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Yea! It's the end! XD I hope you all enjoy the ending and steel yourselves for the final chapters of Divine! That's up next =D Just in case you guys forgot what's going on, I've given you a good amount of time to catch up ;p I've finished book 1 of my trilogy! All done! Now I get to write the outline for book 2! T^T Not as exciting as finishing the first book, but I'll be ecstatic when I finish the second! XD

Grimm: We're all happy for you. *kisses Vae on cheek*

Vae: ... ^^ *Jumps Grimm enthusiastically*

Shiro & Ichi: *Watch in shock*

Shiro: Uh... yer just gonna let 'er molest yer man like that? 00

Ichi: My man? I've been trying to get rid of him for a while now. If she wants him, she can have him. Gets him out my hair.

Shiro: Well... Sorry, Grimm-kitty. Aibou has spoken! Yer on yer own. XD

Grimm: Noooooo! DX

Chapter 17

Kai isn't one to give up easily, so as he sits daily to watch the couple across the street… he plots. He's regretted letting Ichigo get away since the fight that ended it all, regretted not pushing him in front of the car when it was closer. As it was, he had shoved Ichigo with enough time left for Grimmjow to save him. The orange head was the only lover he's ever had that he couldn't bear seeing with someone else, so he's the only one Kai's ever reduced to murder for.

"Grimm!" Ichigo calls across the way. "Grimm, look at this! Isn't it cute?"

The larger male saunters over, sitting beside Ichigo on the grass and glancing at the shopping catalog in his hands. That's what's been going on for a few hours now, Grimmjow doing lawn work with a couple other men and Ichigo sitting on the front yard with three females looking over catalogs.

"Are you sure you want to start buying before you know the baby's gender?" Grimmjow questions.

"Well… no, but… we can mark what we like."

"Alright, as long as you don't go crazy with the baby stuff."

Ichigo rolls his eyes, yet keeps them on the pages for the most part. He wouldn't admit it, but he's already picked out nearly half of the baby room. Hallibel's girls aren't helping any either, as they've pointed out the majority of the stuff he wants to get.

"My lady can go crazy all he wants," Sun-Sun scolds. "He's the one carrying the baby."

"That's true, but I'm the one that conceived half of it," Grimmjow scoffs.

"You're not carrying it, so you don't get the same amount of say in what happens pertaining to it," Apache challenges swiftly.

Grimmjow throws his hands up in defeat, heading back over to a white haired man tending the flowers. The silver haired male has vanished from Kai's sight. He moves over a bit, searching for the missing male… and jumps at a light tap on his shoulder. Kai whirls around to face the smiling man he lost.

"Hello, can I help ya?" Gin questions.

"No, I'm fine."

"Ya won' be fer long if ya don' clear out real quick like," he states as the smile grows wider. "Ya see… that white haired man over there is Ichi's twin brother, my lover. He don' like that yer starin' at his baby twin so openly lustful. If ya don' leave Ichi 'lone, Shiro's gonna tear ya a new one. An' ya might not survive it."

"What is with you guys and threatening my life?" Kai snorts. "First that big blue haired guy and now Ichigo's twin? I know you won't go through with it…"

"What makes ya think that?" Gin asks playfully. "It ain't like they ain't killed 'fore, after all. Matter a fact, Ichi's whole circle a friends is rather dangerous."

"You're lying."

Gin shrugs carelessly, chuckling to himself as he turns to leave. Shiro is looking for him now, the other never very happy when Gin is out of his sight. He'll let Kai make his own mistakes. He's warned him and that's all his conscience needs. The other male is trembling at the warning, telling Gin he isn't used to such warnings. It isn't likely he'll overstep his boundaries… but the silver fox has been wrong before.

"Where'd ya go?" Shiro wonders curiously.

"Fer a walk," Gin shrugs. "Needed ta stretch my legs. Where we at now?"

"Ichigo wanted foxgloves planted in the garden," Grimmjow informs. "We're just putting the plants into the ground."

Gin nods and kneels beside the other two, reaching for a plant and carefully transferring it from the plastic container to the ground. Ichigo is using Sun-Sun's lap as a pillow, snoozing away beneath the sunlight as the girls continue chatting. The shadow that falls over him is unexpected and wakes him easily.

"What the hell?" he complains. "I was sleeping…"

"Ichigo," Kai comments. "I want to talk to you."

Ichigo stares up at the man, blinking a few times as the girls tense up around him. For only a moment, he seriously thinks Ichigo is taking things rather well. After that fleeting moment of hope, however, Ichigo responds with a deep breath.

"GRIMM!" he shouts. "Grimm, Kai is here! Kick his ass! Get him away from me!"

The orange headed Shinigami scrambles from his seat, sprinting toward Grimmjow and using the other as a shield. The rage on the Sexta's face is easily read, his cyan orbs alight with fury as he clenches his teeth. Kai moves toward the panicked male, yet he's stopped by the sudden presence of the white haired twin.

