Sailor Moon Chronicles R

A Crazy Day on the N. Sanity Island

Crash Bandicoot, Stage On!

The Sailor Soldiers/Senshi of Earth, emissaries of the Justice League and the Jedi Council, were given the assignment of tracking down a group of galactic criminals, self-dubbed the Dark Kingdom, who had escaped into an another dimension that had been explored marginally by officials from the Galactic Republic. It was up to Sailor Moon (Usagi/Serena Tsukino), Sailor Mercury (Ami/Amy Mizuno), Sailor Mars (Rei Hino), Sailor Jupiter (Makoto/Lita Kino), Sailor Venus (Minako/Mina Aino), Sailor Uranus (Haruka/Amara Tenou), Sailor Nepute (Michiru/Michelle Kaiou), and Sailor Pluto (Setsuna/Trista Meiou), and Sailor Saturn (Zoey Yuki) to stop them.

Today, Usagi, Rei, Ami, Makoto, Minako, and Zoey were in a study room aboard the starship given to them by the Republic to explore and search for the Dark Kingdom. At the moment, the girls, who were all in the same grade level, were working on class work.

"This is so boring," whined Usagi. "Why do we have to do this?"

"We are superheroes and ordinary students," said Ami. "We need to keep up with our studies."

Usagi laid her cheek on her open textbook. "I'd rather go to Casino Park and have fun. We're flying right by Planet Mobius."

"We are merely patrolling the area and performing scans to pick up any signs of Dark Kingdom activity," added Rei. "Now, stop daydreaming and get back to studying. Out of all of us, your grades are the worst."

"I want to play with that gigantic pinball machine," Makoto said dreamily.

"I hear that they have state-of-the-art Pokémon battle arenas and five-star Pokémon spas," Zoey said, planting her smiling face on her palm.

"We should really get back to studying," piped up Ami, but she knew they were all off. "I have an idea." She got up and exciting the room and returned a few minutes later with a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies, just warm enough that a playful white steam waved to the girls.

"Ooh!" gasped Usagi in delight. "Those smell really good. A snack break is a good idea."

"This isn't a snack break," explained Ami. "This is reinforcement. There are math problems you all need to finish which I have already completed on my free time. If you want a cookie, you will need to show me a complete, and correct, math problem."

"That is so cruel!" Usagi sighed.

"Oh, she's good," Minako commented with giggle.

The girls started to work on their math problems, well, all of them except Usagi. She was stumped on the first one, so she decided to skip it and work on a different one. Sadly, the next one she found brought question marks to her eyes. The wafting, warm steam coming off of those cookies carried the smell of melting chocolate chips and tickled her nose teasingly. Her mouth watered, and she looked down at her page again. Then, her eyes wandered to the right onto Rei's page. She was near completing the first problem. This was her chance. If she was quick enough, she could copy Rei's work and answer and turn it in for cookie at the same time. It was cheating; she knew it, but she really wanted that cookie. So, quickly, Usagi jotted down, line for line, what she saw on Rei's page.

"Hey! You're cheating!" snapped Rei, pulling her paper away.

"Oh, Usagi," Ami said in disappointment.

"You are so pathetic!" Rei continued heatedly. "Are you that hungry and lazy?"

"I'm not lazy!" Usagi protested. "I'm just… just…not sure how to work the problem."

"Because you were goofing off and reading manga during the lecture again," Rei imposed.

"No… maybe."

"I knew it. You are such a goof-off."

"Well, you're a nasty hag!" Usagi snapped back.

"Lazy hag!" returned Rei.

The girls simultaneously stuck their tongues at each other.

"I knew this was going to happen," commented Makoto.

"How so?" asked Zoey.

"Because it always happens," she answered with a sigh.

Meanwhile, as Ami was trying to calm the two bickering girls down, their Compowders (communication devices disguised as makeup compacts) sounded. Minako answered hers first. Luna the Moon Cat appeared on the small screen.

"Master Kenobi is requesting to speak with you in the battle bridge immediately," she said.

"We'll be there," said Minako. "Besides," she looked at Usagi and Rei, both of whom were forcibly looking away from one other, "we could use a study break."

The girls entered the battle bridge. On the central table, Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Green Lantern (John Stewart) appeared as holograms.

