Hey everybody! Lady of Myth and Legends here! I saw this movie on youtube and couldn't resist writing a Fanfic about it. I must say, it broke my heart, made me laugh, made me cry, and then mended my heart together again. This one scene in question is the one that broke my heart, but (those who have seen the movie) we know the true outcome.

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From the moment that he stepped into the place, he knew. Something wasn't right.

"Angel?" He called, his voice breaking.

Damn. Yeah, that was confident.

He could barely make out shapes in the dark. It was so dark, almost black.

'Were is she? I have to find her!'

Tension and apprehension filled him. He felt an ice cold shiver run up his spine. She was here, somewhere. But, where? He scanned the room, looking for any sign of her. Nothing. No one was up here. He continued forward, searching. She had to be there somewhere. He walked into another room, this one just as black as the other. But the feeling, that ice cold feeling, had crawled from his back had moved to his stomach.


His eyes fileted in the direction of the sound. A piece of metal swung back and forth. Someone must have hit it. He scanned the rest of the room, nothing.

"Omar! This is a surprise."

He stumbled backwards a few paces. Mok's face came out of nowhere, the sudden appearance of the man's face startled him.

'Well, the guy wasn't much to look at in the first place.' He though to himself as he regained his composure.

"What a pleasant and . . unexpected surprise." Mok continued, ignoring his startled response.

"Hi big O. How's it going?" Her voice, it was much too high.

Omar didn't want to believe it. Angel. His Angel, was leaning against Mok, her hand resting on his chest. She smiled coyly at him and he felt his heart sink. No. All this time, he thought she loved him.

'Was it all a lie? Was she toying with him the whole time? Was none of it real?'

She laughed. A cold, empty laugh. This . . it couldn't be . . Angel? His Angel? No. Her voice wasn't that high, it didn't contain that hollow, that empty resonance. This wasn't Angel.

'But it has to be.' The voice in his head pressured. It looked like her, to the very last detail.

His heart felt like it was shattering into a million pieces. Hot, white pain seared through his veins, reaching into every corner, every turn of him. It burned. Burned like nothing he had ever felt before. He wanted to run. Run away and never look back.

"Perhaps we should invite him to warm up for a spell." Mok laughed and sneered at him.

Angel joined him, her voice no longer that sweet sound that warmed his very being. Mok and this . . . thing . . . their echoing laughter spread through out his mind. No. This wasn't Angel. Not the Angel he knew. The Angel he knew was kind, fair, a little stubborn (he never cared), and her laugh was like the sound of a triangle when someone gives it a light tap. This. . . Thing, wasn't his Angel. Not the girl he had fallen for. Not the girl that had scared him out of his mind with worry.



This couldn't be. His Angel was gone.

Well? Short I know, but hey even in the movie it was short. I just thought that this little ficlet would be cool to do. You know, to see what it was like from Omar's POV.

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