Mikan and Natsume are only eight years old

Natsume and Mikan are playing in Mikan's room when Natsume's mom comes to pick him up for the day and she delivers some bad news. The two kids look at the boy's mom. "Natsume, Mikan-chan, our family will be moving to Tokyo in two weeks. I'm very sorry since you were Natsume's only friend." The two kids are crying at the sad news and Mikan runs as fast as she can to her bedroom and Natsume is carried home on his mom's back.

Two weeks pass before Natsume goes to Mikan's to say goodbye holding a small bag with him. Mikan looks at him with a very sad expression but is happy she gets to see him before he leaves. They go to her room to play a game of jacks; after Natsume loses seven games, Natsume gives Mikan the small bag he was carrying and told her to open it.

When Mikan got the bag open a small necklace tumbled out. "Natsume thanks, its awesome." It was a silver pendant with red stone melted on around Mikan's name. The pendant was on a red cord that adjusted when you pulled on the strings. She put the necklace on and tightened it as much as she could and it laid about three inches from her neck.

Natsume smiles, pleased that Mikan loves her necklace that much when he realized he had to leave. Mikan hugs Natsume goodbye and waves till she couldn't see him anymore and cries as she holds her present from her best friend. After a few years she makes new friends who never seem to wonder about her strange necklace she refuses to take off, though she forgets why she never wants to take off her important necklace.

One day when Mikan was celebrating her twelth birthday in the woods she hits her head very hard and loses most of her memories. She only remembers her name because of her necklace so her parents decide to move to Tokyo to get some good therepeutic help. Mikan says bye to her friends who tried to help her remember who she was and everyone else are.

But when Mikan was initially told she was moving to Tokyo she ran straight to her room very upset but kind of happy at the same time clutching her necklace. The night before they moved to Tokyo she had a dream where a young boy was hugging a little girl and saying he would wait fro her in Tokyo. Snapping awake, Mikan breathes shallow and infrequent until she calms down. The last thing she saw before awaking was a pair of crimson eyes, the same color as her necklace's stone.

What could that dream have been about? She thinks all the way to Tokyo.