Behind The Scenes

~ by ewigestudentin

A/N: This is a very impromptu triple drabble based on the promo picture to 4x13 Sanctuary For None. Nikola sips wine sitting behind Helen's desk. Blame the following insanity on Chapa'ai-hi :p

- Vacate my chair, Nikola.

- You can take the one for visitors, or sit in my lap.

- I can also shoot you and throw you out.

- But it would be such a waste of the fine wine. Besides, you need a plan.

- I need a plan? Your "kiss me and I'll save your life" is getting old. And I can't see any Cabal around.

- The Cabal? The situation you are dealing with is much worse. Seen that crowd at the gates yet?

- Uhm, yes?

- They are *dramatic pause* fangirls.

- Fangirls? I thought they were Will's ex-girlfriends.

- Haven't they given you their list of demands yet? They've laid siege to my electric company. They chant "kiss" and "Vienna" below our windows, my staff is freaking out.

- So we are in it together. I knew that.

- What are we going to do about it?

- There's no way out, right? Okay, what are their demands?

- It's a PG show so I can't repeat all of them, but the first step would be to kiss me, to ruffle my hair and to admit that I'm a genius.

- Hm, very interesting. And then?

- Lean across the table and I will whisper it suggestively into your ear. *whispers*

- You know what, Nikola? I have a simpler solution to our problem. I stun you and throw you to the fangirls. They will be busy long enough for me to escape into the summer break.

- I am hurt. How did I deserve that?

- By staring down my cleavage while I was leaning over to you? Now vacate my chair.

- And the fangirls?

- I don't negotiate with terrorists.

- What about a teeny tiny kiss? Just for me? Towards the end of the episode?

- *sigh* Alright, but have the decency to act surprised… and wipe that sly smirk off your face.