" From Hope to Despair "


Malcolm Yuy

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon. If I did, T.K. and Kari would've married each other, and I would have created a season about Willis and his adventures in the U.S.

Chapter 01

Copyright by Malcolm Yuy.

Well guys, this is Malcolm Yuy, flying in from Atlanta!!! This fic is another Takari,  but a dark one… The plot will be sort of complex, and I know that Willis has appeared in A LOT of Takari fics lately. Well, he's going to appear in this one. Well, it's time to start the fic! ACTION!!!

                "Where is he?" An angry Hikari Kamiya replied. The 16 year old was glancing around for any sign of her boyfriend, Takeru Takaishi, a.k.a. T.K. The two were suppose to meet to go have a picnic together in the park. But lately, T.K. has been standing up Kari. They had planned to meet each other here at noon. Now it was 3:00, and he still was not there. This made Kari very angry, as she stomped her foot on the ground. "This is it! I've had it! I'm going to break up with him!!!" Kari hollered as she stormed off, heading back toward her apartment…

          Meanwhile, on the other side of town, T.K. was stuck in traffic, trying to get to the park. He was sitting in his used Mustang convertible, listening to the radio. It was the summer, but unfortunately, it was rush hour. T.K. had left at 11:30, but somehow ended up in all this traffic. He sighed tiredly as he looked at the front mirror, to see a car behind him. "Boy, is Kari going to be pissed. This is the third time I've standed her up. I hope she can forgive me," T.K. said as he turned his attenion back to the road. The traffic light finally turned green, proceeding T.K. to move his car forward. He then reached an intersection and turned to the left, finally making his way toward the park were he was going to meet Kari. He then parked his car near the sidewalk, got out a couple of coins (if they have change in Japan), and put the change in the Parking Meter. He then made his way onto the sidewalk as he entered the park.

          After walking a bit further into the park, T.K. came up onto the cherry blossom tree were he and Kari had shared their first kiss. It was after their first date, which had been ruined when T.K. had gotten a pimple earlier that day (Read my story " Pimples " to find out what happened), and freaked out about it. Kari had gone to his apartment earlier to start the date early, and T.K. had done everything he could to cover up that pimple. They finally got to the restaurant, and got to eat when the pimple popped, which unsuccessfully landed onto the waiter. He kicked the two out, and T.K. and Kari walked into the park, where they stopped under the cherry blossom tree T.K. was at now. T.K. explained how he wanted to impress Kari, making her think that if he had a pimple, then she wouldn't like him anymore, because he loved her. Kari then told him that she didn't care about the pimple and that she loved him too. They then shared their first kiss, and T.K. remembered it lovingly, blushing at the thought of it. It felt so heavenly, so right, and Davis had fumed when he found out the two were a couple. Also that day, Matt finally received his first pimple, and he had to deal with it differently than T.K.

          "Oh man, Kari isn't here," T.K. said as he made his way to where the picnic was suppose to be. T.K. frowned, and he was about to leave when he found a note in the shade of the tree. "Huh? What's this?" He bent down and picked it up. In Kanji, on notebook paper was Kari's handwriting. T.K. read it. It stated:

Dear Takeru,

If you've found this, then you probably know that I've left by now. I know I said that I loved you, but how can the love last when you keep on standing me up? It makes me think something's up with you, that maybe you're cheating on me, or something else suspicious. Well, we need to talk. Come to my apartment when you find this letter. 'Till then, chow.



          "Well, I hope this talk has nothing concerning about our relationship," T.K. replied as he made his way back toward the car. He then got inside and revved the engine up, and then backed up. He then made his way back onto the street as he drove to the apartment complex where Kari lived. The wind blew his hair back as he was nearing his way there. He then made his way into the parking garage and parked the car. He then put the hood on and locked it, before proceeding into the hotel lobby. He then entered it and made his way to an elevator. He got inside and went to the third floor. He then left the elevator and walked toward the Kamiya's doorstep. He then sighed sadly as he rang the doorbell.

          "I'll get it!" Kari hollered. She skidded across the furnished wooden floor on her socks as she slid to the doorway. She then opened it, to come face-to-face with a concerned T.K. "Oh, it's you Takeru-kun, come on in. We seriously need to talk," Kari replied. T.K. nodded as he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. "Follow me," Kari said as she led him to her room. He entered and she closed the door.

