Prompt was for South Korea being upset that he was banned from the show and someone comforting him. This doesn't exactly fit the prompt as there's no hurt-comfort, but it already had some nice fills, so I thought they'd be okay with this one too. Not actually a threesome despite the title, it's inspired by the "Gently Caress" storyline in the webcomic "Menage A 3".

"Good morning, sir! You are Mr Lee Chin-Hae, yes?"

Mr Lee gaped at the beaming boy on the doorstep. He didn't believe it was him, but it wasn't really possible to mistake him for anyone else; the little face in his hair was a dead giveaway. Jaw hanging open, he nodded.

"And did you or did you not sign the petition to keep me out of the TV show my brother was making?"

"Y-your bro-...?"

"Japan. Did you sign it?" Im Yong-Soo asked, not losing his friendly smile.

"Y-yes," Mr Lee stammered, backing slowly into the house.

"Now now, I'm not going to hurt you. I don't bear a grudge! I wasn't going to be in the show anyway, I refused to appear unless they put North in, and Japan said we'd never get away with that," Yong-Soo continued, suddenly looking serious. "But calling my appearance a crime against your country was uncalled for. Okay, I admit I'm a bit difficult to live with, and maybe I'm not the representative most people would have chosen. But France is openly a paedophile, England is a drunken demon-summoner with no friends, Japan's a shut-in, Russia's a psychopath, Poland's a crossdresser in a country where that's seriously frowned on, the entire damn show was named after 'useless Italy' ... I mean, seriously, man, it's not like it's personal."

Mr Lee spluttered, regaining his composure. "Look, how the hell did you find my address?"

"Uh, hello? I am Korea. I know everyone's address." Yong-Soo shook his head. "And before you bring it up, I know a lot of my people hate Japan. I don't. Nations don't work that way. If we held grudges we'd never get anything done."

"That's cute, but why the hell are you even here?"

"Oh, I just wanted to tell you that your dear widowed lady mother doesn't find me offensive." Yong-Soo smiled innocently, childlike, and reached into his pocket.

"My ...?"

"That's right." Smirking evilly, Yong-Soo pulled a large pair of frilly panties from his pocket and tucked them into the horrified Mr Lee's unresisting hand.