" From Hope to Despair "


Malcolm Yuy

Chapter 07

Copyright of Malcolm Yuy.

Synopsis: Hello Takari fans!!! This is the last installment of this story, where the digidestind have to fight will all their might to beat Dragomon, Master of the Dark Ocean!!! So, Dragomon was the one controlling T.K. all along, after the digidestind got him from the clutches of Daemon. But how is Daemon involved in this? This will also have sap, drama, and a lot of fights. Well, time for the grand finale! Roll tape!!!


          "Yes, my name is Dragomon, and I'm the master of this dark dimension, polar opposite of the Digital World. Would you like to know how I got this far? Well, here's my story…"


Centuries ago, or about thirty years ago, when the Digital World was created, there were the four guadians. I sure you know one of them, Asulongmon. There was also Ebonwumon, Xuanwumon and Baihumon. These four guardians guarded the four regions of the Digital World, North, South, East and West. In the Eastern Hemisphere, or Asulongmon's region, was a beach, where a colony of Scubamon resided. I, at that time was a Scubamon. I would watch everyday as Asulongmon would circle the region, looking for any potential threats, destroying any lunatics who thought they were powerful enough to take him on. I was good at that time, until one moment of violence changed my life forever…

          You see, one of my Scubamon friends had gone out for a midnight swim, and stopped near the shore of the beach. Asulongmon was sleeping there, and the Scubamon didn't know that the guardian was there. So, he climbed on his foot, and it felt like skin. The Scubamon was so hungry he bit into hit, which made Asulongmon wake up. I saw this, as Asulongmon got angry as he shook the Scubamon off his foot. And then, the terrible happened. The Mega Dragon of Hope and Light incenerated my friend. I watched in horror as Asulongmon practically slaughtered my friend alive. I vowed in my heart that I would rise up one day and destroy Asulongmon, and take my rightful place in the Digital World.

          So, when Asulongmon went back to rest, I quietly went over to one of his legs, and quietly, took one of his precious digicores. I then snuck back to the ocean with it. I didn't know what to do with it, but I could feel the power it held. I wanted to know how to activate it, and I just as I wished it would work, it glowed. The digicore transformed into a beam of light and traveled into my very being. I felt immense power, as I finally digivolved. My body grew as I changed to my glorius shape that I am in now. I then had a plan on how to take over the Digital World.

          I managed to bring the Scubamon under my power, seeing how I demonstrated it out in the open by destroying one digimon after another. They then became my loyal servants, and together we brung down mighty digimon in the Eastern Region. When Asulongmon had heard of this, he was raging mad. A very violent battle then ensued as Asulongmon crushed half of my army. I then challenged him to a battle. I fought as much as I could, but I was no match for him. To make sure I wouldn't come back to power, Asulongmon used his power to create an alternate dimension, which was nothing but beach and ocean. He then casted me and my soldiers into the Dark Ocean. And, to make sure we couldn't escape, he created a black lighthouse, or as you know it by now, a control spire. He then sealed the gate, also sealing my power, thinking nothing evil would ever threat the Digital World again. But he was wrong. The Dark Masters came and wreaked havoc upon it, and then you digidestind came, destroying all of the supposed evil of the Digital World. When that happened, time in the Real World and Digital World became syncronized, so whatever time it was in the Real World, it was the same time in the Digital World, and in the Dark Ocean.

          And so, I waited, and my Scubamon troops thought that I was becoming somewhat of a tyrant. So, they needed someone of immense power to come and try to destroy me. They then got the idea to bring the Keeper of Light, since we watched everything that happened through a well of time, which showed us all the things you've done, including the time when you started fighting the Digimon Emperor, or the Keeper of Kindness. They noticed that you, Keeper of Light, was depressed at that time, because you hated the darkness, and you didn't want to end up alone. So, they used what power they had to pull you into the Dark Ocean. Needless to say it worked, and they wanted you to go up against me.