          Inside, her room was a light pink, like the color of her crest when she had it a long time ago. The closets were white, with elegant brown dressers with mirrors attached to them against the wall. There was a radio, TV, and CD player on one, and on the other was the computer. Her bed was in the center. It was yellow with white pillow covers. "Sit down Takeru," Kari commanded. Takeru did as he was told and sat down on her bed. Kari sat down beside him. "You're mad at me are you Hikari? If you are then I'm sorry, but I've been so busy lately that I haven't gotten enough sleep," T.K. said. Hikari noticed that her boyfriend was a little sleepy. "Then, you're going to get enough sleep. Takeru, I…I want to…end our relationship…" Kari said slowly. T.K. jerked back as his eyes bulged in shock. "What? Why? I…I…I love you. I thought you loved me too," T.K. said sadly. "Well Takeru, I do, it's just that you keep on standing me up. It's like you have something else on your mind. Are you cheating on me Takeru-kun? And if you are, then who? Who is she?" Kari demanded. "What?! Hikari, I would NEVER CHEAT ON YOU! EVER!" Takeru exclaimed, rising off the bed, staring at Kari like she said something horrible.

          "IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE THAT WAY, THEN GO! LEAVE TAKERU, AND NEVER COME BACK!!!" Hikari screamed. "FINE, I WILL!!! AND DON'T COME COME CRAWLING BACK TO ME!!!" Takeru yelled angrily as he stormed his way out of the apartment, slamming the entrance as he left. Hikari watched him leave, and then tears started to stream down her cheeks. "I'm sorry…Takeru…"

          "Why God? Why?" T.K. asked angrily as he had his fist against the door that led to the inside of his apartment. He just couldn't understand why Kari would break up, just like that. The two have been only going out for two months, and now, after three measly standings, Kari wanted to leave him. Why? Why did she leave me? Maybe I wasn't good enough for her after all. I could of told her why I was late, but she wouldn't have believed me. And, she wouldn't believe the other reason I stood her up the first two times. Takeru looked at the ground depressingly as one solitary tear made its way from his eyes, and sparkled the floor. T.K. then wiped his eyes before slowly opening the door to his apartment, closing the door slowly behind him as he made his way in…

          "What? You and T.K. broke up? No way!!!" Yolei screamed from the phone in her room. "Yes we did Yolei. I thought we were meant for each other, but I guess not. He just kept on standing me up, and he hasn't told me the real reason why," Kari said as she spoke through the cordless phone she was holding. "I'm pretty sure he has a good reason. After all, this is Takeru we're talking about," Yolei replied as she was stroking Hawkmon. She was in her room, which was like Kari's except it was purple. Yolei was wearing a green t-shirt with white pajama pants. Her bed was white. "I know, but it's just that I've never expected him to stand me up. At least not more than once. It doesn't matter anymore, what's done is done. I'll just move on and find a new boyfriend. Thanks Yolei. Bye," Kari said as she hung up the phone, leaving Yolei speechless. "Why don't Kari and T.K. just patch things up? They might be meant for each other, but they act like little children sometimes," Yolei replied. She then layed back on her bed as she doze to sleep…

          Finally, the summer days were over, and school was rolling back around. T.K. yawned tiredly as he got up. He then nudged Patamon awake as he made his way into the hall. He went to to the towel rack and grabbed a towel before proceeding to the bathroom to bathe and shower.

          Half an hour later, T.K. came out all cleaned up. Bathed, shaved, and having his teeth brushed, he made his way into the room to put on his Odaiba High School Uniform, the familiar green jacket and pants with white buttoned shirt. He kept the shirt untucked as he combed his hair down (Just basically picture T.K. in Season 02 without the hat, and with the hair a little neater). He then grabbed his backpack and made his way out the door, making his way toward the elevator of his apartment building, soon joining Yolei and Cody. "Ohayo Yolei, Cody. How is everything?" T.K. asked depressingly, the shine in his eyes gone, his face sullen. "Everything's fine T.K," Cody said. "Me too T.K. I'm sorry about what happened with Kari," Yolei said. This statement made T.K. frown even more. He then forced a smile and said, "It's alright Yolei. It wasn't your fault. I'm sure I'll get over it," T.K. said as the elevator finally reached the lobby. The three digidestind then made their way out with their digimon by their side, except Patamon was on T.K's head. Cody went his own separate way with Armadillomon while Yolei and T.K. made their way toward the high school. It was T.K's junior year, while Yolei was a senior.