"We have a new assignment for you, Sailor Soldiers," said Obi-Wan. "It appears that your resent scans of Mobius have caught a peculiar energy surge coming from an isolated archipelago." The islands appeared in hologram in front of the two standing holographic men. "The is no reason for people to be hear, nonetheless generating that kind of energy output recreationally, so your mission is to investigate the islands and see if there is something going on there. Even if the Dark Kingdom isn't connected, it may be worth keeping an eye on the location in case a threat develops."

"Since it is only a reconnaissance," added the Green Lantern, "only a small group will go, and the Council and the Founding Seven agreed on Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars going alone."

"What? Why?" Rei asked, remembering the spat the two had a few minutes ago.

"I don't want to go on a mission with her," Usagi said in a huff under her breath.

"The two of you have a bad track record of arguing while on assignment," he said sternly. "So far, nothing bad has happened, but your bickering could endanger your teammates. That's way we think it is best that you two handle some missions where you will have to work together. We are starting you off slow with grunt work. Even you can't mess this up."

"Go down to the surface and investigate the origin of these energy surges," Obi-Wan concluded. "And now for the gadgets. Today, you will be utilizing the Bio-lab Watch, the Net-launching Mascara Rod, and the Hairclip Tracking Device. Good luck." The transmission ended, and the holograms fizzled out.

"I hope that Obi-Wan and others know what they're doing," said Zoey, noticing how Usagi and Rei were still steamed at one another, having their arms folded across their chests and their breath holding pickling, curmudgeonly snips.

The sky was quite clear over the islands that they soon came into view once the Eta-class shuttle they piloted gliding down through the atmosphere. The girls wore classic safari clothing, sandy khaki in color and only embellished by the Galactic Roundel over the top left pocket of their vests. The archipelago of the Wumpa Islands curved below them into a smile on the glossy, deep blue sea. Each of the islands had some degree of geographical severity. Seemingly stable, towering mountain peeks, a massive, wild beast of a tree, crumbling ruins, and the shattered remnants of some manmade installations: this cover was an odd one for sure.

"I have a bad feeling about this," said Rei as she eyed the islands from the window. "I think we should land on one side of the archipelago and then progress to the other islands. Try landing on the southern one."

"Uh…" Usagi uttered doubtfully, "according to the map, it is called N. Sanity Island. Scary."

"That can't be right," said Rei, looking at the navigation computer. "Huh. That's the name. Well, still let's try it first. Aside from the big mountain, it doesn't look too bad."

"Why do you think it's called that?"

"Who knows?"

Usagi landed the shuttle on the beach, dubbed N. Sanity Beach on the map. Upon descending the ramp down to the sand, the two girls looked around and didn't see anything out of the ordinary on this jungle island. The sounds were classic too: the gentle petting of the shore by the waves, the squawks of the seagulls and the Wingulls.

"Everything looks normal so far," said Usagi.

"You can never be too sure. Let's go deeper inland. Don't freak out, okay?"

"I don't freak out," Usagi said snippily.

"I just hope you remember to set your pistol to stun," said Rei.

Usagi laughed sarcastically. When Rei had her back to her, she hastily checked to see if her pistol was set to stun. Fortunately, it was. They walked side by side, mostly due to Usagi's nerves. The shrubbery was quite thick, but they found what seemed to be a carved-out trail where the brush had been cleared. Wooden crates of unknown origins were scattered along the road. The sounds of a river originated nearby too.

"What do you think could be on these islands?" asked Usagi.

"I have no idea," answered Rei.

Suddenly, something flashed in the corner of Usagi's eye. Her head quickly turned and saw some large leaves in the brush end their rustling. She latched to Rei's arm. "Did you see that?"

Rei missed the movement of the leaves and just saw them still. "What is it?"

"I saw something move."

Rei kept looking but didn't see anything. "It was probably just a Mankey," she said dismissively. "Come on."

They continued walking through the jungle when Usagi noticed a rustling in the trees. "I saw it again." She walked ahead of Rei a few steps and pointed up. "Right up there." She looked around nervously. "This is getting really scary."

"You've been in a Heartless Otherworld dungeon," Rei said, annoyed. "Stop being such a crybaby. There is nothing –"

Insidious laughter cackled through the jungle.


The laughter came again. This time it was made out to be more akin to a jolly yet crazed, creep chuckle.

"Who is that?" Rei questioned sternly. "Show yourself."

