Naruto the Elemental Star

Chapter 5: Legends Evolve

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Scene I

It has been six years since the Uchiha Massacre, and Fire Country has change to be one of the most technologically advanced and industrialized countries in the known world with Konoha leading the change. Technology has become available to the general public such as cell phones or even simple computers were available to everyone. Fire Country made a fortune selling some of their non-military technology, which increased the funding of Konoha. Wind Country particularly bought in-stock moisture evaporators to help collect water within their desert environment for a cheaper and consistent water supply.

In the outskirts of the village, part of a training field was closed off by the scientists who worked at 'the Great Library.' That part of the field was covered in parts of the next project, rebuilding a stealth fighter for the Leaf Special Forces. Leading the team was the yellow-eyed civilian in his fantasy eastern suit, Dr. Lost. Dr. Lost smiled as he gave a speech to the many R&D personnel there working on the project.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the next step in insuring the prosperity of Fire Country. A step that is more important than the sniper rifles and machine guns our ANBU have used to take down targets from far away. More important than the Scorpion Hover Tank that guards our convoys, or the trucks and cars to get our soldiers, samurai and ninjas to their destination faster. It is more important than the body armor that helped drop casualties in ANBU ranks by forty percent. It is even potentially more important than all the medical, computer and communication technology we have made.

"For we are working on a piece of technology so advance that will allow us to rule the skies, as a general from the old times once said, 'He who rules the sky controls the world,' So I present to you the next project, the Phantom Class Attack Fighter!" Dr. Lost yelled and he was met with polite applause while three teenagers and one girl were waiting for another teenager to finish their work.

"He certainly likes to hear himself talk, eh Naru-chan," spoke a fiery fourteen-year-old girl that had black hair and eyes. She smirked as she stretched her tall, yet petite body that was snuggling in her black shorts and black t-shirt with blue trims. The girl also had on her the words "The Neo Uchiha," under the Uchiha symbol.

"Well Tukiko, you know Dr. Lost always like to hear himself. Plus he needs practice to sell these weapons to the more thick headed members of the council," spoke an average height girl named Naruto Ryū as she worked at fighter's cockpit. A girl that wore black and orange clothing similar to what she had worn for eight years. Except, her attire was now designed to accommodate her growth, spirit and her more womanly aspects that were above average, but not overly so.

Handing Naruto her tools and giggling to her long time friend was Hinata. A girl that now had long hair that reached her back and with the biggest bust of the girls. Her outfit was a lavender cloak and a tight lavender hoodie that hugged her body. Hinata smiled at Naruto's enthusiasm, while a small girl beside Hinata did not get the significance of the projects.

"Why is this… fighter so important?" the girl asked.

Naruto stopped working as Tenten, a girl with an athletic build of muscles in a pink battle dress, sighed as she mumbled, "You know Hanabi, as Hinata's sister, you should know Naruto goes into a rant when you talk down about a project she is working on."

Tenten closely evaluated Hinata's sister and wondered how the two could be related. Hanabi was smaller than Hinata was at ten and she had long black hair and white eyes instead of her sister's blue, raven hair with lavender eyes. She was also Hinata's opposite, as her personality was bold, cold, and followed authority unwaveringly, authority like her father. She also took to the Gentle Fist like a fish to water and was a very traditional Hyūga. If it was not for their bloodline, no one could tell they were related, especially since Hanabi was favored over Hinata in training and such.

However, being Hinata's sister would not prevent Naruto from making Hanabi the object of the mother of all rants. As Naruto got up to stare Hanabi down with her eyes, eyes that had five different color triangles with only red (fire) and yellow (lightening) faded. They were the only two elements she had left to master, and she was well on her way in mastering them thanks to a certain jutsu she picked up called 'Shadow Clone Jutsu.'

"This fighter," Naruto declared in a calm menacing voice, "this Phantom Class Attack Fighter is very important for it was the best fighter of the period. It can achieve 2383m/s in the air and 3403m/s in outer space. It has energy shields and is equipped with enough firepower to destroy a frigate. Not to mention it was designed with an EMP Camouflage Shield to block all matter of detection, including sound, infrared and all forms of radar, assuming it stays below 341m/s while its weapons and shields are offline. So yes, it is a very big deal."

Inside her mind, Colonel Nine of Nine had yelled, 'Damn right it is!' Colonel Nine of Nine had loved that fighter class, having flown in it in her human form before she was sealed.

Hanabi gulped as Hinata decided to change the subject before Naruto tore Hanabi a new one, "So, we're going to get one, once you help the group figure out how to make them and mass produce them?"

Naruto turned to Hinata to give a smile that screamed yes, "Yep, we will be one of ten people who get their hands on them, and it will be the prototype. I can't wait to take this on a test spin. It's going to be fun."

"Well, what are you going to name it?" Tukiko asked.

"I was thinking Enterprise," Naruto answered and the girls cringed. Hinata snapped out it of first to speak up for the group.

"Naru-Chan, I think it would be better if you, you-"

"Name it after something other than several series that you are obsessed with," Tukiko finished Hinata's comment.

