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I hated this all. I hated this mission, I hated master Krell and I hated the times, where I got the pleasure to be woken up in the middle of the night, because I could hear Fives and Rex arguing in the hallway. It also went like this tonight. Why the force did they always have to do it in front of MY quarters? To make matters worse: they were always yelling SO loud, that the people in the nearest rooms heared it, so I could hear them lound and clear, since they stood RIGHT AT MY DOOR!

"This is about more, than just following orders!", I heared Fives yell out.

"It is. It is about honor.", Rex sharply replied.

Honor? Did Rex took a bad fall in the last battle and land onto his head? There was REALLY NO HONOR in marching into a bunch of missles! I must've been thinking the same as Fives did. This was confirmed, as I heared his response.

"Where is the honor in marching blindly to our deaths?", he asked.

"It is not our call. We are part of something larger. We are not inependat of one another.", Rex gave his sharp response.

In this one Rex was sorta right. He wasn't just right, when it came to clones. He was also right, when it came to jedi, I thought. I had learned this ever since I was twelve years old, but still...following master Krells "suicide-orders" was TOO MUCH!

"I'm sorry, but I can NOT just follow orders, when I know, that they are wrong! Especially, when there are LIFES AT STAKE!", Fives excaimed.

"You will, if you support the system, we fight for.", Rex replied and sounded sharper, than before.

"I do support. I do, but I am NOT just another number! NONE OF US ARE!", Fives yelled.

I knew, that I had to end this, or they would wake up THE WHOLE BASE and I wouldn't love master Krell yelling at us in the middle of the night! I quickly left my quarters. Rex and Fives were still right in front of the door.

"Fives, Rex stop this right now. You are going to wake up the whole base and then we'll probably have master Krell breathing down our necks.", I excaimed.

"C-commander Tano? How did you hear this?", Rex stammered.

I could tell, that he was embaressed, that I caught him, arguing with Fives.

"You were loud enough. I'm surprised, if you haven't woken up the others either.", I said.

Rex left without saying another word. I shook a glance to Fives.

"You still in?", I asked.

"At what?", Fives asked back.

"The plan Fives!", I reminded him.

He turned and left. Now I was clearly surprised.

"Fives were are you going?", I excaimed.

Fives stopped and turned his face to me. He was smirking.

"To round up some pilots.", Fives said.

!"Ahsoka on Umbara"!

Today I wanted to practise along with Harcase, Fives and Jesse how to pilot an Umbaran fighter. It was Hardcase's turn. He got the fighter to flying, but after this he messed up EVERYTHING! He flew wildly through the hangar, making a big chaos, forcing troopers to leave their posts in fear and almost ripping off the heads of Fives and me.


"If I knew, I wouldn't be doin' it.", Hardcase only replied.

He did not seem to know, what he was doing there himself. Fives and I had to duck again, because Hardcase was flying dangerously close over our heads again.

"Alright Fives...this can't get much worse.", I said to Fives, as we stood up again.

"You've got a point there.", Fives returned my comment.

Harcase did not seem to know how to land either. He just kept flying all over the place, but them it happened: As he was trying to land the fighter, he accidently shot a missle RIGHT AT THE DOORS! Nice piloting Hardcase! After this stunt, he finally managed to land this strange ship and got out.

"Are you crazy? You could've gotten us ALL KILLED and now we will really have general Krell, breathing down our necks.", Fives began to yell at his brother.

"It's a malfunction! No harm done!", Harcase replied grinning.

I really knew, that Fives wasn't wrong. Harcase was taking it too easy. I could already hear master Krell coming. Oh that was just great! He found out about our secret plan for sure.

"Explain this. NOW!", master Krell said sharply, facing Hardcase, Fives, Jesse and me.

I opened my mouth to say something, but Hardcase was quicker, then me and began jabberin about an enemy booby trap, that went off here.

"A booby trap?", master Krell asked.

"Yeah, the fighter started flying around and had I not been able to get control of it and shoot the missle at the doors something worse might have happened.", Hardcase said, even though he knew, that he was one of the most horrible liars in the clone army.

Master Krell turned to Rex and did think about screaming once again and so did he.

"Well Captain Rex, looks like I was correct. The Umbaran fighters are dangerous and not fit for flight.", he said.

"But sir...we now know how they work. We just need practise!", Hardcase tried.

"Lock down these fighters. I don't want anything else exploded.", was his only response, before he left.

-Ahsoka on Umbara-

"Nice work there Hardcase! Now we know how to fly them, but we won't be able to get NEAR them!", Fives yelled at his brother a little later, as master Krell was gone and we were sitting on some boxes in the hangar, that still looked like an assault just ended there, by the way.

"C'mon Fives! That won't stop us. We can still sneak in and be out, before general Krell knows anything.", Hardcase encouraged.

At this moment Tup came to us. He was giggling and clapping.

"I thought your plan was to destroy the enemy ship with the fighters! Not to blow up our own hangar.", he said.

I had to admit, that I agreed with Hardcase. The tactics of master Krell were nothing, but suicide and besides I would've prefered to lead them into our own little assault, that would cost less lifes, than master Krells attack, than to walk into a bunch of missles and watch them die, with nothing I can do about it.

"Well...I agree, that we should go through with this. So are you three volunteering to be my pilots or what?", I asked a bit harshly, but they did not seem to mind.

"I'm in! Regardless of the consequences!", Hardcase said, ready to blow anything up, that got near him. Typical.

"I am in either. I was from the beginning.", Fives said, with a big smile onto his face.

"Flying these fighters beats walking into a bunch of missles, so...I'm in either. We just need a plan.", Jesse said, after a few seconds.

