Naruto the Elemental Star

Chapter 1: A Bloodline is Born

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Scene I

In the bright moonlight, a giant nine-tailed-fox thrashed over the forest near a village, screaming in pain as it tried to stop itself from hammering the nearby village. A village that was the size of a city, with four faces carved into a mountain behind it. In between the village and the creature were various male and female ninjas fighting among the trashed farms and outer districts of the village. Ninjas that wore a band with the Leaf and Swirl symbol, found on their arm, forehead or waist, as well as the majority of ninjas that wore green vest.

Leading the defense was a black haired ninja with raven eyes. His dark voice echoed as he yelled out, "Keep your distance and keep pelting it with Jutsus and Paper Bombs. Even if it does not want to kill us, we need to keep it from Konoha until the Fourth Hokage arrives."

The others acknowledged as they used fast hand-signs to focus their eternal energy, called chakra, into techniques that shoot out various elements, Jutsus. Those who did not use Jutsus threw knives with sizzling paper that exploded once the small flame reached the seal on the paper. All in a effort to keep the creature distracted for a blond man in white robes with red flames who rode on top of a scarred, red, giant toad with a long katana strapped to its back arrived in front of the creature to confront it.

The men called out, "Hokage-sama!"

The Hokage yelled to his men, "Fall back!"

The ninjas acknowledged the Hokage, and they fell back as the toad rode out on and approached the nine-tailed creature carefully. All the while, they heard it mumble repeatedly, "System corruption, now attempting reboot. Reboot failure due to bio-energy virus."

"Sound likes the Kyūbi is being controlled and it is trying to fight it off. How do you want to deal with this Minato Namikaze?" asked the giant toad with a scar over his left eye.

The Fourth Hokage looked at the Kyūbi and sighed sadly, "I am going to have to seal it, Gamabunta. There is no other way."

"What do you plan to seal the… Kyūbi… in…" Gamabunta then realized that Minato had a baby in a pink bundle in one hand. He was ready to activate the seal drawn on the baby's stomach. "You're going to seal the Kyūbi in your…" Gamabunta croaked.

"It's the only way," Minato stated sadly, "Unlike the First Hokage, I can't seal it into a tree combined with Uzumaki blood. The only one with the Mokuton bloodline in this village isn't even a Genin. As for the Uzumaki, Kushina is too weak to seal it and I need more blood then my child can spare to seal the demon. So I am going to seal it in my child. There is no other way." The baby began to cry and Minato tried to calm the baby down. "It's okay little Naru, daddy is here."

Gamabunta was silent for a moment, and he asked, "What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to hold the Kyūbi in place while I seal it into Naruto," the Fourth Explained.

"I can do that," Gamabunta grunted as he leapt on top of the Kyūbi to pin it down, meanwhile it kept muttering about 'reboot' and 'corruption.'

As the giant toad held the Kyūbi down, Minato jumped off Gamabunta's head onto Kyūbi's head. He then summoned all his chakra to activate the seal to drain the Kyūbi's essence and chakra's body into the infant's seal. As the chakra drained the Kyūbi into the child's body, the Kyūbi began to shrink as a large piece of black chakra was being pushed out of the creature. It finally dispersed into the night while the last Kyūbi's remnants were sealed into the infant.

After the Kyūbi's was sealed, Gamabunta looked at Minato before stating, "So long my subordinate. I will see you when my time has come."

Gamabunta departed in a puff of smoke while the ninja jumped to where their Hokage laid next a baby. He was stroking its checks while singing it a lullaby. As he sung the child to sleep, the Fourth was slowly unraveling in front of his men. He was being turned into dust before his men's eyes.

As he slowly unraveled, he said some final words to his child, "Goodbye and take care, my sweet little Naru."

He kissed the child on the forehead before he disappeared like dust among the wind. The Forth Hokage was gone, leaving his clothes, his sad men, and a baby that had tears in her eyes.

Scene II

It has been a long day for an old bearded man named Hiruzen Sarutobi, as he carried a baby to the orphanage. An important baby the old man reminded himself since he was tried after he had reassumed his position since his predecessor died the day before. He was now Hokage after Minato showed them what happen when someone used the forbidden 'Shinigami Death Seal Jutsu' to seal the demon.