"I am not obsessed-" Naruto started but she was interrupted by Tenten.

"Yes you are Naru as you are obsessed with nearly every sci-fi, action, comedy and drama series slash movie. You spend half the time you don't sleep watching them."

"Well they do have good ideas, and it was said, 'What is fiction today can be reality tomorrow,'" Naruto quickly quoted.

"Naruto, can you just give it another name?" Hinata pleaded with Tukiko and Tenten.

"I hate you," Naruto grumbled before she thought it over as the girls glared at her. "Okay, I see your point, how about Shadow Fox?"

"That is most agreeable," Tukiko agreed with everyone, including an excited Colonel Nine of Nine in Naruto's head.

"So how long will it take be before it is done?" Tenten asked.

"A month or two," Naruto answered. "Enough time for us to receive our first C-rank mission."

"What? I thought you guys got your first mission after you become Genin?" Hanabi asked while Tukiko and Hinata wondered the same thing too.

"You guys don't know?" Tenten asked laughing hysterically. "Oh, you'll only be doing D-rank missions for the first one to three months before you guys can do C-rank missions. Unless, somehow your entire team becomes Chūnin, regardless of what Clan you are from. Oh, by the way, D-rank missions usually consist of chores that civilians are too lazy to do and have the money to pay someone else to do for them. You probably will have to capture an evil creature called Tora, the Daimyō Wife's pet cat at least three times, so happy hunting." Tenten laughed as she left a shell shocked Hinata, Tukiko and Hanabi behind.

"Alright guys, let's go. After today, our moment in the seventh hell is about to be over and our Genin year is about to begin," Naruto commented.

"What are we doing today?" Tukiko asked.

"Well, yesterday it was genjutsu, trap making, stealth, and the obstacle course. So, today is a written test, weapons throwing with a sub in shooting, ninjutsu, and close quarter combat." Naruto explained before checking out with Dr. Lost.

"Well, I better get going too. Father-sama wants me to do some extra lessons before I start at the academy this summer," Hanabi stated as she moved away from the group.

Naruto came back after making a dozen shadow clones to train her in elements and various other things. Naruto loved the fact that when they dispelled, she had learned everything they read or mentally trained in. It helped her master the elements while spending time on various schoolwork, physical training and projects with the R&D.

"Come on, let's go," Naruto ordered as they left for the academy.

As they walked, the group could not help but admire how much Konoha has changed in the years. All the main roads were paved and filled with bikes or cars. Cars were mostly used by Fire Country's military forces but some civilians and politicians also had them. As they continued to walk, they noticed how the village had become quite industrialize as factories were everywhere. The new technology helped shape the Leaf into a more dominate force based on the clients that flocked to them along with the espionage and sabotage missions they conducted for Fire Country.

Such changes however, were met with opposition, like the protestors that claimed the new technology was destroying their society and the delicate balance that had existed between ninjas, samurais and soldiers. Within the village, the protestor's power base came mostly from rich civilians/nobles, along with a few visiting samurai that wanted the power structure to stay status quo. Very few ninjas supported the protestors, as ninjas had learned early on that if you do not adapt, you die.

The girls did not pay them much mind except when one protestor standing on a wooden chair yelled out, "May Kami (God) strike down all that go against the natural order."

As he yelled the chair broke and the man landed on his butt in complete humiliation. Naruto couldn't help by chuckled, "Well, looks like Kami has spoken."

The girls chuckled while Nine of Nine sighed in Naruto's head, 'Why do idiots forget the two most basic laws of nature. He who does not adapt dies and stupidity works its way to bring about extinction.'

Naruto shrugged as the girls walked into the academy. The girls planned to show off so they can get on the best teams and hopefully, each other's team.

Scene II

It had been two hours since Naruto had arrived at the academy, and the group had been outside for over an hour. The test had been quick but tiring as the girls waited for the next test that would begin once all the students finished the first test. The students were joined outside by the scared-nose teacher Iruka and his new fluffy, black-haired assistant named Suzume. After Mizuki's death, Iruka had become harsher to overcome the fact that Mizuki had been a traitor. He had zero tolerance for bullies or weak ninjas that would not accept his help to become stronger.

Suzume called off in order that everyone was to throw weapons, only hesitating briefly to adjust her big glasses as she reached Hinata, Naruto and Tukiko's names. She had put them at the end of the list on purpose for their unique weapons were new to her and made her nervous. Hinata was first of the three, using a pistol and kunais. Next was Tukiko's turn with an assault rifle and throwing knives. Tukiko won by a few points over Hinata and lead with a perfect score.

Suzume called the next name with dread, "Naruto Ryū."

Naruto came up smiling for she could use just firearms for this test. Her throwing skills were terrible to the point that she often would get only a fifty percent score, but she made up with her lack of proficiency with knives by her skill in firearms. She drew her two pistols and began to put several normal rounds into the dummies, perfect kill shots. She reloaded with three distinctive bullets and again shot at the dummy targets at rapid pace. First off was a wind bullet that tore through a target like knife through butter, while the second were frozen solid by an ice bullet. The finale bullet was Naruto's water bullet that made the dummy implode with a torrent of water.

