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Alyss found herself constantly drawn to the kitchen, smelling the aromas of desserts and midday meals half way across the palace, and being swept over with the urge to go eat something. She didn't remember being like this normally, but it just seemed so natural, that she didn't give it a second thought.

One particular day, earlier in the week, Alyss had been sitting in one of the reading rooms, silently writing out her volume of text:

I was promptly thrust upward from the downward spiral that had engulfed me in the pool, and leapt out of a dingy puddle on a cobbled lane, a parade of sorts taking place around me. Acrobats and magicians were showing their tricks, and what a strange sight it must have been, a girl appearing from a puddle, that people began to clap for me as if I was part of the parade.

Alyss stopped writing for a moment, just sitting there, staring at nothing in front of her. Faint footsteps outside the room could be heard, and stopped. Suddenly they started again, only coming towards her.

She knew all too well who the footsteps belonged to. He always walked heel first, placing all his weight on the heel, so that when the ball of his foot followed, it made sort of a slapping noise.

"You know, at the time that parade was happening, I was probably thinking I would never see you again." Dodge's cool breath whispered against Alyss' cheek, causing her to shiver. She smiled and leaned into him.

"C'mon, lunch is informal today, and I was maybe hoping to accompany my wife to a picnic in the garden?"

"I would love that." A smile spread across her face and she turned around to kiss him.

Together, Alyss and Dodge walked to the palace's kitchen where they would pick up their food and venture to the garden. As they arrived in the kitchen, the pleasant smells from the other side of the palace suddenly became overwhelming to Alyss, and not even five seconds into the kitchen, the intense aromas sent her reeling for a sink or tub for her to deposit he morning meal that of which was making a reappearance.

Suddenly, Dodge was behind her, pulling her hair out of her face, and not really knowing what else to do, ran his hand in circles on her back, in fertile attempts to sooth her. When Alyss was done, she rinsed her mouth out and turned around, leaning into Dodge, resting her head in the crook of his neck.

But every time she got there, she was swept over with nausea, throwing up anything her stomach had to offer. Today she had a meeting with a well known female doctor. She didn't tell Dodge, actually, she didn't tell anyone. Alyss had heard of some of the symptoms of morning sickness, but she didn't want to get anyone's hopes up before she was certain she was pregnant.

Her and Dodge hadn't talked about having kids, they had only been married for all of a month, falling into the regular enough, but pressing matters and activities of ruling Wonderland as a couple. But kids? Alyss hadn't thought it would be so easy to get pregnant.

In a lesson with Bibwit just a few days before the wedding, he had wanted to talk to her about the reproducing of heirs to the throne, and albeit an embarrassing conversation, he had admitted that both her mother and her grandmother had both had trouble getting pregnant, taking many tries and a few miscarriages, and that she should not expect to be successful the first time, but not to let her hopes get too down.

Sure, Alyss and Dodge had done that many times since their wedding night, but she still didn't expect it.

Wrapping the shawl around her head tightly to provide some protection from the wind and curious Wonderlanders' faces, Alyss left the palace, escaping unguarded, to the streets, where she was off the find a doctor who could tell her if she was pregnant, and help her make sure it was healthy.

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