From with the leaves, a pearly-white grin formed, and then, CRASH! Usagi stumbled backwards with a yelp as something landed right in front over her. She sat up quickly, rubbing her head, and looked up to meet the gaze and insane grin of a creature with pearly-white teeth and big, green eyes and a round, purple nose at the end of his pointed snout. She crawled backwards quickly and leaned against Rei's leg.

"Wha…what is that?" she asked shaking.

What appeared before them appeared to be an anthropomorphic furry creature the height of a human teenager, a bandicoot, of bright orange fur, cream at the chest and belly and the lower half of his face, crimson hair shaped into spikes on his head, brown, fingerless gloves on his hands, which naturally had four fingers on each hand, purple sneakers at his feet, and blue jeans folded at the ends. He held his stomach and pointed at Usagi, chuckling wildly in a high and chopped pitch.

"Um… Hello…" said Rei.

The bandicoot stopped, breathing heavily, and looked at her.

"Can you understand us?" she asked.

He nodded his head rapidly like a flicked bubblehead toy.

"Can you talk?"

He seemed perplexed by this question, for he looked off to the side, cradled his muzzle in his hand, and stuck out his lower lip. Not finding an answer, he shrugged.

Rei stared back at him, dumbstruck. "Okay. Can you take us to someone we can talk to?"

He nodded wildly again. Then, he dashed down the path.

"Wait!" Rei called after him. "Come on, Usagi! Follow him!"

The two girls ran after the bandicoot, who was yelling, "wahoo!" as he jumped over the crates and gained distance.

"He is fast!" Usagi heaved.

"He is nuts!" Rei barked.

The young bandicoot dashed ahead through the jungle, knowing all of the leaves and branches. Those obstacles did slow down the girls, who were greenhorns on this island. It wasn't long before the bandicoot disappeared in the growing and approaching light ahead. Once it was reached, the two girls found themselves in a clearing with the ocean's breathing near.

"Now where did that guy go?" asked Rei.

"Look," said Usagi. She pointed to a round, wood and stone house.

However, what was more striking was the sight of another anthropomorphic bandicoot doing pushups. He was larger than a normal human man, a bit over six feet-tall and astonishingly muscular. His fur was a similar pattern to the smaller one they had chased, burgundy on most of his body while cream on his sculpted chest and belly, but what really came off as his most perplexing feature was his robotic right arm. He also had a bit of a Mohawk. He wore jungle fatigue pants and desert combat boots. Also, the smaller bandicoot was sitting on top of his back, picking his nose. When he spoke, it was terrifying. "You better not be doing something nasty up there!" His voice was harsh with a formulaic, iconic rasp. As soon as he caught Rei and Usagi in his eye, he hopped to feet, launching the smaller bandicoot off of his back. Immediately, he posed. "Hello, ladies…" Each following syllable came with a pose. "Wel-come-to-N-Sa-ni-ty Island!"

The girls were quiet and just stared at him.

"Hello…" said Rei, confused. "You wouldn't happen to know anything about some odd occurrences around the islands? Like any kind of tech?"

"Tech?" the big bandicoot repeated, scratching his head. "No. I don't know anything about no tech." As he said that he was scratching his head with his cybernetic head.

"If you have a question about technology, you would have better luck talking to Coco," someone said from behind.

As Usagi turned around, she said, "Thanks. Who would that – Ah!" She saw who was speaking and fell over in shock.

A floating, ornate, rectangular wooden mask decorated with brightly colored feathers and tribal paint spoke to them. His facial features were conveyed by the movements of the carved elements on his "face".

"Who… what might you be?" Rei asked with a hint of timidity or at least uncertainty.

"I am Aku Aku, guardian of the Wumpa Islands," he said. "We protect the islands from the evil Doctor Neo Cortex."

"Neo Cortex?" Usagi repeated. "I don't think we know him."

"Crash?" called a girl. "Where are you, Big Brother?"

A much younger bandicoot came up the hill. Her outward appearance was the quintessence of a young and spirited girl. She was small and dressed in bright pastels: a cottony white shirt, baby blue jeans, and pink tennis shoes. The flowing and wavy blonde hair on her head was tied in a high ponytail and decorated with a cerulean tropical flower. Her bright, green eyes were so glittery and innocent. When she saw the two lovely human girls, those glitters grew to stars. "Humans?" said in awe. "Wow! You two don't look like any humans I've ever seen. You're so… pretty."

"Thank you," Usagi said with a blush. "Are you Coco?"

"That's me," she said.

"It is nice to meet you," said Rei. "My name is Sailor Mars. And this is my friend Sailor Moon."

