A thought and a letter

A/N: hi, I know it was a long time, but I'm working hard to try writing but my school is giving us TONS of lessons and home works. Anyway, this is just for fun.

You are always on my mind

Here you will find my thoughts, outlined

You are my eternal sunshine

I hope you'll forever be mine

tommy, you are unbelievably beautiful

When I am near you my heart goes like a raging bull

I am not sure you will like my poem

But know that I am completely overblown

Our life together has just begun

Already we have had many moments of fun

My love is so strong, it makes me fly

Let us never say 'farewell and goodbye'

I hope you can put this a rose to use

It is a gift you cannot refuse

I look forward to our next moment together

Without you, I feel life does not matter

Well, I hope you like it, this is what I feel about Tommy(storm shadow), well merry charismas for everyone!

Tommy: (blushes)uhhhh… thank you

Me: (smiles with blushing) hahaha… your welcome, I LOVE YOU!

Merry charismas!