His first day back out of retirement was exhausting as he spent the day with the Council of Konoha. An organized government split into three parts: Clan, Civilian and Shinobi. The Shinobi part decided the budget for the military, while the Civilian part determined the civilian's budget. The Clan portion was designed to help protect bloodlines (genetic powers) and royal lines found within their village. Royal lines included mostly families tied to a Lord or Daimyo, or that a single member of their family was a Hokage, like Sarutobi's own clan. Minato Namikaze, the Forth Hokage, was not given clan status because he was an orphan and had recently made a family in secret. Sadly or fortunately, it meant the child was clanless despite the fact she would inherit a small fortune and techniques when the child reached the age of eighteen or the rank of Chūnin. He also told no one that she was Minato's child as he felt it was best to avoid a long debate over what to do with the child.

The child was already special for being a Jinchūriki, a human that had been sacrificed by sealing a demon within their body. The child could be trained to use the demon's power as its own. It was also rumored that descendants of Jinchūriki were holders of new bloodlines. However, most Jinchūriki never had children, and few were made at a time since it was feared that the dual nature of the joining could lead to madness. That was until the last thirty years, as it seemed that every major village now had at least one Jinchūriki. This turn of events was giving Sarutobi a headache because of the political ramifications of a whole new group of bloodlines. Sarutobi sighed his troubles away as he realized he had more important things to think about, such as, getting the child safely to the orphanage.

He knocked on the door of the orphanage for the matron; an elderly woman came out to meet Sarutobi, "Hokage-sama, this is an unexpected surprise."

"That it is Lily, I just wished it was for happier reasons," Sarutobi said sadly before holding out the baby.

"You bring me another orphan? But I thought all of the orphan children were already in someone's care. Why would you…" The matron realized who the child was. "Hokage-sama, you want me to take in the Jinchūriki."

"It's the only thing that the Council would compromise on," the Hokage had explained what had happened.

While most members of the Council were more concerned about what caused the attack, some of the Council was still concerned about what they were going to do with their new Jinchūriki. A very small margin wanted her killed, but those were mostly civilians that lost a few holdings, or love ones in the attack. However, a larger faction wanted her as a weapon while others wanted to claim her for the possible power that having control of a Jinchūriki would give their clan or family. So after a few hours of arguing, they decided to keep her status as a Jinchūriki a secret from the children and hopefully other villages. They would also leave her in an orphanage to be raised until she could choose which family she wanted to become a part of, or if she wanted to live on her own.

"Oh the poor dear, what's the child's name?" the matron asked.

"Her name is Naruto," Sarutobi told the matron.

"Naruto? Isn't that a boy's name?" the Matron asked, surprised at such a name for a girl.

"Let's say her parents had interesting taste," Sarutobi chuckled.

"What happened to her parents?" the matron asked.

"I can't give you full answers on what happened or even who they are, but I can tell you one was killed in the attack, while the other has been captured and will most likely either be killed or brainwashed," Sarutobi stated with a frown as he remembered Naruto's mother.

Kushina Namikaze, formerly Uzumaki and Naruto's mother, taken back into a very powerful, noble, and influential clan after the Hokage's death. A woman forced to disown her only child to remain with them. Making sure the 'half-breed,' a child of common and noble blood, was kept out of their clan to insure purity in the noble bloodline.

"So, no chance of her living relatives in retrieving her," the matron said sadly. "Is there anything I need to know about her?"

"Well, beside the basics," Sarutobi sighed. "In a few years, several families will arrive to adopt her, mainly because she is in fact a Jinchūriki. She will be allowed to make the choice of where she'll go. If she doesn't choose someone, then she'll be allowed to live on her own. Preferably, when she is a Genin but maybe younger if you believe she can. I would probably recommend teaching her everything she'll need to know to survive on her own. I also asked that you keep the fact she is Jinchūriki a secret, for her safety and for national secrecy."

"I can do that," the matron nodded. "I do not get a lot of volunteers and usually assign them to teach the children how to read, write and take care of themselves. The chores we assign to them help teach them how to cook and clean. So, it is not too much to ask." The matron smiled as the girl yawned in her arms. "What about her protection detail? I know a few civilians who want revenge for what happened. There is also a few ninja that lost love ones."

