(A/N) I feel like I was the only person that didn't know the Sekai Ichi pairings had names like Junjou until recently. Apparently they do though :P Who knew? Anyway, here's Erotica.

Marukawa was annoying in the sense that it didn't let its workers go until the very last hour of Christmas Eve. This meant that Kisa still had four hours until he could meet Yukina for their Christmas get together. Sure, they lived in the same apartment but that didn't mean they got to see each other a whole lot. Kisa usually fell asleep, or ran on ten cups of coffee, at the office when it was the middle to the end of the cycle. And then when he was home, he just collapsed and slept before going back to work the next day.

So Kisa was determined to actually do something with Yukina for Christmas.

This was the first Christmas that Kisa would be spending time with one of his men. None of his one-night stands really wanted more than just to sleep with him once, maybe twice, and move on. Only some were persistent and wanted to spend some kind of holiday with Kisa, but Kisa never did more than sleep with his one-night stands. However Yukina didn't really fit in that category anymore since he was more than just Kisa's friend with benefits.

Kisa was brought back from his musings as he heard Takano hit Onodera over the head with a newspaper and knew that he would be next if he didn't finish this proposal right now. He went back to work, looking up at the clock every few seconds. He wanted time to zip by so he could return home and actually spend some quality time with Yukina.

Yukina hadn't expected Kisa to be this late. He realized that Marukawa was harsh sometimes, but it was midnight on Christmas morning and Kisa still wasn't home yet.

Just as Yukina was wondering if he should put the curry back in the oven, the door opened and Kisa stumbled into the genkan where he collapsed. Yukina rushed over and helped his boyfriend take off his shoes and led him inside.

"Do you want curry, Kisa-san?" Yukina asked brightly, his sparkly aura coming back as he safely deposited Kisa on the couch. Kisa glared up at him, as much as his tired thirty year-old eyes could muster.

"Are you trying to kill me?" He growled, snuggling into the couch. Yukina laughed and sat on the couch, wrapping his arm around Kisa's waist.

"Do you just want to cuddle on the couch then?" Yukina asked, poking Kisa's cheek playfully. Kisa grunted in annoyance but didn't respond other than snuggle into Yukina's shoulder. Yukina smiled and kissed his boyfriend's forehead.

"Merry Christmas, Kisa-san."

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