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Somebody's POV

Everyday, there is so much to think about. The duties I have to perform because I am the crown prince, An-chan, and my parents, etc... Why did my parents have to arrange a marriage with An-chan? I don't love her the way she loves me. I love her in a sibling way. I don't even understand what love is, true love exactly. I thought I did, but not since that day.

~ Flashback ( 10 years ago) ~

" Saga-senpai, do you love me?"

~ Few moments of silence~


~ Flashback ends~

Everytime, I think of that day when he chuckled, it breaks my heart. It still rings in my hears. Why did he have to play with my heart? I loved him for over 3 years, watching him and falling in love with him even more each day. For me, love is no longer a part of me. I have surrounded my heart with barriers to protect it, so that it won't hurt and break like it did that day 10 years ago, which is the same day I forgot what it meant to be in love or just to love somebody.

You are wondering who that is, right? Well that was a man named, Onodera Ritsu. He is the crown prince of the Divine Kingdom. Currently, the world is divided into many kingdoms, but the two most prosperous kingdoms are the Divine Kingdom and the Diamond Kingdom. The Divine Kingdom is ruled by the Onodera family and the Diamond Kingdom is ruled by the Takano family. Both kingdoms are in good relations with one another, helping one another to prosper. The reason for the good relationship between the two kingdoms is because the king and queen of the kingdom are childhood friends. Even though the rulers of the kingdoms are best of friends, their children never met before, but have they really not met or have they?