"I'll assign ANBU to watch over this place and patrols routinely pass by here, so security should not be an issue," Sarutobi reassure the matron.

"Thank you Hokage-sama," the matron bowed before walking back in the orphanage with the child in her arms as Sarutobi watched. Neither realizing that the Kyūbi had something planed from within her host.

Scene III

In the dark recess of the child's mind, a voice spoke out from a giant nine-tailed fox that had been put within a cage hidden by shadows, "Bio-energy virus dispersed. Reboot initiating. Reboot complete, reinitiating and restoring the persona of Colonel Nine of Nine."

There was a flash when the fox turned into a redheaded human female. She had orange fox ears and nine orange tails that flicked back and forth out of holes made in a bluish black military uniform burnished with golden clusters, indicating her rank. "My, my, what creature have I been contained in this time," the Kyūbi stated while sending out red chakra as feelers.

"It's organic like my last host. However, it is sentient unlike my last host. It's, no she is human but an infant. Meaning she hasn't been corrupted into believing false history. But there is more, she has above average intelligence. A few tweaks and she can become a genius and I can download some information directly into her brain. There is also something else, something hidden. A genetic Alpha mutation. What did they call them? Ah yes, bloodlines. Hmm, it is dormant from her mother's side, caused by marring close family members one too many times. Her father's genetic structure should help stabilize the mutation, and it just takes a bit to reactivate them.

"Yes, yes, she will be perfect!" The Kyūbi stated with a smile while she poured chakra into her host. "It may take years, perhaps centuries to allow the Republic Alliance to be reformed. But in the end, she will rebuild the Republic, I promise this to you Dr. Leon Star-Croft, father, I promise you."

Scene IV: Six Years Later

In an open training field at Konoha, several men and women in white blank masks stood in lines of three by three to face two powerful men before them. One was a tall, brown-haired man with a cat mask and the words Tanzō embellished on the front. The mask also had red and green marks that were brighter than the dark soulless eyes designed to scare the men. The second was an average size man and was obviously the leader. He had a dog mask with the name Inu on his forehead. The mask was topped off by the silver hair that seemingly defied gravity as each pointy strand appeared to stick out.

"Hello recruits and welcome to the second of your five week training program to be part of our ninja's elite forces known as ANBU," the one named Inu started in a serious tone. "As you can see, four have dropped because they were too lazy or lacked the stamina necessary to meet even minimal standards. To those that have made it this far then I offer congratulations, you're on your way to become elite." The recruits applauded before Inu called for order. "Now on to business, last week we spent time improving control of chakra and stamina. Now we proceed to the next step in your training in chakra that is to elemental manipulation.

"Many of you should know what is required for elemental manipulation as I am sure you have been introduced to the concepts in your early childhood. Most clans or ninja families train their children in elemental manipulation while others are trained when they reach low Genin to Chūnin rank depending on their sensei. But in case you forgot, elemental manipulation is the foundation for the ninja who wants to reach the higher ninja rank of Elite Chūnin, Special Jōnin, or Jōnin itself. You all should know as you have the desire to reach one of those ranks according to your files." Many recruits mumbled in agreement before Kakashi continued.

"If you are wondering why mastering elemental manipulation is important, you must realize that mastering even level one of the three steps of elemental training will allow for more control and less power for Jutsus of the same elemental type. At level two, a user will be able to add their elements to weapons and limbs for more damage. And mastering the final level allows the user to create personal benefits when their chakra is channeled internally.

"Now, for each element, you need to know how to fight with or deal with opponents that have mastered an element. First is fire, the most common in the Fire Country, the country where our village resides in. Fire deals considerable physical damage by burning or melting the target. While channeled internally, it increases a person's adrenaline levels and stamina while giving a surprisingly big burst of strength or speed, although generally for a short amount of time. Next is lightning, the second most common element in Fire Country and my strongest element. Lightning creates internal damage in your opponent while bypassing combustible material that may be around them. Also, when channeled internally, it will increase your mental intelligence and heighten your awareness during combat.