"You met Aku Aku," Coco said sweetly. "The big guy posing over there is Crunch. And..." She found herself watching the smaller male bandicoot scratch his rear. "That is my big brother Crash."

Rei and Usagi caught sight of him scratching his rear. When he saw them all looking at him, he stopped scratching but remained in that pose and then smiled shamelessly… or vacuously.

"It is a pleasure to meet all of you," Rei said awkwardly.

"So what brings you to our neck of the woods?" Coco asked. "We don't get a lot of visitors. Well, no one comes here."

"We are investigating sudden surges in energy localized to this archipelago," Usagi explained. "Perhaps you have noticed anything peculiar?"

Coco thought for a moment. "Not since the last time we stopped Doctor Cortex."

"Who is this Doctor Cortex?"

"He is a nasty scientist who wants to conquer the world," Coco went on. "He has done horrible things to the people and animals of the Wumpa Islands. He is a bad man, but my big brother always stops him."

Usagi, dumbfounded, looked at the smaller male bandicoot, who was now scratching his neck wildly due to fleas. Then she looked at the bigger, more muscular bandicoot with the robotic arm. "Is Crunch your brother too?"

"No. Crash is my one and only big brother."

Usagi looked at him again. Now, he had taken off his sneakers, revealing his four-toed feet, and smelled the insides for some reason. "Crash stops the wicked scientist?" she said slowly, trying to make sense of it.

"Crash can be surprising," said Aku Aku. "He is a lot stronger than he looks. He has even pummeled Crunch a few times."

"Only 'cause he was lucky!" protested Crunch. "Put your shoes back on!" he barked at Crash.

"I'll have to see it to believe it," said Usagi skeptically.

As they chatted, a mechanical eye was on them. Sitting on the roof of Crash's home was a small recon droid from Sailor Moon's dimension. Its camera feed was received and viewed on a monitor…

Meanwhile, in a shadowy laboratory, the image of the bandicoots and the two visitors glowed in the darkness on an old, black and white screen. From a mere foot away, a diminutive, portly man stood. Wearing a patchwork lab coat, black gloves, and black books, the right half of his face was metal and held a bionic eye. The organic half had gray skin and mop-like, blue hair. Ridiculously, a rocket the size of a football seemed to have crashed into the metal half of his head and was stuck there.

"Master, we have guests," he said in a Peter Lorre-esque accent. Igor would applaud.

"What is it, N. Gin?" said a voice with a "dandy" infliction. "I don't have time for your tomfoolery." He now appeared. With a head as big as his small and svelte body, noodles for limbs, and a big, shiny capitol "N" on his bulbous forehead, Doctor Neo Cortex strutted from his workstation. His skin was sickly, pale yellow. Tuffs of dark hair sprouted around the back of his head from ear to ear. One was at the peak of his forehead above the "N" where the top of his head began to plateau, giving his head the shape of a hammer, and those same tuffs made up the unruly piles of brush that could be called his eyebrows. He wore a slick, well-ironed white lab coat and dark red boots with matching gloves. He was quite ugly, very ugly.

"One of the robots the Dark Kingdom gave us has found those meddlesome bandicoots," said Doctor N Gin. "They are with two human girls. Ugh! Girls…"

"What?" Cortex exclaimed. He shoved N. Gin out of the way to get full few of the small screen. He saw them. "Send out our henchmen to that location immediately," he barked to N. Gin. "With the new creatures under our control courtesy of Kaorinite and the Dark Kingdom, I will finally destroy Crash Bandicoot and his friends once and for all!" He began to laugh hysterically as Mystique watched from the shadows and rolled her eyes. When he stopped laughing, he walked over to monitor again. "Let's see if we can get a closer look."

Back at the N. Sanity Beach, Coco invited the girls into the house. As the small group walked to the house, Crash noticed the recon droid crawling on the roof. He nudged Coco's shoulder and pointed at it.

"What is that?" she asked in wonder.

Rei gasped, pulled out her Hyperion pistol, and shot the droid square in the camera. It rolled off the roof and crashed on the ground with a loud thud. It made a few final beeps before going quiet and still. "I think I recognize this type of droid," she said, kneeling down to it. "I'm going to double check." She activated the Bio-lab Watch she was wearing on her wrist. It projected a scanning grid in the droid. "This scan should tell me if my hunch is right." She took out her Compowder the second it beep, having received the results quite quickly. "I was right. Made by Arakyd Industries, it's from our dimension. The Dark Kingdom is here on the Wumpa Islands."

