Totally random. I was thinking about what the childhoods of the Akatsuki were like. I know you see flashbacks and all of some of them but it doesn't really explain a lot. So I'm going to do a bunch of one shots on the Akatsuki's childhoods! This isn't going to be a fic where you see all the Akatsuki being in Kindergarten with each other. I'm going to do them in the same order I did my 'Akatsuki Rants' fic, so here is Deidara's childhood! Well some of it anyway...I know, I suck money balls.

"Come on Deidara..." Sighed the blonde woman who was currently speaking through a small window.
The 6 year-old Deidara, Who was behind the window, Just crossed his arms and shook his head.
"Deidara, I don't get paid until Thursday! I only have enough to buy some more bread..." The woman repeated, Hoping for a better answer from her young son.
"Then you will just have to buy the cheap bread, Un" Deidara answered, Crossing his arms.

What was going on here then? Well, This blonde woman happened to be Deidara's mother. At the moment Deidara's mother, Suki Iwa, Was locked outside her own house.
Not by accident though. No, This was caused by a certain someone... What kind of 'Devil' would do this to such a nice woman? Well, that 'Devil' happened to be the seemingly innocent Deidara Iwa.

All over his certain lack of candy.

~Flash Back~

"Deidara, I'm just going to the store quickly...You'll be fine alone for a few minutes, Won't you?" Suki called to her 6 year old son.
"...Only if you buy me candy..." Was the straight reply she got from her young son.
Suki sighed. This happened every time she had to go to the store.
"Honey, You know that I don't get paid until Thursday...I will get you some candy then..." Just as Suki was about to make her leave she was stopped by her son's voice.
"No, I want candy, Un! Please, I never get candy!" Deidara screamed, Startling his mother slightly.
"Deidara, I said no..." Suki sighed as she started leaving again, Only to be stopped by the pitter-patter sound that was coming from the stairs.

"Wait!" Called the small boy, Only to be recognized as her son. Suki was about to quickly leave, but Deidara decided to suddenly 'fly' at her legs and latch onto them.


"Deidara, I don't have time for this..." Suki warned as she shook her leg, In attempt to get the 6 year-old off. Due to Deidara's death grip, she failed.
"Deidara, I can't get you candy right now...But if you let go, I will try my best to get you some candy tomorrow..." Suki softy spoke and waited for a response from the blonde.
"No...I want candy now, Un" Deidara demanded and held on tighter to his Mother's leg.
"Deidara, I'm losing my patience with you...I can't get you candy today" Suki crossed her arms and waited for her son to let go of her now aching leg. Just as Deidara was about to let go, Suki was sure she felt something in her pocket.

Just as Suki was about to reach for her pocket, She was interrupted by her young Son's voice. "Then I 'wanna purple pony, Un!" The four year-old demanded while letting go of his Mother's leg.
"Deidara this is ridiculous...I'm leaving. I will be back soon with some bread..." Suki quickly left and slammed the door.

That had felt bad... Suki knew what Deidara was like during a tantrum, The 6 year-old alone in the house during a tantrum would not be pretty.
After she had gotten back from the store, Suki put her hand around the shiny handle of the door and tried to pull it down.

It wouldn't open.

Suki knitted her eyebrows together. She hadn't remembered to lock the door on her way out...


Suki quickly rushed towards the small window next to the front door and peered in. She looked around for a few seconds, Until she spotted her grinning Son sitting on the staircase and holding something shiny in his hand.

"What's that in your hand?" Suki yelled, Loud enough for Deidara to hear.
"Oh this, Un?" The 6 year-old replied, Waving the object around. "I'm not really sure...I found it in your pocket, Un..."

Deidara held the shiny object towards the window to give Suki a better view. It was just what she had though it was.

Her damn keys.

"Deidara...Unlock the door right now." Suki ordered, As calmly as she could get right now, Which wasn't very.
"No, Un." Deidara simply replied. "All you will do is punish me!" He added.
Deidara was really catching on, Suki reminded herself to think of some more crafty ideas.

"You know what, Deidara? I'm not even going to bother anymore...Bye-bye" Suki smiled and waved, Then turned around to make her leave.
"W-what? No, You can't leave now, Un!" Deidara put his hands on the window and gasped. "S-stop, Un! You won't be able to see your adorable little boy grow up and become successful!" He screamed, Banging on the window with his little fists.
"Oh well, I'll just have another little boy named Deidara, I'll move to Konoha or something...I still have mon-" Suki reached into her pockets to show her Son the credit card she had in her pocket, Just for emergencies.

She couldn't find it...

"Hahaha! You fell for it, Un!" Deidara waved the small card in front of the window and started laughing even more. "When the hell did he learn how to pick-pocket so well? " Suki asked herself.

~Now back to the future!~

So now you know the story. Suki Iwa, A smart, 32 year-old woman...Pick pocketed and tricked twice by her own 6 year-old son.
"This will be a good story to tell him when he's older, Well, That's if he doesn't become a S-Ranked criminal in some evil organization or anything...Ha..." Suki chuckled to herself.

"Deidara..." Suki closed her eyes and smirked mischievously.
"Un?" Came the simple reply from the 6 year-old.
"That was a very mischievous, Yet smart, move you made, You know?" She smiled and gave her Son a thumbs up.
"Really, Un?" Came the slightly excited reply from Deidara.
Suki smiled and lowered her hand. "Yep...Although, You should know by now that you can never out-smart the Suki Iwa...Especially when she's your own Mother!" Suki immediately started sprinting around the house and into the backyard.

She was a genius.

Deidara probably hadn't locked the back door, So all she had to do was run as fast as she could and quickly open the back door...Then scold her young son.

Suki caught a glimpse of her son running towards the lounge. The two blonde's eyes met as they glared at the back door.
Suki, Easily catching her son out, Dashed towards the door and quickly opened it. Deidara was in the middle of the lounge, standing there with his little mouth gaping open.

"Deidara Iwa...Return my keys and credit card, right now" Suki hissed at the small quivering boy.

Deidara screamed as he threw the keys and credit card towards the floor while running as fast as he could up the stairs.
"Crafty devil..." Suki mumbled as she picked up her keys and card.

Deidara would not be getting any candy for a while now...

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