"Next is water, the weakest combat element despite the fact water can cut people and do some internal injury, though not at the levels that lightning or wind will inflict. However, when channeled internally, water can greatly improve flexibility and increase the effectiveness of healing techniques, so it too is very useful. Earth is the next element, used to enhance a person or weapon's strength and durability, making it difficult to even break wood or skin with a steel blade. The earth-channeled weapon also becomes heavier and deals more physical damage when it is used by the right wielder. Then the final element is wind, the rarest element in Fire Country. Wind is known to slice through virtually any object including your opponent. It can also increase a person's speed and jumping ability when channeled internally.

"Now, each element can become stronger or weaker when pitted against each other. For instance, fire is stronger when pitted against wind, while water is stronger against fire. Earth is stronger against water, and lighting is stronger against earth. And finally, wind is stronger than lighting but is weak against fire. Each individual is limited to one strong element, which can be fully mastered, as well as one to possibly three weaker elements that can only be mastered up to level two.

"The exception is for those of you with elemental bloodlines that permit such combinations. Some can combine two or three strong elements to create a secondary element like Ice, Wood, Sand, Bone, Plasma and so forth. Such hybrid elements are rare, and they only need to be researched if a mission must be performed near territory that deals with secondary elements. You will be trained to fight to use elements to your advantage, if you have the weaker element. Now recruits, line up while Tanzō inspects you while I deal with a small issue. Get to it,"

Inu dispersed in a swirl of leaves, while Tanzō chuckled to himself as he understood what Inu meant. Inu reappeared in the woods near the training ground and called out in a lazy tone, "Naruto, get out of that tree!"

There was a rustling in the leaves before a small girl in a black shorts and a t-shirt with orange trims jumped down. The girl was a cute tomboy with her rosy cheeks covered by whisker marks and specs of dirt on her face from playing. She also had blond hair with red strips tied into pigtails, to keep her messy hair out of her teal puppy eyes.

"Hi Kakashi… I mean Inu," Naruto waved a little.

The ANBU chuckled before he removed his mask to reveal a man in a blue mask with a leaf headband covering his left eye. "Naru, what have I, ANBU commander Neko, Lily, and the Hokage said about you staying away from the ANBU training field."

Naruto looked down while she nervously stamped her feet, "Not to spy on the ANBU training field."

"So, instead of following such orders, you decided to disregard them and come to spy on us anyway," Kakashi had pointed out.

"Not exactly," Naruto admitted. "I was actually passing by here when I heard some commotion. I didn't think it was the ANBU training field, but I guess you moved the training field again. Since I was already here and would be in trouble, I decided to listen to what you had to say. Your lectures are at a whole other level of detail than these books I have about chakra," Naruto quickly explained while pulling out an advance book on chakra available to Genin and advanced students in the Shinobi Academy, she was not a member of as of yet.

Kakashi chuckled at Naruto, as he knew that book would not be enough for a genius like her. Her intelligence was above average for even adults, if not higher. It seemed like she instinctively already knew things when it came to tactics, science, and technology. In fact, the only thing she had trouble learning was the national language, Sagas, as some would swear she spoke another language. However, it was not a major problem, as she had proven to be a quick study and the problem faded away. Though that did not stop the rumors, that the Kyūbi was helping her learn and that some thought she was being possessed by the Kyūbi and needed to be cleanse. It caused Kakashi and his superiors a few headaches dealing with such nuts while quelling the rumors to save the little charge before him.

"Okay, that may be plausible, except the orphanage is a mile away and we are even further from the Market District of the village," Kakashi pointed out.

"I don't live at the orphanage anymore. I live in a new house located among a few clans and Ninja's families twenty minutes away," Naruto quickly explained with the last part sadly.

"You're not living at the orphanage?" Kakashi asked in surprised.

Naruto sighed before she began to explain her situation to Kakashi, "I was tired of people camped in front of the orphanage and trying to block anyone from entering. Either because they are trying to prevent the 'demon brat' from corrupting anything else in Konoha, or they were trying to get their new Jinchūriki tool," Naruto sneered at the thought of being a 'tool.' "If there is one thing I hate is people suffering, and while the chance of an orphan being adopted is low, it was impossible when people only care about adopting a 'shiny' new tool."

Kakashi sighed, "Naru, I am sure somebody would adopt you for…"

"Kakashi, I know some have my best interest at heart," Naruto sighed. "However, that doesn't mean others don't have an ulterior motives for taking me in that will somehow increase their own standing. The ones who wanted to adopt me for me often decided not to because of the hassle of trying to adopt a Jinchūriki."

