My loves! I am here to inform you, my sequel to "What is True Love?" has arrived. I hope you will check it out. The story is completely modernized, so I can be more creative. It will be about Ritsu's, Masamune's, Kisa's, Yukina's, Chiaki's, Hatori's, Yuu's, Hisashi's (TheBlackFlamingo101's OC), and Yokozawa's children. It will be about their life at school and how they each surive and find an emotion that is rare to come across, which is Love. Don't worry, this is still a Yaoi story. If you are wondering whether or not Ritsu, Masamune, Kisa, Yukina, Chiaki, Hatori, Yuu, and Hisashi, Yokozawa, and Kirishima will be in it. They will. Often times they will appear on special occasions, letter, phone calls, and memories.

If you think this story sounds cliche, believe me it's not. I will be adding all kinds of twists and secrets to this story. It will be more than you could ever expect.

So check out, "Love's Next Targets" because it will be amazing. I will do everything I can to guarantee it!

And if you like it, please review, alert, favorite. One of those things, so I know you do. Because if you don't, I might not continue the story.

Love and Snow Kisses!