"I hope you liked my wind, ice, and water bullets," Naruto explained, while keeping some of her other bullets, like her lightening, bone shattering bullet, and paralyzing bullets to herself.

"Good job Naruto, you will get full points for your showmanship, but you will lose points for not using any throwing projectiles on your targets. You are at fourth place with a ninety percent," Iruka explained while Suzume wrote down the score. Naruto nodded in acceptance and she moved back to the group while the Hokage and several Jōnin, in the office of Hokage tower, whistled at the live feed of the Genin's test.

"I want some of those bullets!" Anko screamed while clutching her newest weapon, a shotgun.

"So pop, these special bullets are what you have the ANBU and Hunter-nin use?" a man that looked a lot like the Hokage asked, while stroking his black beard, that was also cut short like the Hokage's white beard.

"Yes Asuma, Naruto however is the only one to use the elemental bullets, and her friends are the only Genin equipped with firearms," The Hokage answered his son, Asuma, who look like a younger version of himself. "She was able to get her hands on them through her work with the R&D. It's only fitting we allow her to use them since she helped in their development."

"When do you plan to distribute these firearms to the Genin? I can see a use for them, despite the fact that for several it would interfere with their techniques we use," A dark-skin man from the Pyro Clan asked while combing his fiery reddish-blue hair.

"Well Inferno, we have been passing out these guns within the last three years to our Jōnin and Chūnin," The Hokage answered Inferno. "So, hopefully in one to two years, our Genin teams will have them available as they become cheaper to manufacture. "

"That's good to know, but let us go back to the test. The jutsus portion is about to begin," Kurenai pointed out.

In the background, Anko screamed, "Bring on the explosions!"

In the test room was a student showing off the three academy basics of, the 'Substitution Jutsu,' 'Clone Jutsu' and 'Transformation Jutsu,' and an added jutsu from the library, or two clan jutsus that would insure a higher survivor rate. Very few kids failed as the academy staff took great pains to assure that the students studied a jutsu properly. Sasuke, Tukiko's cousin, with his black hair tied to look like the back end of a chicken, tried to show off with 'Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu' and 'Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu.'

A nice show, but Tukiko outshone Sasuke with her 'Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu' and Tukiko's new 'Fire Style: Fire Bomb Jutsu,' a jutsu that could be set on the ground to blow up ten seconds later. Hinata also showed her 'Water Style: Tsunami Jutsu,' and 'Protective Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms,' she created chakra blades that would strike anyone close and defend herself as well. Finally, it was Naruto's turn, and she wanted to show off to prove why she was one of the top ninjas in class. After Naruto did Transformation Jutsu and Substitution Jutsu Naruto asked, "I can't do Clone Jutsu to my chakra level, so can I do a new clone Jutsu?"

"Um, sure Naru," Iruka answered being curious on what the 'new clone Jutsu,' was.

Naruto then called out, 'Wind Style: Wind Clone Jutsu,' to produce three clones made out of the wind. "The wind clone is one I made up. This jutsu is one of ten clone techniques that I have in my arsenal. It is perfect in combat because of its increased speed, its ability to cut targets at close range and when you 'kill' the clone, it explodes in a gale wind storm."

"Wow, good job Naruto. Now I need you to produce one non-original technique," Iruka commented.

"How about two," Naruto replied and powered up 'Earth Style: Earth Dragon Bullet Jutsu' and 'Wind Style: Great Breakthrough Jutsu.'

"Good job, you pass and tied at first place with Tukiko Uchiha and Hinata Hyūga," Iruka congratulated Naruto as she walked to class.

"Wow, amazing… Wait. Did she say ten clone jutsus?" Inferno asked Sarutobi in his office.

"Yep, some she learned from retrieved scroll or from others like wood clone from Yamato and the new fire clone from Tukiko. She also created one for ice, and lightening. We decided to put such clones into the forbidden scroll for any Jōnin to see," Sarutobi informed the excited Jōnin who plan to sign out to look through the scroll to use.

The next set was close quarter combat where any type of combat was accepted. In other words, only martial arts and blades are allowed, no chakra enhancement. They divided them up based on gender. Within two hours, most of the class was done. Some of the fights were good, mainly from those with shinobi or clan background. Others were not so good, like the fan girls that continue to plague the academy. As the fights dwindle down, all that remained was the fight between the top two close quarter combat experts, Hinata Hyūga with her gentle blade technique, and Tukiko Uchiha with her knives.

The two girls faced each other as Tukiko pulled out two knives and Hinata channeled chakra into her hands. Suzume did one last inspection, before reminding Tukiko and Hinata not to target any vital organs unless they wanted to be disqualified. She started the match and the two girls rushed each other. Hinata was the first to lash out with a wild swipe and Tukiko responded with her knives and aimed at Hinata's arm. Hinata pulled back while Tukiko went to strike. Tukiko jumped back to avoid Hinata while striking at her legs. The battle turned into a dance as they weaved and whirled at each other, barley avoiding their opponent's attack while slowly wearing each other out. After ten minutes of constant fighting, the two were painting and they began sweating heavily after they were able to hit each other once before they stopped to face each other.