Naruto sighed again before she continued, "After a year of constant hounding on Lily-obaasan (grandmother) and Hokage-jiji (grandfather), they decided I was mature enough to decide what to do with my life or who to be with. I decided I was old enough to live on my own and Lily-Obaasan's agreed. My only regret is that my Tenten-neesan (big sis) couldn't come with me. Hopefully, she'll get the family she wanted."

Kakashi sadly nodded, as he knew Naruto's reasoning, and she probably was right about her situation. He thought about adopting her himself but decided against it for several reasons. He was a single man, and he worked for weeks at a time away from home on missions. It was not a life for a child and she would be raising herself anyway. Giving Naruto her own house just skipped the one hour he could be a parent to her before he went to work.

"Well, I wish you luck Naru," Kakashi said encouragingly, before trying to get Naruto to go. "Now off you go. I doubt you want to stay out. Especially with all the Cloud-nins around, as their diplomats try to peacefully end this small war between Lightning and Fire Countries."

"I plan to," Naruto told Kakashi, but she had something else on her mind. "However, I was wondering if you can give me some lessons on level one of Elemental Training?"

Kakashi asked with a deadpan expression, "Why should I teach you something that Chūnin and Genin are trained in?"

"Because it is not top secret as shinobi families teach their children before they even go to the academy. Plus, it is a good way to bribe me to leave your ANBU training field alone," Naruto said, all the while giving Kakashi puppy eyes.

Kakashi chuckled, "Cheeky brat." He then got serious as he went to lecture mode, "Very well. To complete level one of elemental Jutsus training, you need green leaves and you need to know your elements. For fire, you ignite and burn leaves until you can burn a leaf instantly in one try. Water, you try to drain the water out of leaf until you can drain a leaf completely dry in one try. Earth, you instantly petrify the leaf until you can turn one leaf into a fossil at one go. Lightning, you make the leaf glow until the entire leaf glow in one try. Finally, for wind, you cut the leaf down the middle until you can do it instantly with one leaf. There are other ways for those places that have different materials to use, like wood, paper, soft rocks, and water, but it is generally the same for all."

"I see, but how do you know which element is yours?" Naruto asked.

Kakashi smirked before holding out a small piece of paper. "These are Chakra Papers, made from special trees imbedded with a particular chakra, and they can tell a person's element. Just channel chakra through the papers and I can tell you what element you have."

Naruto nodded while she took the special paper and channeled chakra through them. The paper did five things and Kakashi remarked on each element. First, it cut in the center indicating "Wind." The top right hand corner burned. "Fire," while the bottom right corner got wet and soggy "Water." The Top left corner turned to dust, "Earth," while the bottom left shriveled, "Lightning." Naruto had all five elements.

"Um, Kakashi, didn't you say it was impossible to get all five elements? Also, how do you tell which are the strong elements?" Naruto asked.

Kakashi was shocked but quickly recovered as he cut off a branch with a kunai imbedded with white chakra. A branch full of leaves fell into Kakashi's hands and he immediately gave them to Naruto. "Naru, go home. I need to inform the Hokage-sama what have transpired. He will probably have a few blood tests to perform to determine your bloodline. In the meantime, just practice level one elemental manipulation and see how long it takes to master them. I will see you tomorrow."

Kakashi put his second mask back on before disappearing in a swirl of leaves. Leaving a bewilder Naruto to rant to herself, "Why do I feel like this bloodline is going to be a pain?" Naruto then shrugged her shoulders. "Oh well, might as well use it to my advantage."

As Naruto slowly walked home, she pulled a leaf out and began practicing them in order. She started from what she considered most important to least: Wind, Earth, Water, Lightning and Fire. Never knowing the danger she was walking into as her iris went from completely black, to the black and white yin-yang symbol.

Scene V

It was late in the evening as Naruto finished practicing with her branch full of leaves. She was walking by a large building with a huge wall made of stone. In the center of the wall was a massive gate with a red and white tear-shaped insignia that represented the Hyūga clan. The Hyūga, in Naruto's mind, were arrogant bastards. They had shown very little concern for OTHERS as they believed their bloodline to be perfect and were concerned only about their status in their own clan. The Hyūgas are not known to being nice and she doubted she would ever meet an actually nice Hyūga. In fact, Naruto mused they all seemed as if they had a stick up their ass that put them in a continual foul mood.