          "Well, see you later T.K," Yolei said as she walked with Hawkmon into the school entrance. T.K. was in the courtyard, staring at the front entrance. One hand on his backpack strap, the other in his jacket pocket, he stared into space. "T.K, are you sure you're alright? You look, how can I say this in a good way? You look depressed," Patamon said. "I am Pata, I am. It's just that I can't believe that I lost her already. I'm such a jerk," T.K. said sadly as he made the way to a tree. But then he frowned. It was the exact same tree where Kari was sitting to relax, when T.K. had asked her out on their first date. T.K. sighed. "Why does everything always somehow remind me of her today? It's just not fair lord," T.K. muttered, as he crossed his arms and closed his eyes, thinking back to when he and Kari were a happy couple. Just then, he opened his eyes. He smiled a little as he saw Kari making her way to the school. His heart sped up rapidly, and his legs turned to jelly as he saw her walk past him toward the school entrance. But then he noticed that she was with someone. Another guy, with blond hair and blue eyes, just like him…

          The alarm clock rang as Kari woke up. Oh man, it's the first day of school. Time to get up. Kari got out of her bad tiredly as she nudged Gatomon awake. Gatomon just purred and Kari then made her way into the hall. She got a towel rack and went into the bathroom and bathed. She then got out and put on her Odaiba High uniform, the usual green dress with white collar with a blue stripe going through it's center with a scarf around it's center, and a skirt with black boots and sleek white socks. Hikari's hair had grown to touch her shoulder, her hair still the same, just it was like Mimi's hair (it's still brown, just like hers, with bangs on her right side). She then grabbed the sleeping Gatomon as she made her way to the couch. I hope Takeru get's here…Oh yeah…I forgot…I'm not with him anymore… Kari slightly frowned as she grabbed her backpack as she put it on and carried the sleeping Gatomon in her arms as she made her way out the door. She then walked to where the elevator was, and went to her complex lobby. She then exited and made her way onto the sidewalk, walking toward the high school. She was so lost in thought she didn't notice that she bumped into someone.

          HUMPF!!! The collision made Kari fall back and hit the ground butt first, along with Gatomon with her, which woke the cat up. "Huh? What's wrong? Who is this Kari?" Gatomon asked. "That's what I'd like to know," Kari said as he scratched her head. The person she bumped into then helpoed her up. "Oh, sorry. Didn't see you there. I was wondering, do you know where Odaiba High School is?" the person asked as he helped Kari up. Kari noticed two digimon on his shoulders. They both looked alike, and Kari noticed one. "Terriermon?" "Huh? Hey, you look familiar!" Terriermon exclaimed, trying to recognize the girl his partner knocked into.

          "That means, if you're the digimon who I think you are, then you must be Willis?!" Kari asked. "How do you know my name?" Willis asked. "Wllis, it's me, Kari, remember? Remember that time that the other digidestind came to help you defeat Kokomon when he went on the rampage in New York and in Colorado?" Kari asked. Willis thought for a moment. "Oh! Kari, it is you! Wow, you look absolutely amazing!" Willis exclaimed. Kari smiled. "You too. Wanna walk me to school?"…

          "Willis?" T.K. asked dumbfounded. Willis and Kari turned around to meet T.K's depressed face. "How do you know my name?" Willis asked. "It's me, T.K. I was one of the other digidestind that helped you aide in the defeat of Kokomon when he had the virus, but it seems he's better now," T.K. said, looking at the twin digimon on Willis' shoulder. "I am. And by the way, I digivolved. My name is Lopmon. I'm Terriermon's twin brother," Lopmon replied. Lopmon looked like Terriermon, only he was a chocolate brown while he was pink where Terriermon was green. "Oh. Then I guess you'll be going here. I'm going to homeroom, so I'll see you two later…" T.K. said depressingly as he made his way past Kari and Willis and entered the school.