Hinata was able to hit Tukiko's right arm and Tukiko cut Hinata's right, rendering both useless due to rules of the match. The two circled each other, prepared to use other limbs in the attack; not giving up due to their pride and needs outweighed their senses. Hinata needed to be strong to change her clan while proving to herself that she was never a burden to her friends like Naruto. Tukiko had similar reasons, but her goal was to drive the Uchiha into a new direction, not one stuck in archaic traditions. Both had a personal stake as they fought for top kunoichi in the academy. Therefore, they used break to regained their breath and calmed themselves to clear their minds before they continue their fight.

Eventually, Tukiko felt she rested enough as she was the first to move as she rushed Hinata. Hinata moved to the side and gave a small arm slash at Tukiko. Tukiko fell to her knees and bent over backwards to avoid Hinata's strike while bringing her knife up. Hinata, in response pulled her arm back with a strong jerk while forgetting to shift her weight. This act had caused her to lose balance and she did a small ninety-degree spin into Tukiko's head. Somehow, beyond luck, the sound of their heads cracked as their craniums came together at high speeds. The two lost conscious in a few seconds and remained tangled with Tukiko on the bottom and Hinata on top, cheek to cheek.

Suzume was shocked at the outcome and did not call the match until there were a few catcalls by the boys, seeing the two hottest girls in such a compromising placement. After the match was called, she went to check on the girls with a bit of smelling salts, as Naruto hovered over her friends. Hinata was the first to wake and the first thing she asked her friend was, "Did I win?"

Suzume shook her head while she helped Tukiko up, "No, it was a tie, though you get full marks for your match, so you two should be proud."

Tukiko heard her match was a tied and pouted, "Yeah, proud. But it would be nice to hear that the best girl won."

Hinata was about to make a quiet remark when Naruto stopped the two's verbal match. "Come on girls, let's gets up." Naruto rose up and then help up Hinata followed by Tukiko. "Beside, you can argue after my match, it is my turn to fight, right?" Naruto asked as Suzume nodded her head in acknowledgement.

The female teacher looked over her board to state, "That's correct, but I don't know what to do since you are the only female student left. I guess you will fight me and we will decide from there."

Naruto nodded and pulled out her two swords while Tukiko and Hinata walked out of the arena. She was preparing to fight when Iruka called them out, "Wait!"

"Iruka-san, what's the matter?" Suzume asked.

"I just got a request from a student to fight Naruto," Iruka explained. "I would normally ignore this, but some members of the council will throw a fit if I don't approve the request, and the Hokage agreed to allow this as long as Naruto give her consent. I have the paper work right here."

Iruka held up a paper for a request of one Naruto Ryū to fight with one Sasuke Uchiha, a boy Naruto had developed a deep dislike for. Sasuke has been obsessed with power after his brother killed most of his clan to claim revenge what happen six years ago. His desire often got him into fights in class to be the alpha of class after he constantly belittled her friends and he had never given up on trying to woe Naruto, under the orders of his dead, traitorous father. His constant wooing had superbly failed, as Naruto did not want to be treated as if her sole purpose was to give birth to a new strong clan while her partner went off to kill his brother. She psyche built by such dependable friends desired an equal who could be a friend and lover at the same time, and Sasuke did not fit the bill.

That's why Naruto walked into the arena with her swords drawn. She was going to give him the ultimate no, by carving it into his skin as one sword faced Sasuke and the other guarded her chest. Sasuke had not realized the danger he was in as his arrogance outweighed his common sense. He thought it would be an easy win since he was an Uchiha, that was trained by his clan and trainers he hired from the village using his family fortune. That was until the two faced off, as Sasuke's superior smirk wavered as he stared into Naruto's defiant, Elemental Star eyes.

However, it did not stop him from trying to taunt the girl. "So, you think you can win?" Sasuke leered at the girl.

"Maybe, we shall see," Naruto replied in a simple tone.

"A beauty such as you shouldn't fight," Sasuke declared in a smooth style that made several fan-girls cry out in outrage.

Naruto did not bat an eye at Sasuke's words. "Flattery will get you nowhere for I have no interest in you."

Naruto remark broke Sasuke's control as he began to growled, "Why are you denying what is fate? Why are you denying the needs for someone who can be the best partner you ever hand within the prestigious Uchiha Clan?"

Naruto looked confused before she asked, "I thought I was fighting you, not Tukiko? I mean she has activated her bloodline and almost mastered it while yours is still dormant. She is master of fire jutsus while you're an intermediate at best. She is one of the best in martial arts. And more importantly, I trust her and Hinata to watch back more than a self-serving jerk out for revenge."