"What the fuck do ya think yer doin' here!" Shiro hisses out. "Are ya that fuckin' stupid that ya'd come 'round Ichi right in front a me? I should beat the shit outta ya!"

"Down, Shiro," Grimmjow murmurs. "This piece of shit is mine to kill."

"I don't want any trouble; I just want to talk to Ichigo."

"Leave me alone!" Ichigo shouts. "Just get away from me! I'm happy with Grimmjow; I don't want anything to do with you!"

"Ichigo, baby, come on now," Kai attempts. "We had something great, didn't we? We could've…"

Kai is yanked away from Ichigo by Mila-Rose, the aggressive female snarling in fury as she watches the other hit the grass. Apache and Sun-Sun are ready to leap, held back only by Grimmjow's warning growl. Mila-Rose cracks her knuckles, standing in the most intimidating way possible. Kai backs away from her, a feeling of dread hanging over him in a thick cloud. He can tell without hassle exactly what Gin was talking about… this woman is dangerous.

"You'd better run," she snaps.

"This isn't over, Ichigo!" Kai shouts as he scrambles to his feet. "I'll have you back, whether you want to come back or not! You're mine! That'll never change, you little skank!"

The other runs off, Ichigo gripping Grimmjow's arm tightly a while longer. His lover growls in frustration, the only thing stopping him from running his fingers through his blue locks is the dirt on his hands. Things are getting pressing and there isn't much more Grimmjow can do legally to keep Kai away from Ichigo.

"Girls, take Ichigo inside," he remarks quietly.

Ichigo doesn't fight, practically runs into the house, and the girls follow. Once they're out of earshot, Grimmjow pulls Shiro and Gin closer. Shiro is about ready to hunt down Kai, his bloodlust sending excited tingles along the Sexta's skin, yet Gin holds him in place.

"I want him gone," Grimmjow growls. "I've waited long enough for the Shinigami to act, they failed. I know his type, he won't let this go. Ichigo doesn't need this aggravation, not in his condition."

"Roughed up or…"

"I'll let you choose, just don't let it circle back to us."

"Spirit form!" Shiro grins widely. "Fuckin' awesome! Can I rob a bank while I'm at it?"

"No, Shiro, you can't," the Sexta sighs in exasperation. "And make sure it isn't you, the Shinigami know us too well for that. This needs to be done delicately."

"I got it," Gin smiles. "Leave it ta me, Grimm-kitty. This is my forte!"

With a nod of agreement, Grimmjow goes inside to wash up. Ichigo will need his presence a little more than usual; the threat of his ex-boyfriend is far too close to home for the orange head. Hallibel's girls are ready to get going, bidding a fond farewell to their leaders as they head out, and Shiro leaves with Gin around the same time. Ichigo is drawing bath water, the steam from the water soothing on his nerves.

"Babe, why don't you sit in the living room until the water's drawn," Grimmjow suggests. "I'll watch it."

"… Okay," Ichigo murmurs suspiciously.

Them minute he's out of the room, Grimmjow pulls his bag from beneath the sink. He shuts the door and sets up some small candles on the sink with a radio, rifling through the CDs he bought and pulling out one with relaxing woodwinds. By the time the tub is filled, Grimmjow has everything together.

"Ichigo, the bath is ready."

Ichigo walks in to the bathroom and gawks in shock. Grimmjow is waiting for him in the bath, the bubbles Ichigo placed in it irritating the other slightly although he ignores them. The substitute Shinigami eagerly sheds his clothes, joining his husband in the bubbly water as the music soothes him.

"You're such a romantic," Ichigo chuckles.

"Let's not spread that around," Grimmjow murmurs with a kiss to Ichigo's head. "I just wanted to help you relax a little bit."

"This is great, Grimm," the smaller male smiles sweetly. "Really thoughtful. I don't think I could've found a better lover if I tried… you're perfect."

Grimmjow purrs at the praise, holding Ichigo closer yet. The orange head leans back into his chest, circling his arms around Grimmjow's neck lovingly. As they soak in the hot water, Ichigo thinks back on their relationship. He really couldn't find a better lover.

The moon is high, though not full, and very little of its light touching down on the streets. Kai is roaming an alley close by, searching for help in kidnapping what's rightfully his. A clatter from behind him draws his attention, eyes darting toward the noise and finding nothing. When he turns back around, he's staring into eerie gold on black eyes. The skull face opens its mouth for a shriek, Kai screaming in fear as clawed hands rise up to trap him.

Ichigo wakes the next morning with a satisfying stretch, Grimmjow still sleeping deeply beneath him. Slowly, the orange head slides out of bed and heads to the living room. As he moves toward the kitchen, he turns the news on and presses the volume button to quiet it. As he pulls out ingredients for omelets, the title catches his eye and he stops.