          But you said no, and they wanted to destroy you, but your digimon knocked down the control spire that sealed my power, and then your precious Keeper of Hope came and saved you on his trusty steed. And then Daemon arrived, and he tried to fight me, but lost. I used him as a pawn, and for five years I waited until the Keeper of Hope was in a sullen mood, and when he finally was, I manipulated his emotions to my own liking, so I could get him to come here to the Dark Ocean. And once he came, I infested his body, and used his feelings to feed my own power. I then came up with a new plan: to take over both the Real and Digital World. So, I opened a gate, and used Daemon to use me as a hostage. Then you came and took me away and destroyed Daemon, not knowing that I was in the Keeper of Hope's body all along…


          "And now, as my first act with my new profound power, I will destroy you all!!!!" Dragomon exclaimed, laughing insanely. The digidestind were frightened. They didn't know what to do, how could they destroy a digimon this ruthless? And all of the digimon were weak. If only the other digidestind could be released from their capsules…

          "I wish we could get the others out," Kari said, looking at the digidestind in the pods. "Me too, then they could help us defeat Dragomon," Tai said. The group of humans then noticed that their digimon were getting back up, from finally taking the pounding by Devimon earlier. "We can do that," Agumon said. "Right. Horn Blaster!!!" Gabumon opened his mouth to have a little blue blast come out and hit a pod. It cracked, and Davis and Veemon fell out, breathing hard. "Right! Spiral Twister!!!" Biyomon's little green tornado hit three pods, allowing Willis and his digimon, Yolei and Hawkmon, and Cody and Armadillomon to be released. "Now for the finale! Super Shocker!!!" Tentomon hollered, releasing his electric attack on Ken's pod. "I'll help! Pepper Breath!!!" Agumon shot out a few little fireballs, which broke the pod, and Ken and Wormmon fell out. After breathing for a couple of minutes, the released digidestind got up.

          "So, just because you released the other digidestind you think you can stop me? You can't, because if you remember, they're still weak from me draining them," Dragomon said, smiling. "You mean it wasn't T.K. who was after us or who was evil? It was you the whole time?" Yolei asked. "Yes, it was me. And now for your destruction!!!!" Dragomon hollered, dark energy concentrating in his claws. Kari and the others were scared. With all their digimon weak, it seemed hopeless. Never lose hope Kari, a voice said. "Huh? Never lose hope? Takeru…" Kari then realized what she had to do. "Angewomon! Can you still fight?" Kari asked. "A little Kari, my energy's almost gone…" Angewomon answered. "Then hit Dragomon with everything you got!" Kari shouted. "I'll try," Angewomon said. She then concentrated her energy, it forming into a golden arrow.

          "Here goes nothing!!! Celestial Arrow!!!" Angewomon released her final arrow, before dedigivolving back to a tired Gatomon. The arrow soared through the air, but Dragomon saw it. He smiled as he caught the arrow in mid-air. "Fools, you think this measly attack would stop me?" he asked mockingly as he destroyed the arrow. The others shrunk back in horror. "This can't happen, this just can't happen," Kari said, her hands on her head like she had an headache. "Well it is, Keeper of Light, and there's nothing you can do about it. The digimon are too tired to fight, and unless you can unleash your power again, there's no hope of destroying me. And all of the other digidestind are weak, and so are their digimon. The only one who can save you now is your dear Takeru…" Dragomon turned his head toward the unconscious boy and his digimon, lying together in the sand. "But he's unconscious, so he can't help you. And he's also drained of power himself, so you are all doomed…" Dragomon laughed, and all the Scubamon around laughed with him. "Now, prepare for the final takedown. Final…" Dragomon was concentrating his dark energy in his claws, as black energy started to grow, becoming more powerful, and the digidestind were stunned. There was absolutely nothing they could do to stop him. It was hopeless…

          Meanwhile, in the Digital World, the power from Dragomon had caused it to start becoming unstable. Immense storms appeared, and started ripping apart the digital plains. Gannai, with Asulongmon, was watching this. For the first time, he was scared. Scared that a digimon with that much power could very well destroy the Digital World, and with it, all kinds of technolgy. Human civilization in the Real World would be wiped out, and hundreds of humans would die. "Asulongmon, this is all coming from the digimon you sent into the Dark Ocean centuries ago. How could you let him grow this powerful?" Gannai questioned the Guardian of Hope and Light. "I…I didn't know this would happen, Gannai, I didn't know he would gather this much power, and I didn't know that he would affect the Digital World. I'm…I'm sorry," Asulongmon replied. "Well, we have to do something! The digidestind need our help!!!" Gannai exclaimed.

          "No, the digidestind need to do this on their own. They need to find the power within themselves, the power which will allow them to defeat Dragomon, especially the power of Hope and Light. I casted Dragomon into the Dark Ocean, so only the ones of Hope and Light can destroy him. The others can try, but it will be no use. I just hope everything turns out alright…" Asulongmon trailed off as he and Gannai looked up at the sky.