          "What's up with him? T.K. seems, I don't know, depressed?" Willis asked. "That's because, well, here it goes. I broke up with him yesterday," Kari said. "What? I thought you liked Davis!" Willis exclaimed. "No, I didn't. But it doesn't matter. What me and Takeru had is gone. Wanna walk me to homeroom?" Kari asked, extending an arm. "Gladly. Just show me the way," Willis answered, wrapping his arm around hers. Together, the two made their way inside the building…

          Lunch time had finally rolled around at Odaiba High, the students dying of hunger and thirst. The cafeteria was crowded with teens. T.K. took his lunch tray as he sat down and messed with the food on his plate with his fork, at a separate table. Usually, he would sit with Kari, Ken, Davis and Yolei at the table during lunch. But today, T.K. wasn't in the mood.

          Meanwhile, at the digidestind table, Yolei held conern for the Keeper of Hope. "Wow, I didn't know T.K. felt that bad. I can't see why he and Kari just kiss and make up," Yolei replied, noticing how sullen T.K. looked. "Well Yolei, it isn't that easy," Ken explained, looking across the table to also see T.K. in his depressed state. "Think about it Yolei. He stood her up several times. I figure from how Kari said it, it seems she waited around a long time before deciding to leave those rendezvous she had with him," Ken said. "I know I was angry when Kari and T.K. got together, but I feel sorry for him," Davis said. Yolei and Ken gawked in shock. "What? I do have a heart," Davis said. The other two digidestind laughed until they noticed Kari walking toward them. And from the look of it, she had a new boyfriend. "Hi guys," Kari chimed as she set her tray down on the table. "Hi Kari," the other three digidestind replied. "Yolei, Davis, I would like to introduce you to someone you already know," Kari said, placing Gatomon in a seat. Veemon was by Davis' side while Wormmon was in Ken's lap. Hawkmon was by Yolei's side. Digimon were common now in the Real World, because as soon as MaloMyotismon was defeated, a rift opened, sending millions of digieggs into the human world until every human had a digimon. Now, digimon are common in the Real World.

          "And who's that? I don't remember seeing him anywhere," Yolei replied. She then noticed the two digimon on Willis' shoulder. She then saw Terriermon on his right shoulder (in looking position, it would look like his left shoulder). Is that who I think it is? Nah, it couldn't be. Could it? "Willis?" Yolei asked. "Yep. It's nice meeting again Yolei. Hi Davis. I've noticed you haven't changed," Willis replied glancing at Davis. "Nope, only I'm not the only one who can kiss Kari anymore," Davis said jokingly. Kari blushed as the two sat down. "Well Willis, the guy with the blue hair sitting by Yolei is Sotaru "Ken" Ithijouchi. He's one of the new digidestind who joined us a few months after we left back for Japan," Kari explained. Ken and Willis exchanged glances as the two shook hands. "And I'm Terriermon, and this is my brother Lopmon," Terriermon replied, him and Lopmon jumping off of Willis' shoulder and onto the table. "So, Lopmon's Kokomon?" Yolei asked. "Yep, Kokomon was my in-training form," Lopmon stated before digging into Willis' food. The group laughed, and started talking about things. Meanwhile, T.K. was noticing all of this.

          Great, just what I need. First I lose Kari, now Willis comes and seems to sweep her off her feet. Oh well, I guess fate likes dealing me a bad hand, T.K. thought depressingly. "T.K, are you alright?" Patamon asked, sitting on the table on the right side of T.K. "Of course not Patamon. I didn't expect all of this to happen so soon. It just seems like sooner or later something bad happens to me. I just have to keep hoping that everything will be alright in the end," T.K. said depressingly. "It doesn't sound like you're believing what you're actually saying T.K. I just hope this clears up soon," Patamon said. "Me too Patamon, me too…"

          It was a boring afternoon in Mr. Meagi's Pre-Calculus class. He was explaining answers to problems that the students asked. T.K. wasn't paying attenion though. He was staring sadly and dreamily at Kari, who was whispering and giggling at Willis, who was talking to her back. From T.K's perspective, it looked like the two were flirting. This made T.K. frown even more. What did I do wrong? What did I do wrong to disatisfy her? I'm sorry if I said anything or did anything wrong Hikari! But, it's too late. From the look of it, it seems you've already moved on. I wish I could get over the pain that easily, T.K. thought. "Mr. Takaishi? Are you paying attenion?" Mr. Meagi asked. "Huh? Oh sorry, Mr. Meagi," T.K. said, snapping out of his reverie. "You better be sorry Mr. Takaishi, or I'll see to it that you'll have detenion next time," Mr. Megai stated. The teacher then turned his attenion back to the class, continuing his lesson. T.K. sighed. Half an hour later, the bell rang. Finally, school's over, T.K. thought.

