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Marry Christmas

Alice bounced in place with a large smile, her eyes eagerly locked on the present that Jasper held in his hand. Jasper simply rolled his eyes and handed her the gift, playing his part flawlessly. It was a game they had perfected long ago.

Every anniversary and Christmas Jasper tried to surprise her, picking out several gifts in an effort to confuse her, but he was never successful. There was always one gift he liked more than the others and even though he waited until the last possible moment she was usually able to pick it out before he actually bought it.

Even though she knew what he bought her, she still liked to pretend she had no idea what it was. She became giddy with excitement, opening the gift and gasping in fake surprise. Jasper pretended to be annoyed by her unnecessary excitement though the hint of smile gave him away. He enjoyed the game.

"I wonder what it could be?" she questioned with a smirk as she took the gift from him.

She paused for a moment when he smirked slightly in response, and then quickly tried to cover it up. That was not part of the game. Every other time he had handed her a gift, his eyes had always shone with the promise that he would get her next time, while she'd silently dared him to.

Her smile returned as she tore the paper away revealing the small white box she had seen the jeweler put the necklace in. She grew confident that Jasper was teasing her and pulled the lid off with a flourish. Her smile instantly faded, replaced with confusion. Inside the box was a beautiful bracelet – one of the gifts she had seen him consider- nestled on a bed cotton. There was no necklace to be found.

Her head snapped up when Jasper began to laugh really hard. "What is this?" she questioned.

Jasper only laughed harder, doubling over as his whole body shook. "It's your present," he managed to choke out through his continued laughter.

"This isn't what you got me," she accused.

"Alice!" Jacob called.

Alice twisted around on the floor to look where Jacob sat with his father, Charlie, Seth and Sue. It was then she realized that everyone was watching them, trying desperately to figure out what was going on. Jacob grinned knowingly as he tossed an identically wrapped box through the air. She caught it easily, staring at it for a moment in confusion before opening it. Her mouth fell open in shock when she saw the necklace Jasper had purchased. It took a moment for the pieces to fall into place, but when they did she whirled back around and turned on her husband.

"That's cheating!" Alice huffed, pretending to be more annoyed than she really was.

Jasper grinned triumphantly. He placed a finger under her chin and pulled her forward, pecking her on the lips.

"Merry Christmas, Darlin'."

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