"Me too Asulongmon, me too…"

          Back in the Dark Ocean, Dragomon had all of his power concentrated in his claws, preparing to unleash his ultimate attack upon the digidestind. He couldn't believe that this day had finally came. The day he would finally annihilate the digidestind. "Well well well, it is finally over for you all. Well, goodbye. It's been nice knowing you. Not!!! Demonic Destruction!!!!!!!" Dragomon hollered as he released the attack. Thousands of dark shockwaves vibrated all around the digidestind, making them feel weak with pain. When Kari couldn't take it anymore, she finally laid her eyes to rest…

          When Kari opened her eyes, she was in a colorful void, floating. "Huh? Where am I?" she asked, looking around. T.K. then appeared. "You want to know where we are Hikari? We are in the World of Dissolved Data. This is where all Digital Data goes after its been eliminated," T.K. answered. "You mean, we're all eliminated?" Kari asked. "That's right. Remember the time after we defeated the Dark Masters, when Apoclaymon appeared and destroyed us, and we were in that void, until we believed in ourselves and was reformatted? Well, this is it. We are here yet again, though I don't know if you're up to face Dragomon again," T.K. said. "But Takeru, it was horrible!!! He used you!!! And he also used the other digidestind! It was just..so cruel…" Kari trailed off, crying. T.K. frowned, as he floated towards Kari and wrapped his arms around her.

          "Ssh, I know, it was. If I knew Dragomon was going to infest my body, I would of rejected him, but before I knew it, it was too late. But it's not too late to stop him. You can still defeat him. But not just you, me too," T.K. said, lifting Kari's chin up so her eyes could meet his. "But what about us breaking up? What about all the things we said? Aren't you still angry at me?" Kari asked. "I can put all of those things behind me, as long as I have you, Hikari. Aishiteru Hikari. I always have, and I always will," T.K. said. "But what about the others? Where are they?" Kari asked. "They're around here as well. Listen Kari, we need to head back. Dragomon may be more powerful than he used to be, but we can destroy him if you believe in me, and in the others. Please Hikari, as your friend, as your lover, I'm asking you to help me get rid of Dragomon once for all," T.K. said, looking into Kari's eyes. Kari saw T.K's pleading stare, and answered him by leaning up and kissing him quickly on the lips. "How can I not, with you by my side? I'm with you," Kari answered. "Good," T.K. smiled at her. The other digidestind then appeared around them.

          "We all believe in you Kari, and you too T.K," Tai said. "Yeah squirt, and we'll help you take down Dragomon," Matt said. The others smiled. "You're ready everyone?" T.K. asked. Everyone nodded. "Good then. Get your digivices, and then concentrate on the light inside your heart," T.K. said, gripping his D-3 with his eyes closed. Everyone else concentrated, and then their digivices glowed. Beams shot out, combining into a flash of light, blinding all of the digidestind…

          Meanwhile, back in the Dark Ocean, Dragomon was still standing from where he supposely destroyed the digidestind. "Well, that's over with." Just then, a flash of light appeared. "What? How? It can't be!!!" His eyes were blinded by the bright light, and then the light faded. There, standing, were the digidestind with their digimon. "But, how can this happen? You weren't suppose to come back!!!" Dragomon hollered. "Well, when you believe in the power of Hope, anything can be accomplished," T.K. answered, a golden aura surrounding his body. Kari was by his side, and she was glowing a bright pink glow. "Let's take him down!!! Ready Kari?" T.K. asked, looking at his love. "Ready Takeru-kun," Kari answered. "Right!!!! Patamon digivolve!!!" "Gatomon, digivolve!!!" Kari hollered. Kari and T.K. rose their D-3's into the air, as their auras grew to an enormous size, the size of Dragomon to be more exact. The auras then transformed into beams of light and soared through the air, going to all of the weak digimon, healing them and making them feel immense power. They all then glowed with newfound strength.

"Here goes nothing!!! Agumon warp digivolve to WarGreymon!!!!" "Gabumon warp digivolve to MetalGarurumon!!!"

"Tentomon warp digivolve to HerculesKabuterimon!!!" "Biyomon warp digivolve to Phoenixmon!!!"

"Terriermon warp digivolve to SaintGargomon!!!" "Lopmon warp digivolve to Kerpymon!!!"

"Veemon digivolve to Ex-Veemon!!!" "Wormmon digivolve to Stingmon!!!"

"Ex-Veemon!!!" "Stingmon!!!!"

"DNA Digivolve to Paildramon!!!"

"Paildramon digivolve to Imperialdramon!"

