Author's note: I should have known that no Christina Ricci marathon with my brother can ever be as simple as watching a bunch of movies. This was inspired by the movie Buffalo '66. If you've seen it, you'll recognize a few similarities. This is very AU musicalverse.

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A black 1957 Chevy Bel-Air swerved recklessly through traffic on the freeway, earning several honks and middle fingers. However, the driver was far too preoccupied with her own thoughts to notice.

"I can't do this! I can't do this!" She screamed at herself. Her normally perfectly in place short, black hair was incredibly disheveled from her tugging at it, her eyes were bugged out, she was hyperventilating, and her heart was practically pounding out of her chest. She was the perfect picture of a madwoman. She turned into the nearest exit, it went down to a town named Willard, Ohio. Her mood was not lightened by the fact that she was in America's sweet state but she didn't think she could drive another mile without smashing into the nearest gasoline tanker. She didn't think that would be too bad at the time, though.

She sped through the streets of the small town, nearly scaring to death a few senior citizens who thought greaser gangs were making a comeback. She pulled into the parking lot of what appeared to be a sad excuse for a shopping mall. As soon as she parked, a loud crash followed by a huge stream of smoke came from under the hood of her car.

She took a deep breath through her nose before flinging the door open, jumping out of the car and then slamming the door so hard the original window shattered. She screamed in frustration before kicking the door as hard as she could, leaving a very noticeable dent. She ignored the pain before repeating the violent act against her car again and again until the inside of her combat boot was wet with her blood.

She once again thought about ending it all. One shard of glass from the window would do it. Not even Addamses can avoid bleeding to death. Dying would have to be better than what was to come. When she went home and her parents learned that she had been lying to them about almost everything for the past four years. Yes, she would rather die. Although she always thought she would die with a little more dignity than suicide in a parking lot in Podunk, Ohio. She had just picked up a big enough shard when a buzzing in her jeans pocket brought her back to reality. She actually growled before hesitantly pushing the green answer button on her phone.

"Hello?" she answered in an attempt to make her voice sound as it usually did.

"Hello, Wednesday." Her mother's aristocratic voice replied. The voice that normally would comfort her now caused her even more distress. "Your father wants to know where you are." Morticia said. Wednesday grabbed a handful of her own hair again.

"About eight hours away. We should be there by midnight." Wednesday lied.

"Excellent. Pugsley and Pubert can't wait to see you. We're also very excited to meet him." Wednesday considered slitting her wrists right then and there. Wednesday didn't notice a young man walking out of the mall.

"Yes, he's excited to meet you all too." She didn't understand why she was still keeping up this charade. Either she would face her family in a lot more than eight hours (after she had her car fixed) and they'd know the truth, or she'd be dead. She was still counting on the latter.

"Oh and make sure he knows that your father and Pugsley have decided to kill him when you get here." Wednesday refused the urge to giggle like the lunatic she was quickly becoming. The young man walked past Wednesday's car. He stopped for just one second to see the huge dents Wednesday had left on the classic car but then continued walking.

"I have to go now mother, I'll see you soon." Wednesday said.

"Alright. I just thought I would give you a fair warning." Morticia hung up the phone. With a shaky hand, Wednesday put her phone back in her pocket. She looked around in all directions. The only people in the parking lot were her and the boy walking to his car.

Wednesday at first didn't realize why she was walking towards the boy. It seemed as though her mind was telling the rest of her body that he was the solution to her problem. Wednesday must have been very quiet because the boy didn't notice her coming until she was just two steps behind him. Without another thought, Wednesday lunged at him. She wrapped one arm around his chest making it difficult for him to move his arms and she held her other hand firmly over his mouth. He struggled against her but her Addams strength allowed her to hold on to him. He then tried screaming.

"Shut up. Shut up. Shut up." Wednesday repeated threateningly. She forced him to take a step forward towards his own car just a few empty spaces away. This was not an easy feat since the boy was at least five inches taller than herself and somewhat muscular despite his skinny appearance.

"Cooperate with me or I swear, I will choke you death right here." Wednesday said. She meant it and the boy realized this so he allowed himself to be dragged over to his own car, a navy blue Honda SUV. "I can't drive this car." Wednesday stated before opening the drivers side and forcing the boy to get in.

"I'm going to be back in one minute. In the sixty seconds that I'm gone, you are not to move or make a single sound. In fact you're going to put your hands up here on the dash-" She forced the boy to put his hands down flat on the dashboard. "And not twitch a single finger. If you do, you die." The boy didn't say anything.

Wednesday ran back to her car and opened the trunk. From it she took her black duffle bag (containing her clothes and other necessary items), and her trusty crossbow. She hadn't fired a single shot from it in over four years but she still knew perfectly well how to use it. She noticed teeth marks on her hand. If the boy had tried biting her, he hadn't done too good of a job. He didn't even break the skin. She shook her head and returned to the boy. His hands were in the exact place they'd been before.

"Good. You follow orders." Wednesday said as she put her things in the back. She made sure the boy saw the crossbow. His eyes widened, but again, he didn't say anything. Wednesday was satisfied with this. She got into the passenger seat. "Start the car and get onto the freeway." She ordered. He again did as he was told.

The boy continued to do everything Wednesday told him to do. The pair were completely silent for nearly two hours on the freeway.

"What's your name?" Wednesday broke the silence, slightly startling the boy.

"Lucas." he replied almost inaudibly.

"Lucas, I need you to do something for me." Wednesday said. She seemed as though she'd calmed down considerably. "I need you to be my husband."

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