"Dimension?" Coco repeated in shock.

"Uh…" Usagi said awkwardly. "It's a long story. In short, we are tracking down some villains. Whether or not your bad guy is working with our bad guys is still in question though." Usagi pulled out her Compowder and called Luna. "Luna, we found a droid here from our home dimension. Kaorinite and her goons are here. It was a recon droid, so it probably already alerted them to our presence of the island."

"That is not good," Luna said. "Try to find out where they might be. We'll send reinforcements if you encounter difficulties. In the meantime, find out all that you can about their plans on the islands."

"Understood." She ended the call and turned to Rei.

"Look!" called Coco.

Usagi and Rei both looked up to see droves of birds making an exodus from the trees in the distance. Then, a beast of a jeep erupted from the jungle. Its enormous engine roared as it pounced out of the jungle, landing back down and charging ahead in the direction of the heroes. Right when it seemed like it would mow them down, it came to a skidding swerve, skinning the earth with its truculent tires. A driver and two passengers jumped out. The driver was the first to land, and he landed with a bang and a roar. He was an anthropomorphic… something. Off appearance alone, he looked like two different animals: a Tasmanian Tiger and a Bengal Tiger. His body proportions left him top heavy, for his legs were rather small while his arms were enormous, leaving his razor-sharp claws to scrap the dirt as his he stood upright. His face was horrifying with a mouth of dagger teeth. Next, another monster hopped out. This one was terrifying too, but his composition made for a humorous twang. He too was an anthropomorphic combination of two animals, but this combination was clearly on purpose since it was a dingo and a crocodile spliced together. On his back, he carried an enormous gas canister and held a flamethrower in his hand. The third monster to hop out was an anthropomorphic, blue kangaroo, an anthropomorphic, blue kangaroo in a straightjacket. His long, slobbering tongue hung out of his mouth as he laughed manically in an alarmingly high pitch. His eyes were pinwheels. Each one of his six toes, three per foot, had black toenails as sharp as knives.

"Holy c**p!" shrieked Usagi in shock. "What the hell is this?"

"Not you guys again," Coco hollered. "What do you want?"

"It's simple really," said the dingo/crocodile combo. He had a distinctive Australian accent. "Dr. Cortex wants you three bandicoots dead." He saw Rei and Usagi staring at them. "Well, look at what we have here, two humans. Two good-looking ones. Allow me to introduce myself, ladies. The name is Dingodile. My two pals aren't much for talk. That big fellow is Tiny Tiger, and that nutter in the straightjacket is Ripper Roo. So, unless you two sheilas want to end up on the barby like the bandicoots, you'd best be off."

"Who is Sheila?" Usagi asked, clueless.

"Crash and Crunch will kick your butts!" Coco shouted proudly. "Get 'em, Big Brother!"

Crash dashed forth with impulsive speed and set his sights on Ripper Roo first while Tiny met Crunch's metal fist. Dingodile stayed back and shot fireballs from his flamethrower repetitiously at Crash. Before Crash could sock the bouncing lunatic, a fireball whizzed past his head snatching is flickering attention, giving Ripper Roo the chance to spring up high into the air, and he came down with his sharp, toenails pointed down. Crash slid forward and avoided the incoming nailing. Instantly, Ripper Roo sprang back up, and Dingodile was still shooting fireballs. It was so surprising to see how fast Crash was on his feet; he ran and jumped and crouched and dodged every fireball while even keeping an eye on Ripper Roo and avoided his aerial attacks. Ripper Roo, as he was doing this, was still laughing up a deranged storm. To Crash fortune, he came darting down right front of the path of one of Dingodile's fireballs. It crashed into him and damaged the deranged monster and stunned him long enough for Crash to charge into a spin and bopped Ripper Roo in the face with his spinning top of fits. When he ended his spin, he was posed with his right fist cocked back as though he were going to throw a pitch at a baseball game. Then, Crash let him have it and punched his lights out and sent him sailing through the air and right into Dingodile.