"Imperialdramon mode change to Fighter Mode!!!"

"Hawkmon digivolve to Aquilamon!!!" "Armadillomon digivolve to Ankylomon!!!"

"Patamon warp digivolve to-"

          Patamon transformed into Angemon, and then into MagnaAngemon, and then changed into a knight. Armor formed all over his body. His helmet then formed, and the Crest of Hope formed on his chestplate. Six golden wings emerged from his back, completing his transformation.


"Gatomon warp digivolve to-"

          Gatomon transformed into Angewomon, and then changed shape into that of a dragon. Two horns formed on her head, and six small wings formed on the back, completing the transformation.


          "Well, this oughta even things up," Tai said, grinning. "Okay guys, it's time to divide and conquer!!! Phoenixmon, go to the sea and battle the Scubamon there!!! Imperialdramon, fight the Scubamon to your left! HerculesKabuterimon, fight the ones to your right! SaintGargomon, Kerpymon, WarGreymon, and MetalGarurumon, distract Dragomon!!!" T.K. commanded. "Right!!! Let's go everyone!!!" HerculesKabuterimon shouted, flying to his right, and started destroying Scubamon on the spot. Imperialdramon did the same. Phoenixmon flew over the ocean, and the barrage of fire attacks started soaring into the water, making the water very hot, burning the Scubamon to death until they all dissolved into data.

          Meanwhile, WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, SaintGargomon and Kerpymon started distracting Dragomon. "Take this!!! Ice Wolf Bite!!!" MetalGarurumon fired hundreds of ice missiles at Dragomon, who dodged them all at an acclerating speed. "How about this? Terra Force!!!" WarGreymon sent the huge fireball orb down towards Dragomon. Dragomon dodged it, which gave the insitive for SaintGargomon and Kerpymon to attack. "Destruction Missiles!!!" SaintGargomon sent hundreds of missiles toward Dragomon, who destroyed them with his arm. "Beams of Light!!!" Kerpymon shot five beams of light at Dragomon, who got berrated at them. Dragomon was getting furious. "I've had enough!!! Dark Blast!!!" A black fireball formed in his head as he fired it out at Kerpymon, who in turn got hit and fell to the ground, unconscious. "No, Kerpymon! Not again," Willis replied. "Don't worry Willis, I'll get him!!!" SaintGargomon hollered as he charged toward the sea-demon. Dragomon saw this coming and crouched. When SaintGargomon came toward him, Dragomon uppercutted the massive Mega digimon. "Dragon Beam!!!!" Dragomon shouted as a black beam came out and hit SaintGargomon in the back, sending to hit the beach, also unconscious like his brother.

          "Oh great, even with the team at full strength, it still isn't enough!!!" Tai hollered. "Seraphimon, Magnadramon, start concentrating on your attacks," T.K. commanded. The two Digimon of Hope and Light nodded, and they started to glow heavenly auras, gathering up energy. Meanwhile, Imperialdramon was eliminating his share of Scubamon. "Positron Laser!!!" he shouted as he shot a powerful blast, incenerating all of the surrounding Scubamon. HerculesKabuterimon was also destroying his share as well.

          Meanwhile, back at the main battle, MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon were still holding off against Dragomon. "Draemon Destroyer!!!" WarGreymon hollered as he transformed into a yellow tornado and twirled towards Dragomon. Dragomon dodged the attack, and MetalGarurumon was preparing for his attack. "Not so fast Digimon of Courage and Friendship. Tentacle Claw!!!" Dragomon extended his claws forward, them wrapping themselves around WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. Dragomon then sent powerful shockwaves through his tentacles at WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, who in turn got shocked badly.

          "Are Seraphimon and Magnadramon ready yet?" Tai asked, looking at the two heavenly digimon still gathering up energy. "No, they aren't ready yet. They still need more time Tai," Kari said. "Great, just great," Tai said, turning his attenion back toward the battle. Dragomon dropped WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon onto the ground. "Well, that was fun. It seemed for a moment there that you would actually stop me, but you're too late. And now, I'll wipe you out again, and this time you won't come back." Dragomon said, gathering up the dark energy within himself.