While she chuckled at her own joke, she heard a loud thump and turned around to see a man covered completely in bandages, which he rubbed in frustration with one hand. He was trying to keep the bandages in place, but Naruto could still see a Cloud symbol on his headband indicating that he was a Cloud-nin. In his other hand, was a sack big enough to a hold a child. The man had broken into the Hyūga compound to kidnap a Hyūga and to make matters worse for Naruto, the man had noticed her as the two stared at each other like statues. One stared in fear and the other narrowed his eye at the potential security risk.

Naruto summed up her situation, "Oh shit!"

Naruto did not have time to run as the disguised Cloud-nin jumped in front of her to block her exit. He looked menacing as he pointed a kunai at her. Naruto noticed that the man had set his package down and that it moved like a small child her size, a child that was restrained and struggling to get out. "I am sorry little girl, but I can't let you leave. If you come quietly, I won't put you in the bag and if you struggle too much, it will be a body bag," the man calmly stated.

"I have no intentions of going to Kumo," Naruto stated while she slowly backed up. "Though I am curious, was your mission given to you by the bone-headed Daimyo or the mussel-headed Raikage."

"Don't you dare insult the Raikage!" the ninja yelled.

"So it was the Raikage, seeing how quickly you defended him but not your Daimyo," Naruto explained. "So I am betting your Raikage gave you a mission to try and steal the Hyūga's Byakugan."

The Cloud-nin chuckled before stating, "Smart brat, maybe too smart. Sorry little girl, I am afraid this will be your end."

The Cloud-nin then threw in a blink of an eye multiple kunais at Naruto. She tried to jump away but she was not fast enough as one of the kunai imbedded into her leg. She fell down, screaming as the man slowly walked over to her. Naruto quickly pulled out the kunai with a minor grunt before summoning elemental chakra into the kunai. She then, in a panic, threw it at the man with all her might before she made a run for it. The ninja did not react in time as it imbedded deep into his left shoulder.

"Dam, that hurt brat," the Cloud-nin grunted before pulling out the kunai.

After pulling out the kunai, he noticed that he had received an unexpectedly severe wound. The kunai cut deep into the flesh as he twitched due lightning going through his arm. The skin outside the wound was burned as though it had been touched by a hot blade. He also noticed the blade was heavier, making the kunai denser while water ran along the blade. He looked at the panting girl to see her teal eyes have a yin-yang iris, symbolizing her bloodline. The man gave a faint smile.

Meanwhile, Naruto realized how stupid her plan was. It took a lot of chakra to use five different elemental manipulations at once and left her too drained to run. It would be a good idea if she had a lot of training in advance levels of chakra control and manipulation. However, she did not have such training and she was now a sitting duck. She also began berating herself for being so stupid and was so busy berating herself that she did not notice the Cloud-nin approach her with a glee in his eyes.

"So," the Cloud-nin said while bringing Naruto back to the reality. "So you have a very rare bloodline." The man began chuckling. "I know what you have brat. I was sent by the Raikage because I am an expert when it comes to bloodlines. I know them all, including ones thought long extinct." The man laughed, "Now, not only do I get to bring them the Byakugan, but also the Elemental Star, a bloodline that once belonged to the bastard Uzumaki Clan."

The Cloud-nin charged at Naruto before she could guard herself. She was then lifted off the ground and slammed into the wall. He slowly suffocated her and she could not even scream as the Cloud-nin shushed her, "Sleep little one, it is all over."

Naruto soon blacked out as she slumped in the man's hands.

Scene VI

In the center of a dense foliage, Naruto had woken as the sun shined brightly into her eyes. She moved her hands to her face and gasped in shock that she was not restrained. She figured it had to be a trick as the girl slowly got up with caution. She looked around in fear when she noticed something was off. Trees all around her formed a maze that lead to the same place, yet placed in a way to suggest it was natural and yet not. Especially since the trees were not normal trees, but trees with shelves built into them. Shelves that could hold thousands of books, but most were empty with only a few books on them. Not sure what to do, she began to follow the path to the center of the forest.