Tiny Tiger, though his legs in comparison to his herculean arms were puny, he could jump quite vigorously and highly too. Each time he came down, he swiped is monstrous claws around. Crunch kept out of his impressive range when he landed and was able to pick out the dumb monster's openings and sent a punch with his metal arm right into them. The punch would hit hard, but that wasn't enough to deter the goon. He slashed through the pain and even scrapped Crunch's bare chest. However, like Tiny, Crunch fought through the pain. It became obvious to the observers that the winner would be determined by who could take the most punishments. These lug-heads kept at it until their movements began to slow: Crunch covered in scrapes and lacerations, Tiny bruised and battered. Finally, Tiny ended up being the one to topple over.

"Amazing!" cheered Usagi.

Dingodile, threw Ripper Roo off of him. "It ain't over yet, Sheilas! Appear, Heartless!"

Up from puddles of shadow that formed suddenly on the ground rose balls shadow that coalesced into several Primid Heartless, small humanoid creatures in green uniforms, and Soldier Heartless, small humanoid creatures with red claws and silver helmets.

"What the fudge just happened?" Crunch exclaimed in astonishment. "Since when can you do that?"

"Since we sided with a powerful witch and her mates!" answered Dingodile. "These creatures of darkness will overrun you."

"Hold it right there, Dingodile!" Usagi called. "You just gave us all the proof we need."

"Mars Crystal Power, Make-Up!" Rings of fire erupted from Rei's Crystal Change Rod and whirled around round her. In a flash, she had become Sailor Mars.

"Moon Crisis, Make-Up!" Usagi's Crisis Moon Compact became fixed on her chest and them gorgeous pink ribbons flowed from the Silver Crystal in the compact and formed her uniform. Finishing in a pose, she was now Sailor Moon.

"What the?" Dingodile shouted, gawking.

"Nasty monsters who ruin a serene island paradise with their big jeeps, flamethrowers, crazy, noise-polluting laughter, and desire to kill sweet bandicoots really make me mad!" Sailor Moon announced. "For love and justice! A pretty soldier in a sailor suit!" She posed. "Sailor Moon! And in the name of the moon, I'll punish you!"

"I won't let you muddy this clear, tropical day with your darkness," added Sailor Mars. "Sailor Mars! And in the name of Mars, I'll chastise you!"

Dingodile, flabbergasted, stared at the Sailor Senshi with his powerful maw gaping open before snapping back to attention. "I don't care who y'all are! You're toast, ladies!"

The Heartless charged.

"We'll see about that," Mars answered powerfully. "Burning Mandala!"

Sailor Mars fired off several rings of fire that slammed into a group of Heartless, destroying them. Up from the flames rose, the freed hearts.

Sailor Moon took her tiara in her hand, and it changed into a golden, energy disc. "Moon Tiara Action!" She flung the disc, which traveled gracefully through the air and sliced into the multiple Heartless that came in its path until it returned to Sailor Moon and changed back into her tiara. She put it back on and smiled. "If you are going to overrun us, you'll have to use better Heartless than that."

The bandicoots were amazed. Dingodile was staggering.

"That's it!" he cried. "Tiny! Ripper!" He hopped into the jeep. "We're off!"

The two other henchmen followed his lead.

"They aren't getting away that easily!" shouted Sailor Moon. She held the Hairclip Tracking Device in her hand and then threw it. It landed inside the jeep just as Tiny revved the engine. They took off once again into the jungle.

"Those jerks are always causing problems," said Coco. "I just hate it when they get away too. Crash didn't pummel them enough."

"Actually this works out very well for us," said Sailor Moon as she took out her Compowder.

"How is that?" Aku Aku asked.

"Those weirdoes will lead us right to Dr. Cortex," Sailor Moon answered, showing them the screen of the Compowder, which showed a map of N. Sanity Island, and blinking red dot moved over the map. "I planted a tracking device on them before they left."

"Let's go after them," Sailor Mars said to Sailor Moon.

"Wait!" called Coco. "You are leaving without us."

"With the Dark Kingdom in this, it will be way too dangerous for kids and… whatever Crash is."

"Maybe we should bring along some help?" Sailor Moon suggested. "They do know this bad guy."

"No. They will just get in our way."

"At the very least," said Coco, "take Crash and Aku Aku. Crunch can stay here and look after me in case more baddies show up."

"Take Crash?" the Senshi said together. Right now, Crash was scratching his armpit. "Why?"

"Believe it or not," explained Aku Aku, "he has defeated Cortex every time."

"Well, it couldn't hurt, I guess," Sailor Moon said, scratching her head.

"Fine," Sailor Mars said begrudgingly.

Crash jumped up and let out a loud "Wahoo!"