Every word Naruto spoke only increased Sasuke's anger. Sasuke was outraged as he rushed Naruto and steam seemed to literally shoot out of his ears. Once Sasuke was close enough, Naruto attacked with spinning blades of her swords, transformed into training blades by the foam wrapped around them. As Naruto tried to strike the boy down, Sasuke avoided the strike within the last second as he regained enough of senses jump to away before being hit by Naruto's two swords. He barely avoided the foam soaked with special chakra paint that would only be noticeable if transferred by a hit of sufficient enough force. Enough paint transfer could be counted as a lethal strike or if many slight marks showed, they could score as if the cuts were sufficient to cause him to bleed to death.

So Sasuke weaved in and out to avoid Naruto's furious attack, as trying to avoid a loss due to a lucky shot. Not that Naruto was trying to hit him; she was trying to keep him at bay. Naruto knew Sasuke had greater speed and strength than she did. She had really regretted not training as physically hard as she does mentally or with her justus. However, she did have superior endurance and agility that she counted on to win this match. Naruto used her long blades' furious attack to keep Sasuke at bay while she slowly exhausted him, and it was working. In fact, Sasuke was making it easier for Naruto as he tested the waters to find a weakness, as he used a kunais to deflect Naruto strikes before he jumped and jabbed again. The strikes were making him exert more energy and it was not getting him anywhere.

As the fight continued, it was obvious that Sasuke was getting sloppy as his anger increased. He was so enraged that he had not beaten Naruto or even found a weak spot while she remained calm and focused. In a fit of anger, he charged at Naruto and went to strike her with his knives. Sasuke's move got him around Naruto defenses, but left his sides open to attack. Naruto brought both her blades down from her sides and hit Sasuke's ribs. Sasuke screamed as he dropped to the ground, holding his ribs before Naruto punched him in the nose.

Sasuke was down for the count, and not a moment too soon. Naruto knew that if Sasuke had not lowered his defenses to the attack, as he could have deflected her strike and went in for the kill. Instead, Iruka declared the girl, who was slowly breathing in and out to regain her control of her adrenaline-filled heart, that she was the winner and she had aced her final test. The group was dismissed, and everyone left behind the two Chūnin and Sasuke. Iruka and Suzume carried Sasuke to the school nurse before they reported to the Hokage the overall results and helped put together the team.

Back at the Hokage tower, they waited for the Chūnin to bring their report and explained their results. Once the two teachers were seated, one of the Jōnin commented, "The students seemed unusually skilled this year."

"They are, thanks to the new training program you initiated Hokage-sama," Iruka stated. "While I didn't expect it to affect the percentages that would overall graduate, I do expect it to increase graduation by ten percent next year."

"That's good, for the last batch had three teams killed and only one of the surviving teams showed any promise," Anko explained while her friend, Kurenai nodded with sorrow that twelve Genin were killed.

"Too true," The Hokage stated while looking at Asuma. "It's time we move on and start putting together the teams. Son, why don't you start off?"

"Alright," Asuma took a puffed of smoke before he continued, "I want the Ino-Cho-Shi team. I believe with the few things I picked-up watching them today, I can add some variety to their tactics, and fighting styles to go with their clan techniques."

"Sounds good, Ino Yamanaka, Chōji Akimichi, and Shikamaru Nara will make up Team 10," the Hokage nodded as he wrote down Asuma's team.

Inferno then stepped up, "I would like Revan Roth, Bastila Roth, and Night Wolf son of Wolf Dreamer for my team. They will be the easiest group for me to teach and my clan has a good relationship with our recent alliance formed with the Nature and Roth clans."

"Alright, your team will make up Team 6," Sarutobi stated as he wrote Inferno's Team down.

"Well I don't care who I get," Kakashi explained. "However, since I am forced to teach this year, despite my protest and the fact I can't teach Genin, I request that Naruto, Tukiko, or Hinata not be placed on my team." Kakashi's statement shocked everyone.

"Why? I mean, you taught them for eight years so why are you giving them up?" Kurenai asked before Kakashi gave her an answer.

"I wouldn't call leaving books and scrolls for them to look at on their own teaching. I also have to take Sasuke Uchiha for being the only one on the roster to which I could teach the Sharingan. If any of the girls were put on a team with Sasuke, the girls would probably end up killing Sasuke. Not to mention those three are a too well oiled machine to break up. I recommend that we should keep them together."

Many Jōnin began to argue, as there had never been an all three female Genin team. There had been all male teams before, but never an all female one. However, it seemed that the Hokage though it was not a bad idea, "Okay, I see your point and I believe it is for the best." Sarutobi pulled out a bunch of files before stating, "Alright, Team 7 will be Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha, and a home-schooled student name Sai from Danzō. Be careful, the team will be the most delicate of teams. Don't be afraid to ask for help on this one." Kakashi nodded as he groaned.

"Alright, now we have two teams that are likely to pass. One team will have Naruto Ryū, Hinata Hyūga, and Tukiko Uchiha, while the other has Ami Rika, Shino Aburame and Kiba Inuzuka. So who will lead these reaming teams?" Sarutobi had asked which immediately brought on an argument on who would have who.

