Chapter Two

Mikan stared nervously at the class then shifts her gaze downward. The class whispers eagerly but Naru came to Mikan's rescue. "Well you can go and sit next to Natsume, Mikan. He is the one with the blackish hair and crimson eyes. Go on!" He pushes Mikan forward when Mikan wouldn't budge. She finally moves but as she walked closer to the boy she clutches her necklace. The boy seemed familiar but she didn't know from where or if she ever knew. But the stone was the same color as his eyes. Sitting down she smiles towards Natsume. "Hello Natsume-kun I'm Mikan, nice to meet you."

Natsume stares at Mikan blankly then reads a comic book to distract himself form the radiant girl. Mikan is disappointed that Natsume isn't talking to her but she doesn't worry about it. But as she sits next to him, her necklace seemed to be getting fire hot to the point where she got a mild burn causing Natsume to look at her with worry.

Why does she look like she's in pain? Looking down at the palm of her hand he sees a welt the size of her pendant. OH! My alice stone was reacting to me and burned her by mistake. Well I can't seem to care about her since she doesn't even seem to remember me. That is understandable though since we haven't spoken since we were eight but still I remembered her. It was only four and a half years ago and we were the best of friends. Natsume turns back to his book but not before looking at her yeres.

Mikan turns slightly to ask Natsume a question when she sees him looking at her and they stared into eachothers eyes for a moment before he went to read his book. She noticed that he blushed ever so slightly as he read but she didn't know why.

I wonder why he seems so familiar to me and I can talk to him easily even though I've just met him today. Mikan shrugs and starts to work on the classwork they were supposed to be doing.

When class was over only Natsume was still reading his book. Mikan was thinking about talking to Natsume again but she decided to go to the sakura tree she swa before she went to class. Walking over to towards the tree she runs into a girl from her class with violet eyes; Mikan apologizes but the girl just walks off without a word. What is with everyone at this school. The few people who seem familiar in this place are cold or refuse to talk. The rest refuse to say anything productive or unrelated to school in any fashion. When she sees the tree, Mikan starts running as if her life depends on it.

Soon Mikan was relaxing under the tree in fresh air and peaceful silence. She looked at the clouds in the distance when she hears a noise above her. Searching for the source of the noise, Mikan sees a boy around fifteen sleeping on a tree branch a few feet above where she was relaxing. Mikan smiles briefly before sitting back down on the other side of the tree humming a song she recently made up. Closing her eyes Mikan drifts asleep when she starts to see strange people she feels she knows but doesn't know where from.


Mikan is looking at a scene she feels she should remember. A younger version of herself wearing the name necklace is with a girl with short ebony hair with a lavender eye color. They were doing a ballet dance that looked similar to Swan Lake and it was comparable to a professionals routine. The lavender eyed girl was showing absolutely no emotion when the crowd erupted in cheer and there was a standing ovation.

The two went backstage where they were greeted by a pair of adults who were similar to the girl with no expression and lavender eyes. She was very strange for no matter how flustered the parents were for the girls, their daughter showed no joy or relief for everything to be over. The younger Mikan hugged her partner and accepted one of the two bouquets the adults held.

Then coming from everywhere a whirlwind of flower petals fell and her parents walked through the petals towards the group. The lavender eyed girl held a hand towards the newer couple and they handed her two tickets for both girls to a tropical paradise as payment for winning the contest. Then everything goes black.


Someone was shaking Mikan awake and when she opened her eyes she sees that she was back under the sakura tree. Looking towards the person who woke her up, Mikan realizes that it is the boy who was sleeping on the tree branch.

"Hey, sorry to wake you up but it's the end of the day and people tend to be harder on the younger students than the older ones when late for curfew. Go to the elementary dorm so you don't get into too much trouble."

Mikan stares at him as he starts to leave. "Thank you" she calls out and he glances back at her. "My name is Mikan Sakura." She says after catching up to the teenage boy. He smiles at her and shakes his head.

"Tsubasa Andou, nice to meet ya."