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Creature Encyclopedia

In this Lexicon you will find all information about the different and mostly rare creatures that are known.

Please remember, since most of the creature societies keep to there own, not all information provided may not be accurate.

Angels (Angelus)


It is safe to note that most Angels are dominant and male.

When Angels find their mate or mates, they will become very possessive about their mate. They don't like, when others look at their mate in a romantic or wanting way. They will show their disliking and try to block their mate from the view of the subject doing the looking. They will also become very protective about their mate, and if off-spring are conceived and delivered from the union, The Angel will be very protective, though slightly less possessive, of said off-spring.

They can feel when their mate is in distress and will try everything to calm him or her.

The symbol of an Angel's possession of a mate, called the 'Holy Mark' is formed by the Angel biting the juncture between shoulder and neck at the moment of ejaculation.


Angels have large, feathered wings. Their looks are much like in those of angels in Italian Renaissance paintings.

Most angels speak fluently in Italian, though it not known how. Researchers believe the Italian is meant to sooth, excite, pleasure, or otherwise express their love to their mate(s).

The wings of an Angel will always take the color most associated with their mate, such as: hair color, eyes color, skin color. If there is more than one mate in an Angel's union, then the wings will act the same as with only one mate, except for the fact the wings take on both associated colors.


Since Angels are very protective of their mates and children, they use their wings as designed to not only to fly, but to shield and protect their family. The wings can withstand some minor spells, and are impermeable to all melee threats. Though, if the threat uses one of the three Unforgivable Curses, then the wings are rumored to be useless.

Angels also can summon a individual weapon. It can be a sword, a bow or any other weapon known. It will be very special and in very rear materials.


Angels have the power of the elements wind or water.

Only very powerful Angels can have both powers. Such a creature hasn't been known in centuries.

Angels also can use a Special fire, it is mostly in blue or green, never the fire we now, such as yellow or red!

Some Angels could have the ability of the so called Heaven's eyes. This power isn't really known. It's rumored, that angels with this power will see, when their mates are in need of help.


Not much is know about the development of the fetus, outside the society of Angels of course, though pregnancies tend to last 10 months, one month longer than the normal Homo sapien sapien gestation period. Researchers believe this extra month of development is to allow for the wings of the off-spring to develop.

As is the norm in the Wizarding Society, both male and female can become pregnant.