Hello! Kill me now :D Yes, I know making more excuses about my late updating wont help...*sigh* Just kick me in the face again :P Anyway, A special thanks to the awesome writer who used to be 'alphabet soup99' But is now 'Imortal souls are always dark' for giving me this awesome plot! She has a great imagination :'D Anyway, Please enjoy^^

"N-no! Please, Don't! No, Not my fingers! Ahh-"
"Shut the fuck up you whiny little bitch!"
Hidan was at it again. Pervy images going through your mind right now? Sadly, This was not what was going on. No, Hidan was, Once again...Cutting off a child's fingers...With a spoon. This was a weekly basis for the 15 year old Yugakure-nin.

"Ahhh, No it hurts! Please stop!" The 8 year old child screamed, His eyes were now extremely bloodshot and filled with large tears.

"Well, Shut the fuck up and maybe I will do this quicker! I have already cut three of them off, Only two more to go!" Hidan burst out laughing and pressed the spoon harder into the boys hanging flesh to make him scream more.

"Please, What did I ever do to you!" The boy sobbed harder. Hidan gave him an angry look.

"Do you remember last Halloween? You were the little brat that threw eggs at my mother, And now you must pay! By cutting off your fingers I know that you would never throw eggs again in your life...Or anything else!" Hidan suddenly started laughing mentally again, Which just made the boy more frightened.

"Please, Just spare me! I promise to never do anything like that again, Just dont kill me!" The boy attempted to squirm away but was held down by Hidan.

"I never said anything about killing you...But if you insist!" Hidan gave a cocky grin and shoved the spoon right down the child's throat, Leaving him to cry and squirm until blood came seeping out of his mouth and he stopped moving completely.

"That will teach you not to mess with my mother..." Hidan spat and walked away, Leaving the corpse to rot in the woods.


"Mother, I'm home!" Hidan walked through the door to his small house and carefully closed it.

"There you are, Honey. I thought something happened to you!" Hidan's Mother, Suri smiled sweetly and hugged her son.

"I'm sorry that I got you worried, Mother" Hidan said as he looked down at his feet. His Mother smiled.

"Aww, Dont be sorry, Honey. Cheer up, I made your favourite!" Suri smiled and made her way into the small kitchen and was followed by her smiling son. Hidan gasped.

"Ribs?" He asked hopefully.

"Yep! Don't eat them too quickly though, I don't want my little boy to get a tummy ache!" Suri pinched Hidan's pale cheeks playfully and received a loving smile.

"Thank you, Mother!" Hidan bowed and sat at the wooden table.

"You don't have to bow to me all the time, Honey. It's not good for your back..." Suri rubbed her son's back soothingly and set a large plate of juicy ribs in front of her son. "Dig in!" She chanted joyfully.

"Thank you!" Hidan grinned and quickly started munching on the ribs while his Mother giggled.
Hidan looked up towards Suri which made her giggle even more.
"Whash swo fwunney?" Hidan asked between bites.
"Your face, Honey. Its covered is barbeque sauce!" Suri giggled and pulled out a napkin to clean Hidan's face.

Just as she was about to wipe the barbeque sauce of Hidan's face, Suri was interrupted by a loud knock on the door.

"Now who could that be?" She asked herself and Hidan.

"I'll get it!" Hidan quickly said, Scared that someone had seen and reported what he had done earlier.

"No it's ok, Honey. You carry on eating, I'll get the door..." Suri left the room, Leaving an extremely worried Hidan.

All the silver haired ninja could hear were muffled voices.

"Crap...What if someone saw me..."

"Will I go to prison?"

"I'm going to be locked away forever!"

"No, I'm only 15! I'm too young to die!"

"Everyone is going to hate me!"

"Mother is going to be so upset!"


"Hidan, What's wrong?" Suri asked. She had came back into the room only to find her son with his eye's wide open and his face full of fear.

Hidan jumped slightly.

"Oh, Nothing! Who was that at the door?" Hidan asked.

"Hm? Oh, Just some people asking me to join their weird religion...Jashinist's they call themselves, Extremely weird..." Suri looked outside the window and watched the Jashinist's walk away.

"What's wrong, Hidan? You look as if you have done something like cut off a child's fingers with a spoon" Hidan went a sickly pale colour and gulped. Suri burst out laughing,

"Ahaha, Me and my imagination! Hidan, What's wrong?" Suri lightly tapped her son.

"Nothing Mother...I think I need some fresh air though, I ate the ribs to quickly again!" Hidan sprinted outside and ran as fast as he could.

"Where can I go now? Wait...What did them people call themselves again? Jashinist's...Sounds good enough to me!"

Hidan, You naughty little boy! Cutting off people's fingers with spoons! Yeah, I was kind of scared of myself when I wrote that part...I always write in weird bit's. Like Hidan cutting off that boys fingers and killing him, Being a suck up to his mother, Finding the Jashinists...T.T I have problems...