          "Not if I have anything to do about it!!! Positron Laser!!!" A laser beam shot out of nowhere and hit Dragomon in the chest, injuring the sea-dragon digimon. "You're just an annoying little pest," Dragomon said. "Yeah, I am. Why don't you just get some pesticides then? That would really keep the pests away," Imperialdramon said, mocking the evil demon-like digimon. "Ha, what a joke. Bring it on, warrior," Dragomon said smirking. "Alright, if you say so," Imperialdramon said. He then flexed his wings back, before flying at full speed at Dragomon, charging head first into the demon, sending him back into the ocean. Imperialdramon just stared into the water, flapping his wings. Phoenixmon and HerculesKabuterimon flew near him, and also stared into the water. "No, look out!!!" Ken cryed, looking into the water. But the digimon were too late as a huge purple beam surfaced through the water, colliding with the three Mega digimon, sending them back to the beach and dedigivolve.

"Oh no!!! Phoenixmon!!!" Sora cryed. The others were worried. All of their digimon were wiped out, and Seraphimon and Magnadramon were still not finished gathering up energy for their attacks. Then, from out of the murky depths, Dragomon rose from the waters. "Now, it's time to die once and for all. Goodbye digidestind, may you not rest in peace. Destruction…" Dragomon gathered up all the energy that he could before releasing it. "Wave!!!!!" A huge shockwave blast came from his body, soaring toward the digidestind. They all closed their eyes, waiting for the end…

"It's time!!! Fire Tornado!!!!" "Seven Heavens!!!!!"

          Magnadramon and Seraphimon released their attacks, both of them formed from immense power. They headed toward Dragomon's attack. And the three attacks collided, pushing against each other. The digidestind shielded their eyes, the collision blinding their eyes. The attacks clashed back and forth, until Seraphimon's and Magnadramon's attack finally overlapped and cancelled out Dragomon's attack, soaring at an acclerating speed towards Dragomon. The sea-demon digimon shrunk back as he knew the attack was going to pierce his body. And in one scream, it did.


          Dragomon screamed as the attacks hit his body, destroying his data. The digidestind watched as the evil of the Dark Ocean was finally being destroyed, and in one final scream, the data dissolved into nothingness.

          "We did it…we did it!!! Alright!!!" Tai hollered. The digidestind cheered, knowing that they have finally defeated the evil Dragomon. Just then, a portal opened, and out stepped Gannai. "Gannai!!!" the digidestind exclaimed, all except Willis. "Greetings digidestind. Well, you finally have defeated the horrible evil of the Dark Ocean. What are you going to do now?" Gannai asked. "Go to Tokyo Disneyland?" Davis asked. The other digidestind laughed, and then stopped. "Well, we want to head home. Our digimon are very tired Gannai," Kari said, looking back at Seraphimon and Magnadramon, who had dedigivolved all the way back to Tokomon and Nyaromon, now making their way to T.K. and Kari. "That will be fine then. You have done the Digital World proud digidestind, and everything's becoming stable again," Gannai said. Ken then took his D-3, and pointed it. A light came out, and a portal formed to the Real World. "Well, I guess this is goodbye, for now. Good luck with all your lives digidestind. Remember, you can visit the Digital World anytime," Gannai said. "Right. Good luck with things in the Digital World, Gannai. Well, bye," T.K. said, as he picked up Tokomon. The others got their digimon as they all headed home. The portal closed as T.K. and Kari went in. Gannai looked where the digidestind were one more time before leaving back for the Digital World.

"Goodbye, digidestind…"

          "Takeru?Takeru Takaishi?" a voice asked. T.K. was lying outside, against a cheery blossom tree in the park where he and Kari first kissed. "What? Oh, it's just you love," T.K. said as he opened his other eye, smiling at Kari. She smiled as she sat down and layed against T.K. He wrapped his arms around her. Near them was a sleeping Tokomon and Nyaromon. "What are you thinking about?" Kari asked. "I'm thinking about everything. I'm sorry if I caused you any pain, or anyone else for that matter," T.K. said. "I accept your apology, I just hope something like that never happens again. You scared me 'Keru-kun," Kari said, playing with his hair. "Yeah, me too Hika. Do you know how much I love you?" T.K. asked. "No, how about you prove it to me?" Kari asked smiling. "Gladly," T.K. answered as he lowered his lips to hers, sealing them with a kiss. Kari knew one thing, and that one thing was that she would never let her love change from Hope to Despair ever again, not as long as she was around. The scence then shifted as it went up to the sky, changing to night, and a shooting star shot across the sky, signaling all the hopes and dreams that may come for the future…


Well, that's the end of "From Hope to Despair". I hoped you liked it. And even though T.K. and Kari's story is over here, doesn't mean I'm going to stop. Here's a preview of other works I'm going to be working on in the future:

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