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The Doctor cracked his eyes opened and was met with the blurred image of his wife. As his eyes focused he realised that his wife wasn't asleep as he had expected her to be. She was in fact wide awake watching him. "Good morning." Amy said happily.
"Morning." The Doctor said softly, his voice still thick with sleep. Amy held the Doctor's hand, threading their fingers together.
"Sleep well?" She asked, her bright green eyes watching him.
"Hmm..." He replied smiling, his eyes still needing effort to remain open. Amy rolled her eyes and pushed him off the bed. The Doctor's arms flung up in panic as he landed with a thud on the floor next to the bed. "Owww..." He moaned lying on his back on the floor.

Amy laughed and leaned over to the bed, her head dangling above him and her hair almost tickling his chest. "It's not funny." The Doctor said with a pout. Amy stuck out her tongue in response and disappeared from the Doctor's view. The Doctor sat up. "Where have you..." The Doctor began but he saw the flicker of his wife's ginger hair run out the door. In an instant he was up on his feet and chasing after her.

Running out the bedroom door the Doctor continued through the green fields, patches of red grass brushing his legs as he chased his wife's retreating figures. "Wait..." The Doctor called as the gap between him and Amy increased. She turned her head to face him, but the expression her face wore stopped the Doctor dead. The expression Amelia Pond wore was one of pure hatred and what she said next only added to the Doctor's heartbreak. "Stay away from me!" Amy yelled and continued running.

The Doctor turned on the stop his mouth dry and his chest aching. Amy had rejected him and it hurt even more than listening to her explain his own death. "Why?" He muttered, his lip quivering. The lights around him suddenly dimmed and he was now standing face to face with Amy again. The Doctor whimpered at the sight of her. Her usual tamed ginger hair was knotted and sitting quite precariously on the top of her head. Her usual smooth pale skin was covered in a layer of grim, darkened and not quite fully formed bruised dotted all over her person and, then to top it all of, her eyes, which were usually so bright and avid with curiosity, were now dull and lifeless. She was a girl, nay woman, who had been defeated.

"Amy?" The Doctor croaked but Amy didn't look up. The Doctor lifted his hand, attempting to cup her cheek and wipe away some of the dirt that was stuck there, but as his hand reached her face it continued going. He waved his arm back and forth and each time it went straight through Amy. One of the times that he needed to hold his wife and he was nothing but a ghost. But ghosts still have hairs and the hairs on the back of the Doctor's neck stood on end as he heard a voice from behind him.

"Amelia dear, it seems you husband hasn't come to your rescue. What a shame." The voice said. The Doctor whizzed round and was met with the woman who made the Daleks look tame. Kovarian. She was sitting on some black throne; an army of Silence's standing close by. Her skin was as pale as ever, her purple lips prominent and pronounced and her menacing looking eye-patch gleamed in the small rooms light.

Amy didn't reply to Kovarian's taunts. "Nothing? Well you are so much like him, didn't utter a word as we killed him stone dead. He didn't even beg, shame really." Kovarian continued, Amy tensed in fear as Kovarian stood up and made her way to Amy. "Why don't you just concede? Your loyalty means nothing to a dead man. You could rule the universe at my side Amelia. Does that not tempt you? I will not ask again." Amy remained quiet. Kovarian waved her hand and walked away. Amy closed her eyes and a green light filled the room.

"NO!" The Doctor yelled and woke up with a jump. His breathing laboured and his hearts racing, he was deeply relieved that it was just a dream. He ran his fingers through his hair. This hadn't been the first time he had woken startled from a nightmare and he had no doubt that it wouldn't be his last. Controlling his ragged breath, he swung his legs out of bed and got himself dressed.

He found Amy and Craig in the living room, the latter bouncing a happy Alfie on his lap. "Mornin'." Craig said as the Doctor walked down the stairs. Amy smiled at her husband.
"Morning Sweetie." She said sounding so much like River; the Doctor could see where River got it from.
"Good Morning." The Doctor said with a very put on bravado and the morning conversation started from there.

Almost 2 hours later Amy and the Doctor were back in the car, heading back to Cardiff. With heartfelt goodbyes and the couples promise to visit soon, Amy and the Doctor had left Craig's happy. Now in the car the Doctor was being more tame than the journey to Essex, and had only asked "if they were there yet?" a handful of times. It was almost a pleasant car journey, almost.

"Doctor, would you ever consider having more kids?" Amy asked as they pulled onto the M25. This caught the Doctor off-guard.
"Well, ermm...I don't know. Why, is it something you would want?" The Doctor replied. Amy shrugged.
"I dunno, seeing Alfie all smiling and laughing. I guess I miss it. I love the girls, god I love them more than anything, but..."
"...you miss having them at that age." The Doctor concluded. Amy nodded in agreement, her eyes still on the road. "Amy, if it's something you want, I'm more than happy to have more children." The Doctor said grabbing a hold of Amy's hand. Amy smiled and squeezed the Doctor's hand.
"Yeah it would." Amy agreed and kissed the Doctor's hand.

The rest of the journey was in companionable silence. Yet when they arrived back at the Torchwood hub..."JACK HARKNESS, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY DAUGHTER?"

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