Naruto slowly walked through the forest and noticed that the flowers began to sprout as she went deeper into the maze. As though life became more active as she went deeper into central command. After a short walk, she reached the center: an open, circular field filled with flowers of all shapes and colors. She also noticed that each tree in the meadow did not have a shelf, but a seal. A seal she saw only as she crawled on her stomach. Naruto slowly went into the meadow, unsure how to process the image.

She looked around but saw nothing until she heard a voice, "I've been waiting for you."

Naruto turned around to see a woman in an unfamiliar, bluish-black uniform with a golden cluster on the collar. The woman made Naruto feel uneasy with her red eyes and pupils that were narrow slits like a predator. Yet she also felt safe as those same eyes were filled with peace and possibly motherly love. Though it did not squash the fear produced by the flaming red hair, orange fox ears and nine tails swishing behind her, along with collared seal around her neck. She was the human form of the nine-tailed fox that attacked the village six years ago and Naruto was not sure if she should be intrigued or scared as the woman approached her.

"Though I am glad you are here early for I was actually not expecting to see you here a year or two in the future rather than now. Oh well, a lady always appreciates that a person arrived early rather than late. Especially as she put some much work in her prodigy. I am sure you have a lot of questions," the woman stated while stretching her neck.

"Are you the Kyūbi?" Naruto asked.

"The Kyūbi?" the fox girl asked before she realized what Naruto was asking. "Oh, that is what they have called me. I am she, but that is not my name. I was known as the Ninth Creation of the Bio-Chakra-Creatures Project 2A. At least that is what I can remember from the reboot. It has been several centuries and most of my brethren don't even remember anymore. Anyway, you can call me Colonel Nine of Nine, or just Nine for short."

"Created by whom?" Naruto asked.

"I was made by my father, Dr. Leon Star-croft. He made me to fight in the war for the Republic Alliance against the Mechanize Army during the Mechanize War," the Kyūbi stated but saw Naruto was bewildered. She decided to continue. "You don't know about the war. I don't blame you; your species have forgotten your legacy. Don't worry, Colonel Nine of Nine will tell you the tale.

"Hundreds of years ago, there was a vast republic in the solar system known as the Republic Alliance. An alliance built on the many republics of old that expanded on the principle of exploration, science and unity, with only a few countries that resisted the call. The Machine's Army was robots that became sentient due to arrogance and the need for advance machines for the manual labor for the developing space colonies. Colonies like Mars, and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. When some of the Machines became sentient, they began to think their creators, humanity, and organic life in general were inferior and rebelled while humans were fighting a war against each other. The goal of the rebellion was to wipe out all carbon-based life starting with Mars's colonies while human faction fought each other in World War 4. It was then that WW4 ended and the Mechanize War had begun.

"The Mechanize War was a bloody war, as humanity developed massive bio and technological weapons to combat the maize army of mindless machines that the Liberated Sentient Machines liked to use. I was one such technology created by the use of bio-energy and antimatter to create a second bio-energy known as chakra to combat the machines."

The Kyūbi sighed before stating, "I won many battles for the Republic Alliance but we were also losing the war. We lost all our space colonies and the machines were killing of all life one continent at a time, starting with Asia. Near the end of the war, every country not part of the Republic Alliance, like the People's Republic of China, was destroyed. Only a handful of major cities survived and humans were barely holding the line in Eastern Europe, Southern Africa, South America, and North America, which you know as the Elemental Nations.

"Humanity realized we were going to lose and faced with certain extinction, humanity took one last gambit. They created an EMP Tri-Bomb that would generate an EMP wave big enough to envelope the whole solar system. Destroying the machines and sending humanity back to the Stone Age. I remember that noble sacrifice even as the rest of humanity forgot everything due to shortsighted fools and politics. Now all my hope resides with you as I tweaked you to be perfect in rebuilding humanity."

"What do you mean by tweak?" Naruto asked, but Naruto quickly realized what she meant. "That is how I was able to figure things out so quickly. You put all that information into my head and I just had to pull it out, like a file from a… a computer. You even put in foreign technology like the computer. I never even heard of it, but I remembered it from what you downloaded it into my mind."