"Remember students, your homework is p. 219 1-60!!! Don't forget to hand it in tommorrow or you'll get a zero!!!" Mr. Meagi replied. T.K. was still at his desk, but then snapped out of his reverie. He then picked up his bookbag and started walking out of the classroom when a voice said "Excuse me Mr. Takaishi, can I talk to you a minute?" Mr. Meagi asked. T.K. stopped and turned around to face his teacher. He nodded as he made his way to his teacher's desk.

          "Now Takeru, I'm noticing you're not paying attenion in class as you normally do. Is there something wrong?" Mr. Meagi asked. "Well Mr. Meagi, I've just gotten out of a relationship, a relationship with a friend I cherish deeply," T.K. said sadly. "I understand. And does this friend happen to be Ms. Kamiya? I've noticed you were looking at her," Mr. Meagi said. "Well Mr. Meagi, it's just that I…I…" T.K. trailed off nervously. "Oh, I get it now. Well, head on along before the tardy bell rings Mr. Takaishi. Here's a tardy pass," Mr. Meagi replied, handing T.K. a tardy pass. "Arigratou sensei," Takeru bowed with Patamon gripping on the back of his bookbag before leaving class. "And Takeru?" T.K. stopped as his heel was up in the air. He turned his head around to come face-to-face with Mr. Meagi again. "Yes Mr. Meagi?" Takeru asked. "When you care about someone so much you'd do anything for them, and you and that person get into a fight, don't just let them get away. Apologize to them, you never know what might happen," Mr. Meagi replied. T.K. nodded with his eyes closed as he bowed again. "Right Mr. Meagi. I'll see you tomorrow," T.K. replied as he finally made his way out the door toward his next class…

          "Come on Takaishi, pass the ball!" the coach hollered, as T.K. and his team were playing against Davis', again. The score was still 0-0. Davis was home, while T.K. was visitor. T.K. did a back-pass toward a member of his team, but was cut off by Willis. Willis had grabbed the ball and ran down the court toward the goal. T.K. ran after him, catching up to him. "You're not going to score Willis!!!" T.K. hollered. Meanwhile, Kari and the other girls were watching the entire game on the bleachers.

          Kari watched as the two boys went at it against each other. Willis faked T.K, but the Chosen of Hope followed up and stole the ball away. He then turned around and headed the other way, as Kari watched them. Kari still loved T.K, but that feeling for him was going…. Willis catched up to T.K. and stole the ball again, heading back toward the goal. Kari watched as Willis was far ahead, T.K. trying with all his might to catch up, making his way behind the other boy with golden hair and blue eyes. Willis neared the goal. Kari's heart started thumping louder, hoping….going…..Willis then jumped up with his vertical leap right above the goal, about to slam dunk the ball. Kari watched as he slammed the ball down. This was all in slow motion. Gone…. The feeling was now completely gone, and Kari found herself in love with a new guy. Willis.

          "GO WILLIS!!!" Kari hollered as T.K. picked up the ball to pass it to his team. He grimaced when he heard that Kari was cheering for Willis instead of him, making him distracted, giving Davis enough time to steal the ball away from him. He then went to the other side of the court, and scored immediately. T.K. was just frozen there. "TAKAISHI! HELLO????" The coach hollered. "Huh?" T.K. snapped out of his depressive reverie. "LOOK OUT!!!" the coach hollered. T.K. turned his head, and as soon as he did, the basketball collided with his face, sending him sprawling backward, his back to meet the ground…

