IT'S BACK! And it has a prologue! This is the 3rd (& final part) to the trilogy that started with My Life Would Suck Without You, it doesn't make any sense at all unless you've read the others so check out my profile to see them. Anywho without further ado here it is...

She stood there with her dazzling smile that made his insides melt. Her blonde bouncy hair framing her face making her look even more irresistible. He wiped his sweaty palms on his trouser leg wondering how he could be brought down to a love struck teenager with just her presence within a room. It almost infuriated him at how much he loved this impossible woman; his impossible woman, his River Song.

But he would then be quickly reminded of the day, the time and the event that was quickly approaching. Darillium and the singing towers, their final venture together before she headed towards the library. The Doctor had told him of his first meeting with his daughter and looking back on it, he was happy the Timelord had told him. Since then he had tried to make everyday as important and as exciting as the next, but even time travellers such as themselves couldn't escape the inevitable. Time always catches up with you.

Many tears were shed on that trip, his own and her parents, all with the foreknowledge of what was to come. She asked several times what was upsetting them and each time they had had to respond with the infuriating word that was `spoilers`.

Now though, he stood on the dock watching the ship fly out into space, his wife onboard as the vessel took her to her impending death on the Library. He had known better than to stop her from going, he had learned from experience that stopping a fixed event has disastrous consequences. He took a deep breath and steadied his breathing.

He was holding hands with someone, a much smaller someone who also had tears in his eyes. The little boy looked up at him and, in a voice that could only be described as pure innocence, asked: "Daddy, when's Mummy coming back?" And for once the great Captain Jack Harkness couldn't think of a response.

I know it's sad, but the River story in Moffat's story doesn't even have a happy ending! :( Anyhoo, the first person to review I will like LOVE and i dunno mention them in a chapter or something! So review, pwetty pwease! :) x