapped. To the Capitol this may look like a bunch of hillbillies who don't know anything except hard labor. To me, this is a silent protest. It is unfair for a young child to be sent to the Hunger Games.

Via Pads shakes her head, her hair like a tree caught in the wind. "You poor people, don't you what clapping is? You take both hands and smack them together." She even makes a demostration. No one clapped.

"Fine," Via signs. "Now onto the boys! Who would be te lucky brave young man?" I watch as she teasely swirls her finger around the large glass bowl. Then she dips her fingers inside the bowl and slowly pulls out a piece of paper.

"And our male tribute is….Thresh Cliff!"

I watch him making his way up to the stage. Medium height, very strong looking, crop black hair. His expression was hard and cold. A killer's face. I felt afraid of him as he stares at me. As I turn to shake his hand, I saw something in his eyes, something that made me feel…protected.

For a moment, I saw him mouthed something. 'I'll protect you.'

I jerked awake. My head throbbing in pain. A bright light burning through my eyelids. I groaned as I sat up, my body wincing in discomfort. I looked around my surroundings as noticed how clear my vision was. I was in a pure white room with no windows.

"Hm." I figure that the Capitol don't want me escaping. I frown. My hand went up to my stomach, feeling a small lump. I lifted it up and saw that I dark circle shape scar just above my chest. My eyes widen as I realize that I have breast. I mean like an adult woman's breast.

'What did they do to me?' I thought as I quickly got up an stare at myself in the mirror. This woman wasn't me. I silently touched my face. I looked like Sharon in almost every detail. Was this a dream? The fate of fallen tributes? My heaven or hell?

"No." I whispered. This isn't me. This can't be me. I am suppose to be 12 years old and dead, not alive and an 17 year old. It doesn't work lik that. Not suppose to be like this.

"I was wondering when you'll be awake," said a cold voice. I snap my head in his direction. Snake eyes. President Snow. "I know you must be very confused but I will assure you that it will be answered."

So many thoughts ran through my mind. So many questions I wanted to asks him. So many emotions.

"Am I dead?" I asks.

He laughed. "Oh dear, you were for simply 5 minutes. When they came to collect your body, our sciencist discovered that you had a faint pulse so…"

"You saved my life?" I choked out. "Why?"

"I seen something in you," he responed walking closer to me. "Something that spells fighter, hunter, killer-"

"I'm not a killer," I said firmly. "I haven't kill anyone."

"Oh you must forgotten about your time during the arena in the Hunger Games," said Snow. I nose wrinkles from the smell of blood and roses he was giving off.

Hunger Games. I went back to that day. It was so blurry. I can remember calling out for someone. I remember birds singing after me. I got dizzy as I held onto the sink for support, afraid that I might faint.

"Don't worry, you're just suffering from the side effects of the medication…" Snow told me, attempting to steady me, but I instantly refused his help.

"Back off," I snarled dangerously and he did as I said. I looked over his shoulder to saw to Peacekeepers.

One of them walks over to me and grabs me by the arm. I didn't know what came over me but I took his free arm and twisted it so hard that I heard it breaking into twos. He screamed out in pain and I let out a small grin. The other Peacekeeper came rushing by but threw the first one down and pouced on the incoming on.

He landed on his back hard. I grinned at him, thinking about how many bones I'm gonna break.

I let out a yelp as I felt a stinging pain on my back. I fell to the side, groaning and unable to move. The Peacekeeper I had pinned down to the floor quickly pins me by my wrist.

I watch President Snow kneeling next to me. He took out a needle with a yellowish golden liquid inside.

I felt panic rush through me. I felt the needle puncture my arm and I hissed in discomfort.

"Katniss! Help Katniss!" I screamed. I was confused. Why did I say that? Who was Katniss? I tried to think hard but I got dizzy again.

"Katniss?" chuckles Snow. "Why dear Rue, you're very confused. Now why would you called out for the person who is the reason why you died?"