          "Takeru? Are you alright?" A harmonous voice asked. T.K. smiled dreamily, his eyes out of focus. He thought he heard the voice of an angel. His vision then came into focus, with a Kari, Willis, the coach, and Davis looming over him. The voice came from Kari. "Yeah, I'm just fine…" T.K. said dreamily. "Good job catching the ball with your face Takaishi. Next thing you know you'll be shooting three pointers with your ass," the coach replied (^_^ I just couldn't help it, the movie Get Over It was sooooo funny). Davis, Kari, and Willis giggled. T.K. then snapped out, and a death glare formed on his face. He then slowly got back out and made his way toward the bleachers. "Where are you going Takaishi? You still have basketball practice to attend to!!!" the coach hollered. "I don't care!!!" T.K. hollered as he and Patamon left the gym. T.K. then went by a glass window, and then stopped. Right there on his nose was a sphereical nose-bleed. "Great, just great. Now to make my day more terrible," T.K. replied as he made the way to the sidewalk, walking his lonely way home. On his way, he stopped pass Yolei's convience store, where at the time she was sweeping. "Hey T.K, come on in!!! Wow, is that a nose-bleed?" Yolei asked as T.K. made his way into the store. He went past all of the store shelves to reach the paying counter. "Yeah Yolei, it is," T.K. sighed in humiliation. "Wait just a minute, I'll go get a band-aid." Yolei then disappeared in the back of the store with Hawkmon and came back a few minutes later with a white bandage strip. She then handed it to T.K. "Thanks Yolei," he said as he peeled off the white parts and then applied the bandage to his nose, covering the nose-bleed.

          "Well T.K, from the sound of it you've had a bad day," Yolei replied. "How can you tell?" T.K. asked. "Well, it seems like from the way you walked earlier, as I saw you, you were staring at the ground itently. Like the worst thing had happened to you. I didn't know you cared about Kari that much," said Yolei sympathetically. "Well Yolei, I do. And I have ever since I could remember. It just makes me mad to know that after finally getting together, and after three standings, she decided to brake up. I love her Yolei, I really do. She's my first love, and my only one. I was going to apologize to her, but then Willis had to show up out of the blue, and I don't even know why he's decided to go to high school, when back in the U.S.A. I heard he took classes at Colorado State," T.K. said. "Well, maybe he was tired of taking college classes, and wanted to take classes with people his age," Yolei inquired. "Yeah, I guess so. And I guess from the look of it, Kari's going to replace me with…with…him…" T.K. said sadly, tears building up. "Oh T.K. Listen, why don't you go over to Kari's and kiss and make up? I'm sure she still has feelings for you," Yolei replied. "I guess Yolei, but how will that help exactly? I can't go over there saying the things I said yesterday! As soon as she sees me, she'll either yell at me or run away from me in disgust," T.K. said sadly. "Well, you just can't give up. I have an idea, why don't I go with you? Just for emotional support, just in case," Yolei suggested. "That would be a great idea," T.K. started to smile. "Then come on then? We can't keep her waiting then!!!" Yolei, Hawkmon, T.K and Patamon then made their way out of the convience store towards the street, towards Kari's apartment complex…

          "I really had a great time today Willis," Kari replied as the two digidestind were standing at the doorway. Terriermon and Lopmon had gone home, and Gatomon escaped Kari's arms to go inside the apartment, leaving the two humans alone. "Yeah, me too Kari. I hope we can hang out again sometime soon, even though it was a school day," Willis smiled. Kari smiled back, and she leaned her face towards his…

          T.K. and Yolei were making their way to Kari's floor with their digimon. I hope she's willing to hear my apology, or I could've lost my only love. Oh please Kami, don't take her away, T.K. thought nervously as he held Patamon in his arms. Yolei was carrying Hawkmon, and the two finally made their way to Kari's floor. They walked down the path and turned a corner to Kari's side. Right as they came near, they saw two people near Kari's apartment. They stopped, and T.K. squinted his eyes. I hope that's not Willis and Kari, T.K. thought. But once he squinted his eyes, he saw the two together. And Kari was very close to Willis. Yolei looked at T.K, who was sweating badly. "Oh no, it looks like we're too late T.K.." Yolei trailed off as the two saw Kari leaned toward Willis, her lips touching his. The two started getting more into the kiss, and made it more passionate. One of T.K's worst fears had come: That he would lose Kari to another guy. T.K. couldn't take it anymore, and tears came streaming down his cheeks, tilting his face toward the concrete ground, the tears seeping it. "Why? Why? Why does it seem that I lose connection with everyone I hold dear to me? My mom, dad, my brother, and now Kari. It just isn't fair…." T.K. said as more tears came streaming down his face. Patamon frowned for his friend, seeing him in pain. "I guess….I guess I wasn't meant for her after all…" And with that, T.K. went running from the scene, leaving a stunned yet shocked Yolei, watching him leave in his state of depression…

