Werewolves are not creatures, but once bitten, the wolf spirit becomes apart of them. They have no control over the transformation, which happens every full moon. Werewolves have been classified as dangerous and dark creatures, but further consideration by The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty is fighting that classification and are slowly gaining more rights for Werewolves. There is no cure for lycanthropy.

Looks: Werewolves, like people, can come in many shapes and sizes, the only common feature the share is yellow, or amber eyes.

Mates: Once bitten, the Werewolf gains the ability to find their pre-destined mate, be it Submissive or Dominant. The Werewolf will have a feeling inside them that leads them to their mate. The mark does not turn the mate into a Werewolf, it is located at the base of neck.

Powers: Increased speed, strength, sense of sight, sense of smell, sense of hearing, and taste.

Not much information is available about Werewolves due to their prosecution.