'A body was found within the dark alleys early this morning. The wounds were fatal and looked to be the product of an animal attack. The victim has been identified as Kai Leven…'

"Oh my god," Ichigo gasps.

"What's wrong?" Grimmjow asks through a yawn.

"Kai was murdered about five blocks down, near the bad side of town. They said it looked like an animal attack…"

"Seriously?" Grimmjow wonders in surprise. "Talk about a coincidence."

Grimmjow turns up the volume on the news, listening to all the details as Ichigo sits beside him. Gin and Shiro hadn't planned on attacking Kai for a few more nights yet, so this truly is a surprise. It's obvious it's a Hollow attack, something that has Ichigo's brows drawing together, but the feral type of attack leads Grimmjow to believe it was done by a low level Hollow. One that likely snuck into the living world and happened across his intended target.

"It wasn't here long," Grimmjow frowns. "It likely came into the living world right in that alley and found Kai in only seconds. The Shinigami must've taken it out after it attacked Kai, because I would've woken up had it been here more than a minute or two. Things must've happened very quickly."

"… Kai's dead," Ichigo whispers. "I… I wanted him to leave me alone, but… not like that. Did you have something to do with this?"

"No, Kitten, I didn't," Grimmjow states honestly. "I told Shiro and Gin to take care of him, but… they weren't planning anything for a few more days."

Although the news rattles Ichigo, there's nothing he can do about it. If Grimmjow says he didn't do anything, then he'll trust his husband's word. There's no reason for the Sexta to tell him all of that just to lie in the end. The Shinigami may stop by to check this out, but in the end Ichigo will stand by Grimmjow.

Kisuke is the one to drop by, his excitement leaving a beaming grin on his face. Ichigo answers the door, but soon regrets doing so. Grimmjow has the day off of work, the man looking over the back of the couch curiously as the blonde rushes in.

"Is this about Kai?" Ichigo asks.

"Kai? No. The Shinigami aren't looking into that matter. He was attacked by a Hollow, the Hollow was dealt with by Rukia and Renji, and the soul ended up in Hueco Mundo. No harm, no foul," he announces. "I, on the other hand, have discovered why you two are dream jumping!"

"Go ahead," Grimmjow prompts.

"It's another ability! Your bodies completely break up into tiny particles that drift into the minds of others, assimilating into the dreams of the intended target, and absorbing knowledge of them through that section of their minds! Isn't that incredible? You're like… the perfect spies!"

"That's… completely unbelievable," Ichigo snorts derisively. "Are you sure you didn't just make it up?"

"Awe, I'm hurt."

Ichigo ignores the shopkeeper's pout, flopping down beside Grimmjow tiredly. He's far from showing yet, but lets his hand run along his abdomen anyway. Thankfully, they haven't fallen into another person's dreams in a while. He shifts in discomfort, his pregnancy bringing about bloating and cramps around this time. The thought of Grimmjow and himself having a child is becoming more and more appealing the further along he gets.

"You okay?" Grimmjow questions.

"I'm perfect," Ichigo sighs happily. "Anything else you wanted to tell us, Kisuke?"

"We're still thinking of a name for what you are," he admits sheepishly. "Due to the fact you're having violent mood swings, we're going to continue debating it until the child is born… or until you're too far along to actually harm us."

Ichigo glowers at the comment, yet can't blame the other. Even Grimmjow seems to be shying away from making him angry. He relaxes into his husband's body, watching the movie the Sexta turned on as Kisuke gets up. The blonde rarely stays for long, always too busy spreading his eccentricity. The front door opens and closes, leaving the couple to their own devices. Ichigo gazes up at the strong jaw of his lover, sighing joyously. This is just the beginning of their happy ending; they'll be together for a long time to come.

There you have it! Kai is no more ;p I hope you're all very happy with his gruesome death ;p Now that this fic has ended on an imcomplete note, I think it's only fair to tell you... I was planning on another fic in the Skimmer saga =D Just so you know, the baby will most likely be born in the next fic ;p I'm still working on your x-mas gift, but i'm making progress a little bit at a time =) As always, I love and appreciate all the reviews I get. You guys are freaking awesome ;p You really make my day! XD

Shiro: Mine, too! Witout them, ya wouldn' be so tempted ta throw aibou ta the jaguars so often! XD

Grimm: Wait... isn't that saying supposed to be about wolves?

Shiro: Yep! But yer not a wolf, yer a jaguar. An' i don' see aibou gettin' thrown ta Stark.

Grimm: Stark's not a wolf, he's a coyote...

Ichi: Who the hell cares about the technicalities? The point is I'm abused! DX

Shiro: Aibou, it ain't nice ta interrupt people when they're talkin'. =(

Ichi: *puches Shiro and storms off*

Grimm: ... You okay?

Shiro: I'm so 'bused! T^T

Grimm: I can see that... Sucks to be you. =3