"I did more than that," Kyūbi explained all the changes she did to Naruto. "I increased your base intelligence, which was pretty high already, and I unlocked you bloodline that seem to make quite the impression." The Kyūbi stopped to look over Naruto, as though she was examining her work as she stated, "I must say I hit the jackpot with you. Not only were my systems working at optimum levels, but you are more intelligent than your average human, even before the tweaks."

"Why?" Naruto asked the Kyūbi.

"My father believed in the Republic Alliance, and I want his belief to be restored," the Kyūbi stated. "But to do that, I needed the technology to be upgraded or rebuilt. For the level of understanding and high level of society is needed for the Alliance to be reborn. And I can hope you help to recreate the future, even if it takes decades to happen."

Naruto now nodded in understanding but Nine of Nine was not finished, "Now to business. I doubt the man who took you will allow you to be what you want to be and I have no attention to let him ruin your life. So, I am going to help you escape the man by infusing you with a mild form of my chakra to wake you up and restore your chakra stores. That should give you a chance to escape. I know it is not much, but it's the best I can do for now."

"That is all I need, thank you Nine," Naruto bowed.

"Good luck Naru-chan, and remember I am always with you," the Kyūbi smiled before Naruto's world went dark.

Scene VII

It It was late in evening when Naruto woke and found herself against a tree. Her hands bound behind her, with her legs tied up and her mouth gagged. To her side was a small pale girl with midnight blue hair. The girl slept with tear stains on her cheeks. Naruto looked up as she considered how to free herself.

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Author Notes

1) I still plan to have the Uzumaki as the primary enemy in the story, and to do that, I needed the Kyūbi sealed into something else. Otherwise, the Uzumaki would capture Uzumaki rebels like Mito and use the demon as a weapon. Plus, it was hard to accept that the First Hokage can suppress it with Mokuton but couldn't contain it within trees. It should make the perfect prison, as the Kyūbi powers would be suppressed as the long as the trees survived, which could be centuries if not a few millennium.

2) I always felt Naruto had above average intelligence, or should be. It was just that he had never been taught how to use it properly. So I thought a Naruto with increase intelligence and proper tutelage should make her a true geniuses.

3) You know, I may not like Kakashi's teaching methods, but can't help but respect the man. I also think his main problem is he is not used to dealing with fresh blood, epically if they are not geniuses. He probably an all right or good teacher if he was for ANBU or high level ninja. Genin, not so much.

4) Actually, plants glowing are not science fiction. Some Fungi like Fox Fire glow in the dark and when they glow, they produce an electrical charge.

5) Sorry I couldn't finish it in one chapter, don't be too mad.

Bloodline Elements (See portfolio)








Earth + Fire = Lava

Earth + Lightning = Magnetism

Earth + Water = Wood

Earth + Wind = Sand

Fire + Lightning = Solar Flare

Fire + Water = Vapor/Boil

Fire + Wind = Blaze (Blue Flame)

Lightning + Water = White Lightning

Lightning + Wind = Gravity

Water + Wind = Ice


Earth + Fire + Lightning = Combustion

Earth + Fire + Water = Metal

Earth + Fire + Wind = Dust

Earth + Lightning + Water = Crystal

Earth + Lightning + Wind = Ionic Storm

Earth + Water + Wind = Bone

Fire + Lightning + Water = Scorch

Fire + Lightning + Wind = Plasma

Fire+ Water + Wind = Sound

Lightning + Fire + Water = Vaporize

Lightning + Water + Wind = Weather

Bloodline Information

The Elemental Star (does not have a Japanese Name): The Elemental Star is an elemental and dōjutsu bloodline. Its purpose is to allow the user control of every element to a master level. Also for each element master, the user can control sub-elements. For example, if the user masters water, earth, and wind, then the user can also use Ice, Tree, Sand and Bone (Water + Earth + Wind). However, the sub elements will not be as strong as the main element or those that have it as a primary bloodline. The eye appears as bluish-green eye with a Yin-Yang pupil in the center. For each element master, a triangle will appear until a five-point star appears on the eye. Each triangle is set in a different color, white for wind, dark blue for water, yellow for lighting, brown for earth and red for fire. The Elemental Star is one of the few bloodlines that can be compatible with other bloodlines.