None of them could decided on their own and eventually the argument got so loud that the Hokage had enough, "Enough! Since you cannot decide, I will make the teams! The teams' Jōnin will be…"

Scene III

It was early Saturday morning as the girls left for academy still sleepy because they had been up late partying with friends. Today was a big day as they headed to an empty academy so they could get their assigned a Jōnin sensei that would hopefully be the last for the rest of their ninja career. The three left behind their old training field filled with standard students taught by the stoic, scary brown-haired man, Yamato and surprisingly, three new faces showed up to train the kids. While curious as to why Kurenai, Anko or Kakashi were not there, they decided to ignore the missing teachers as they went into the auditorium, figuring they would be able to ask later. It was not long before the room filled with graduates as Iruka walked alone up to the front of them while he held a paper that had the list of teams.

"Alright brats, listen up as I call out your teams!" Iruka yelled as he began calling out the teams, the first five were made up of students the girls really didn't know.

Once Iruka reached Team 6, Naruto began to pay attention when she heard it had Revan, Bastila and Night Wolf followed by Team 7, which had Sasuke, Sakura and some new kid she never met but she really did not care who it was since she was relieved that she no longer had to deal with Sasuke. Next was Team 8, with Shino the loner, Ami the bully and Kiba the hotheaded dog boy. Iruka then explained Team 10 would be the new Ino-Cho-Shi team as team 9 and 11 were still in circulation. He then announced Team 12 before telling the class the team she was interested in hearing, her own team.

"…and finally, Team 13 will be Naruto Ryū, Hinata Hyūga and Tukiko Uchiha," Iruka stated and the three girls smiled brightly at their teacher before he continued. "Your senseis are-"

Iruka never finished as the side window was shattered by someone that appeared in front him before a banner folded behind the woman with the words, "All Bow to the Sexy and Single Kunoichi, the Beautiful Anko Mitarashi." The girls could not believe it, Anko was their sensei.

However, they were also not prepared for what came next. "Anko, you are early," Kurenai stated as she appeared like a mirage. "Iruka was about to announce that we were the girls' senseis when you interrupted him."

Anko blinked in shock before turning to the side of her banner to see an angry Iruka. Anko put up a sorry damsel look as she said to the Chūnin, "Sorry Iruka-kun."

Whatever rant he had prepared died as Anko gave him her distressed damsel look. "It's o-ok-okay, Anko… it is okay."

Anko smiled as she gave him a small peck before she turned to the class with a sadistic grin appearing on her face. Many people thought the words 'seductress' and 'scary woman.' However, Sasuke ignored this and the fact that an all girl team has just received two senseis and felt it was unfair. However, he kept quiet, knowing that there would be no point to argue with the Chūnins in the academy. They were small fry to the Uchiha and he planned to take it up with the Council. It was too bad he did not realize the ones that usually listen to him did not have the power within the Leaf Forces.

Anko was sending dangerous vibes as she yelled, "Okay brats meet me at Training Field 44 for the finale test to become Genin! I expect you to pass!"

Anko then disappeared in swirl of leaves while Kurenai, with an annoyed expression on her face, just disappeared as if she was an illusion. The three girls took their cue from the senseis and left in a swirl of water for Hinata, fire for Tukiko, and a gust of wind for Naruto. Leaving an angry Iruka who had to deal with kids complaining about a 'finale test.'

They continued to protest when Iruka yelled, "Shut up!" using an illusion that enlarged his head five times to get his point across and scare them.

Once their protests died down, Iruka gave one final speech, "Alright brats, first I need to tell you. Your life is now set to one of a long and treacherous road, but I want you to take that the road for it leads to success; and even though you currently may be at the bottom of the food chain, if you work hard, you will succeed." The class was silent by Iruka's speech as a new grin appeared, "The second thing I need to tell you is that for your senseis will meet after lunch. So wait while I am going to celebrate the fact I don't have to deal with you anymore for I am free of the most troublesome class in anyone's career. Thank you very much."

All the students could do was gasp as Iruka threw up his papers and left the lecture hall while yelling, "Finally! Freedom!"

Later, Iruka could be seen crying about having to teach another troublesome class, but that is a story for another time.

Scene IV

In a fenced area that had 'Keep Out' signs all around, was an area of dense foliage in the Konoha. A place where trees grew to be stories high and where could be found all forms of animals that grew to be just as big, if not bigger then people. It was the dreaded Forest of Death, Anko's favorite training field. Her favorite was mainly the fact her training involved killing off the larger versions of extremely dangerous predators found within this place. It was also a proving ground for Naruto and her friends.

"Alright brats, listen up!" Anko yelled. "I know you three brats work well together, so we won't test you on team work." The girls were excited, thinking they were going to skip the test but their hopes were dashed, "However, I am still required to give you a test so I decided to assess your combat readiness. You three will have to survive a hostile environment for thirty minutes against not only the predators that live in the forest but also me, as I will attack you three with everything I can muster. Kurenai will also be participating by observing your fighting prowess and will add her own genjutsu against you… to make the fight interesting."