          T.K. tore into his bedroom, torn with grief, anger, hate, love, and depression all at the same time. He dove for the bed, and started soaking the pillow with his tears. Patamon was by his side. "Oh T.K, it isn't that bad. I'm sure you'll get over Kari," Patamon reasurred him, looking down on his partner. T.K. was holding his D-3, glancing at it in sadness. "You don't understand Patamon…I'll never get over Kari…she's different from other girls…she's beautiful, inside and out…she's caring, kind, gentle, understanding…and I can understand why she wanted to brake up with me, but it doesn't matter anymore. She has moved on. She has chosen Willis. And I can't do anything about it, unless they brake up…" T.K. then looked up sadly at Patamon. He then sniffled and wiped his tears. Right then, the phone rang. "Just a minute, I'm coming, I'm coming…" T.K. slowly got up from his bed gloomedly as he made his way toward the small living room of his apartment. He then went to the cordless phone on the table behind the couch and picked it up and pressed the TALK button. "Moshi moshi, Takaishi Residence?" T.K. asked.

          "Hey T.K, it's me, Matt!!!" Matt said on the other line. "Oh, hi bro. So, what's up?" T.K. asked with a hint of sadness in his voice. "What's up? You tell me what's up. I've heard some pretty bad things about you and Kari, especially from Tai, since he is my roommate after all. What's this about you breaking up?" Matt asked. T.K. sighed on the other line. "Well Matt, you see, yesterday, she broke up with me. And I only stood her up three times, but I stood her up late those three times. And you know how I have an obligation to the family now. If I told her about it, I don't know if she would've believed me or not. She thought I was keeping something from her, that I was cheating on her with another woman, but you know me Matt, I would never cheat on Kari, never!" T.K. exclaimed, getting a little excited. "Whoa, calm down T.K! I know you aren't that way man! Listen, why don't you apologize to her?" "I've already tried, well not exactly. You see, I was going to apologize to her, and Yolei even went with me for emotional help. We made the way to her apartment floor of her complex, advancing closer to her door, when I saw…I saw…." T.K. stared into space, remembering when Kari placed her lips on Willis'. "Saw what? Come on bro, you can't leave me hangin'," Matt said. "I saw…saw…Kari…kissing…another guy…" T.K's eyes were watering up, but he wiped them quickly. "And who was this guy that kissed Kari? What was his name?" Matt asked. "His name was…was…Willis…" T.K. trailed off. "Willis? You mean the guy that helped me and Tai against Diaboromon eight years ago?" Matt asked. "Yes, and the same guy the new digidestind and I helped when his digimon Kokomon got infected with a virus. Before we headed back to Japan, he kissed Yolei and Kari on the cheek. But now, it seems, he has one of them, but it had to be the girl I loved…" T.K. trailed off. "Oh, I'm so sorry T.K. I, I didn't know. Well, I have to go, I have to cook dinner tonight. Talk to you later?" Matt asked on the other line. "Yeah, later. Bye Yamato," T.K. said, calling Matt by his real name. "Bye Takeru." The phone clicked as Matt hung up, and then T.K. turned the phone up and put it back on the receiver. He then slowly trudged back to his room. His mother was gone on one of those trips to some country, reporting on things. T.K. then fell onto his bed. Patamon flew over to the light switch and turned it off. "Thanks Patamon. It just seems like everything's against me today…" T.K. said as he and his digimon partner slowly fell asleep. Fog started emerging from nowhere, and hovered above the floor of the room. In the darkness was a creature with yellow eyes.

          "You don't know how right you are, Keeper of Hope…HAHAHAHA!!!!" the creature in darkness laughed as it disappeared and the fog vanished as well, leaving the room in total darkness…

Well, well well, it seems our main male character has troubles ne? Who is the creature shrouded in darkness? And what does it want with T.K? Well, to find out, you'll have to read the next chapter, which I promise will come out soon!!! Well, 'till then, ja ne!!! *The film projector fades off*