"Buon Natale," Luigi said, looking at that bright star.

"Great story, Master Luigi!" Toadette grinned.

"I loved it!" Toad cheered.

"Me too. It was lovely," Peach added.

"Hmph…" Daisy pouted.

"Come on, Daisy," Luigi smirked. She still pouted. He pulled the mistletoe from his hat and raised it above her. She grinned a sly grin and planted a tiny kiss on his nose, immediately causing his blush. She giggled. "That's better."

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" a Santa burst through the castle doors.

"Santa?" Luigi looked at Peach.

"Funny… I didn't order a Santa this year…"

"Well…" the Santa said, walking towards them, "You look so much like Mrs. Claus, you have to have a Santa," he removed the beard and uncovered his own bushy mustache, "…don't you?"

"Mario!" Peach gave him a hug. "What a Merry Christmas!"

"Bro… sorry I made my 'home for Christmas' promise so late…" Mario shuffled over to his brother.

"I'm just glad to see you!" Luigi wrapped him in a bear hug.

"Hmph!" Daisy growled. "I oughta rip your real mustache right off with your fake beard!"

"Daisy…" Luigi tried to calm her.

"And you'd have every right to…" Mario admitted. "But I'm quite fond of my 'stache… could you find a different way to express your disappointment?"

Daisy crossed her arms, but seeing Luigi so happy with his brother, she couldn't stay mad for long.

"Buon Natale, everyone!" Mario cheered.

"Yay! Merry Christmas!" the mushroom kids jumped up and down.

The orchestra began a new song, and Mario bowed to Peach. "Shall we dance?"

He led the princess out to the floor. He may not have been as good as Luigi, or as graceful for that matter, but he guided her along the ballroom with a new Christmas vigor. "I promise… I'll always be home, unless you guys lead me elsewhere. Home is all of you… not needless adventure."

"And we'll always be your home, Mario." Peach kissed him as they circled beneath the mistletoe.

And from that year on, Mario was always 'home' for Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you have a wonderful Holiday! Don't forget the gift of the baby, whom everyone receives. "For to us a child is born. To us a Son is given." And, as Luigi said, everyone is invited to his manger!