I didn't know about a good plan into this thing, but then I remembered a day, where I was like thirteen and my master told me a story about his past. He told me about blowing up a droid control ship, when he was like nine and he had even told me the secret about doing a thing like this. Then I got a good idea.

"I got one. My master blew up a droid control ship, when he was only nine years old and he told me, that the secret about this, was to hit their main reactor from the inside.", I told the troopers and smirked.

"Well...that won't be so tough.", Jesse said and smirked either.


I left the hangar to have a word with Rex. I planned to tell him, that we were going to go through with it. As I met up with him, he looked at me with worried eyes.

"You'll go through with it huh?", he mumbled.

"We will Rex.", I replied.

"What, if you get caught? What are you going to do then?", Rex asked me.

"Let this be my problem.", I just said.

Rex did not awnser. He just gave a nod.

"Good Luck for you...and watch out for Krell and Dogma.", Rex mumbled and smiled at me.

I only smiled back.

"We will Rex.", I mumbled. "We will.".


The base was quiet. The most of the troopers were in barracks, Dogma included. We did not have to worry about him. Good! Master Krell was busy, with...force knew what. Good! I met up with Fives, Jesse and Hardcase. We were hiding behind some boxes, so we would not be spotted by one of the less troopers, that were still working. I was looking for a perfect moment to get ourselves starfighters and destroy this ship. After a few minutes the moment came.

"We're clear boys.", I whispered.

We rushed over to four starfighters, got into them and flew outta the base.

"I just hope this is a good idea.", Jesse said, as we were far enough away from the base.

"Well, it's better then Krell's plan!", Fives excaimed.

"I'm just into this thing, because I do not like him.", Jesse groaned.

"That's reason enough.", I said.

After flying a few parsecs, we suddenly got to see something, that I did not expect: An air battle! A whole seperatist fleet was protecting the supply ship and this fleet was twice as big as the seperatist blockade in the orbit over Ryloth or any other blockade, I had been leading battles to break through into this war.

"Wh-what the...?", Fives excaimed.

"Try to fly steady. We're going in there!", I commanded.

So we did and the Umbarans did not see, that we were a jedi padawan and three clones into Umbaran Starfighters, but even Hardcase got doubts now. To be the honest: I also hated it to watch the republic pilots get shot down, with nothing I could do about it.

"This maybe was a bad idea after all!", Hardcase groaned.

"Easy Hardcase. Don't get an ichy trigger finger.", Fives encouraged.

This comment made me chuckle, but then the kriffin big supply ship caught my eye.

"There is the supply ship. Ready?", I asked.

"READY!", the three of them excaimed.

"Let's do this!", Hardcase said, with this hyperactiveness into his voice, everyone of us knew and liked.

We were into this ship really quickly. Our flying destroyed many droids. I could already see the main reactor of the ship.

"There is the reactor! Prepare missles!", I commanded.

We were only a few meteres away and soon close enough to destroy the reactor.

"Fire missles!", I excaimed.

We fired and it would've worked, if those kriffin droids had not activated ray-shields. We had to slow down quickly and soon after all this clankers opened fire. We were defending ourselves from outta the fighters, but then I saw another good oppertunity: I spotted some boxes with explosive stuff inside.

"I think this wasn't a so good idea!", Fives mumbled.

"We can't back down now.", I said, as I jumped outta my fighter.

"COVER ME!", I commanded.

"What do you want to do Commander?", Hardcase asked.

I did not awnser his question. I just grabbed some of the boxes with the force and sent them through a little hallway, which also leaded into the main reactor. I did a force-jump to get back into my fighter and then I ordered the three of them to fly outta this ship and I was after them in no time. Luckily we were far enough away, as the exploding started and we were out in no time.


"You did it!", Tup excaimed, as we were back at the airbase.

"That wasn't so tough!", Hardcase mumbled, not accepting Tup complimenting him. Typical. I was happy, that we did it. Now this battle would not be a classic suicide mission anymore, but then three troopers came up to us.

"General Krell would like to see them in the tower.", one of them said.

An interrogation with the "moster-general" was the last thing, I needed at them moment, but it couldn't be avoided. KRIFF!


"You showed youselves really brave! Unfortunately you've also commited a serious crime, by disobeying my direct orders.", master Krell said.

I could sense, that Fives, Jesse and Hardcase were getting scared already. Could not say, that I blamed them. I was getting scared of master Krell myself. I heared Rex speak up.

"Sir, this whole thing was my idea. If punishment has to be swift, it should be given to me.", Rex said.

It was a cool thing of him, trying to cover us and take the blame for this, but I just could not let him do it. This entire thing was MY idea and Rex had been innocent. I had to tell the truth.

"Don't punish Rex. He does not have to do anything with it. This entire thing was all my idea, so the blame should be placed upon ME!", I excaimed, but then Fives spoke up.

"Sir, Captain Rex and Commander Tano are attempting to take the blame for actions, that were clearly mine.", Fives said.

"FIVES!", we both excaimed at the same time.

"The blame should be placed upon me!", Fives excaimed.

"Let me be clear about the punishment for you and your brothers: You will be court-martrialed and you will be executed.", master Krell said.

Alright this was it! I could not let this happen! Neither Fives nor Jesse and Hardcase had done anything wrong and Rex wasn't happy either.

"WHAT?", he excaimed.

"Make no mistake. For crossing me...you will pay the price.", master Krell said.

"Master Krell with ALL DUE RESPECT, but you do not have the power to do this. First of all: you ain't the real general around this place! Secondly: Only I can decide this!", I yelled out, but that was a clear mistake.

Master Krell turned around to face me. Then he did the unthinkable: He held off and punched me into the face! I fell onto the floor imidiatley. The last thing I heared was the gasping of the clones. The last thing I saw was Kix grabbing me by my wrists. Then everything went black.

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