The girls were scared as Kurenai had a look that promised mental pain while Anko had a sinister smile. The girls only had a moment's notice before Anko charged, armed with kunais. Naruto and Hinata jumped out of the way while Tukiko met Anko's kunais with her knives. As they fought, Hinata joined in the fray, using her fluid motion as she tried to get into Anko's defenses. Anko jumped away and used 'Snake Hands Jutsu' to send multiple vipers at Hinata. Naruto appeared out of nowhere and pushed Hinata out of the way to be hit by the snakes.

Hinata screamed, "Naruto!" before the clone revealed itself as a wind clone as it exploded into gale force winds that shredded the snakes into pieces.

Anko was heartbroken, but she was not given a chance to morn her fake pretties as Tukiko and Naruto teamed up with 'Wind Style: Great Break Through' (Naruto) and 'Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu' (Tukiko). The combined elements made a fireball several times larger than the girls as they hurtled it toward Anko. However, the fireball did nothing but pass through Anko. Hinata realized it was an illusion created the Genjutsu Mistress. She activated her bloodline to see through the illusion to find that Anko was behind them.

Hinata turned to strike at Anko with 'Water Style: Water Whip Jutsu' to make Anko back off to give her space. Anko moved away, as another illusion hit the girls. 'Genjutsu Style: Binding Trees Jutsu.' The jutsu felt so real to all three girls as they became bound by tree roots around. They were not able to move mentally due to being perceived trapped until Naruto sent out a wave of chakra to disrupt the illusion. She summoned a powerful wave of chakra that shot way from them to dispel all genjutsus around Naruto. That included a hidden illusion that Anko hid behind in. When the illusion dispelled, it revealed that Anko had summoned a giant snake that Kurenai had also hidden under layers of illusions that not even the Byakugan and Sharingan could see through.

The girls wished the illusion did not reveal it was a giant grey snake Anko had summon, as she laughed sadistically beside it. The girls' eyes then widened as Anko ordered the snake to attack them. The three girls jumped away and Hinata immediately sent 'Water Style: Tsunami Jutsu' at the snake to distract it. Tukiko added to the distraction with her assault rifle to pelt the snake with enough bullets to start a scrap yard, while Naruto got into position. Naruto ran behind the snake as she pulled out her two pistols, one equipped with her wind bullets and the other with lightening bullets. With her pistols raised, she fired the gun with wind bullets that pierced the snake's thick skin before she followed up with lightening bullets that would enter through the bullet holes to paralyze the snake's muscles through electrical pulses created by the bullets. The bullets paralyze the entire snake after ten rounds from each of her guns.

Anko dispersed the snake and prepared for a full scale fight. Naruto realized Anko was about to go all out so she used 'Water Style: Water Clone Jutsu' to create several copies to hold Anko off as Naruto's team prepared their escape. The clones did not last long as Anko charge through them, tarring them apart. Eventually, Anko arrived in front of the girls as they were about to make their escape and struck them all in a fluid of rapid motion before the girls fired off one final jutsu. They fell on the ground twitching by Anko's rapid syle attack.

Anko let out a victory smile when the girls melted into the ground, revealing her prize to be just mud clones. Anko turned to Kurenai to ask, "How?"

"Tukiko performed 'Genjutsu Style: Victor Jutsu,' to make you believe you had reached the girls and won instead of retreating while Naruto's three mud clones took your beat down," Kurenai explained. "The three girls then ran into the forest to escape while you performed a victory stance. You now have twenty-five minutes to find them in your play ground."

Anko smiled as she pulled out her kunai and licked the blade. "Well then, I don't want to keep them waiting."

Scene V

In the clearing, as the three girls gasped for breath, Hinata laid down on the grass to rest before she asked, "How… how much time do we have?"

"We have eighteen-minutes to go," Naruto answered calmly while wiping some sweat off her face.

"Eighteen freaken minutes in the Forest of Death? We're doomed!" Tukiko said in hysteria.

"At least we have a place to hide from Anko for now," Naruto pointed out.

"Thank goodness that Naruto's pistols and your assault rifle had silencers functions or Anko would have heard us when we had to fight off the squad of tigers," Hinata added with a hint of optimism as she looked as a three tigers that were the size of a horse down for the count.

"Yeah, but the rate of fire was cut in half, and I think my rifle is jammed beyond my capabilities to repair it," Tukiko muttered as she showed them her rifle.

Naruto took the rifle and examined it, "It would take me a full day at the lab to fix it. You better stick to your other weapons and jutsus. In the meantime, we need to get moving, we have the most dangerous predator on our trail, and I do not want to face a real life medusa."

Tukiko groaned as Hinata got up, "I'll scout out the area first." Hinata then activated her bloodline before she exclaimed, "Heads up! Anko is heading our way!"

"Where?" Naruto asked while pulling out a square tube from inside a scroll.

