A 1967 Chevy Zanpakuto

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Chap.1: This Sucks

"This sucks, Sammy."

Sam Winchester sighed. Dean had been trying to restart this conversation for the past three hours and

didn't even seem to require Sam's input to carry it out.

"All the monsters..." Dean continued "all the demons, angels, ghosts, cops and fuckin scarey cats... jeeze Sammy, where's my Baby"

Sam smirked, the Car was what had gotten them into this mess. They heard a rush of feathers and Dean jumped up.

"Cass!" the boys said in unison.

Castiel looked even more unamused than usual.

"You're dead." the angel stated flatly, "You had better have a good explanation."

The ghosts of the Winchester brothers both started explaining at once and the angel could only assume they were intentionally trying to be as loud and incomprehensible as possible.

"And then they stole my Baby." Dean concluded seconds after Sam. He was almost in tears by this point.

Castiel rolled his eyes skyward and sighed. "I think your death is more important, Dean."

"It's not like we never died before" Sam muttered.

"Whatever the case you seem to have alienated Heaven. Death won't even let his Reapers cross you over." said Castiel, now even more irritated.

"Does that mean we can be alive again?" Sam asked hopefully.

"No," replied Cass "it mean I will have to find someone else to do it."

"What about my car?" Dean shouted hysterically.

"Dean, you couldn't take it with you anyway" Sam patiently pointed out.

Castiel rolled his eyes again as Dean tried to rush off in what he assumed was the direction the car had gone. Sometimes he wondered why... just why him. "I'll be right back."

"Where are you going?" the ghost of Sam asked, glancing up from restraining his brother.

"Japan." Cass said before disappearing with another rush of wings.