She pressed a button and the tube unfolded to reveal a sniper rifle with two barrels, one to fire out bullets, and the other was a camera scope designed to zero in on the target. Naruto loaded a single soft metal bullet with a chakra seal on it. The bullet that would not kill anyone at point blank range, but it was strong enough to survived being fired off at high speeds. Naruto quickly loaded the bullet into her sniper rifle and pointed her gun at the direction Hinata had pointed out. Looking through the foliage, she saw Anko briefly before firing. Anko fell to the ground as the bullet hit her and release enough foreign chakra to paralyze Anko.

Naruto put up her rifle before she barked out orders, "Let's go. Anko will work the chakra out of her system soon."

The girls nodded as they moved and disappeared into the forest, while Anko promised pain as Kurenai laughed over her downed friend.

Scene VI

Victory was and sweet for Naruto's team as they had less than ten minutes left on the clock. However, it was still too much time as Anko proved relentless as she cornered the Genin after a few minutes of playing snake and mice. Once cornered, Tukiko tried to turn hunter to pray when she used 'Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu' to shoot out multiple fireballs at Anko. Anko countered with 'Earth Style: Rock Wall Jutsu.' The fireballs hit the rock wall and both dispersed into a cloud of dust. Anko jumped out to confront the girls and she was armed with her favorite weapon, her shotgun.

Anko fired pellets of paralyzing gas at Tukiko as they exploded onto her chest as she gasped for air. She also breathed in gas that overcame Tukiko and she fell down like a house of cards. Naruto got ready for battle while she ordered Hinata to revive Tukiko due to her experience and training in treating wounds. Hinata quickly got to Tukiko's side as Naruto put on a small gas mask before she summoned ten wood clones to engaged Anko.

Naruto used wood clones against Anko because wood had greater durability than the mud clones she used before while the small squad equipped with swords moved in to battle Anko. They engaged in a fierce melee combat, but Anko was not only stronger but also more brutal then the girl. Anko had used her own shotgun as a close quarter weapon as she bashed away Naruto's clones with sand bags made the clones dropped like flies under Anko zeal. Zeal to win as Anko fired with her heart's content with occasionally used as club, intent to find the real Naruto. Eventually, she got lucky and hit the real Naruto herself. The wood clones fell apart as Naruto flew towards Hinata.

Hinata barely ducked in time as Naruto flew past her and fell to the ground in a heap unable to move. Hinata was now alone against Anko. Anko only smiled at the scared girl as she used 'Snake Hands Jutsu' on the girl. Hinata dashed forward to get far ahead of Tukiko, before using 'Protective Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms.' Chakra was converted into laser palms that sliced or batted away Anko's snakes. Anko was prepared for such a tactic as she used 'Earth Style: Earth Spike Jutsu' to send Hinata up into the air. Hinata's technique dispersed and she fell like a rock back to earth. She fell down, right next to Naruto on her back.

Hinata looked up in pain as Anko smiled in victory, "You lose brats."

Scene VII

The battered girls were now in front of Anko and Kurenai, with thoughts of failure. They did not last thirty minutes as they were supposed to. They hoped it did not mean they were going to be sent back to the academy. So they were caught by surprise when Kurenai announced, "We are definitely proud of you girls and pleased to say you three passed with flying colors."

"But we didn't last thirty minutes," Naruto stated in shock.

"And you weren't meant to," Anko stated a cocky smirk. "I am too skilled to lose."

"I actually expected you to last ten minutes," Kurenai explained before dishing out a playful jab at Anko. "I guess Anko's skills are beginning to rust."

Anko stuck her tongue out in response before turning her attention back at the girls, "Though you did well, we did see some glaring weakness. However, it is nothing that a few weeks of training won't fix. And if my skills are as rusty as you think Kurenai, I am sure my sparring with the brats will help improve my skills," Anko smiled while she sent chills through the girls' spines at the thought of weeks of daily fights with Anko.

"Report tomorrow at 0800 for training and missions, alright dismissed," Kurenai ordered before she disappeared with Anko, leaving the girls alone.

"I am not looking forward to tomorrow," Tukiko stated with a straight face.

"At least you don't live with them," Naruto pointed out.

Hinata gave a reassuring pat before the girls dispersed. Going separate ways home, with a small smile on their faces as they felt they were one-step closer to their careers and one-step closer to what Colonel Nine of Nine had hoped would be Naruto's future.

Scene VIII

In the Hokage office, the old man Sarutobi was going over the files to determine a timetable for each passing team, starting with the worst. Team 7 passed more out of pity and pressure from the council, so they would not get a C-rank mission for three months at least. Next was Team 8 and 10, both teams were flawed but nothing that could not be overcome, so they were put on two months of D-rank. However, it was Team 6 and 13 that would be the stars, especially Team 13. The skill he saw and the reports showed the two teams would be nothing short of legends. He put them down with the minimal time of D-rank missions, a month. After all, he wanted to see what his truly star teams could do once they were a regular part of his forces. Sarutobi had a good feeling and planned to tell Kushina how proud he was of her daughter in his next exchange of letters. The future has begun for the next generation of ninjas, may it look better then ones beforehand.

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