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Present and Future Chapter 1 (rewritten)

We held hands as we walked on the path. It was peaceful, "I love you Bella."

I looked up but before I could see his face I heard a buzzing noise, what was that noise?

Buzz buzz buzz

I opened my eyes, the dream always stops around there, I could never see his face, always blurry. The only thing I could see was his honey golden eyes.

I looked at the clock that read 6:45am, I knew I had to get up. I needed to cook breakfast and also get ready for school.

I lived with my step-mom Lisa and my dad in Forks Washington. However, my dad was gone most of the time, he was a detective and is often called to other cities to consult on cases.

I had a mom, however, I do not remember her well. She died when I was 3 years old, and the only memories are from old photographs.

Lisa was nice at first, she and dad got married when I was 16 just 2 years ago. However, that all changed when dad would leave for his trips to the cities. The nice woman I had met changed, and I found out it was all an act. She was horrible, it was like a version of Cinderella, only my dad did not die, there was no step-sisters (thank goodness), and no prince.

I walked to the bathroom and got ready for the day. Looking in the mirror, I saw my brown hair and brown eyes. I knew I was not ugly but I was not beautiful either.

"Isabella, get down here and get breakfast ready!" Lisa yelled.

I ran down the stairs trying to hurry so her anger would not escalate. I tripped but caught myself on the last step.

I went in the kitchen and started making her eggs and toast. I turned around and I saw her holding the envelope my dad would leave to me before he left. It contained money, enough for however long he would be gone.

"Lisa please, dad left that money for me." I told her, however, knowing it would be no use. I did have money saved up, sometimes dad would give the money directly to me, but when he was in a hurry he left it in an envelope.

"I need new things Isabella. Cook some breakfast and leave for school." She took out the envelope and counted the money.

"20, 40, 60, 80, look here Isabella, he gave you $150. Good breakfast but I will be leaving." And she stood up putting the money in her purse and just left.

I have always wondered what made her to become someone rude and hateful. I reached up to my neck, holding the locked that belonged to my mom.

"I wish you were still here mom."

I knew that I needed to hurry and leave before I became late for school. This is my senior year, I am ready to go to college. I don't know what I did to the students to make them hate me. I feel that they are doing this because they want control. But what do I know right? I scoffed and rolled my eyes at that thought.

~~~~At school~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When I arrived at school in my truck, Lauren and her friends were standing on the stairs in front of the main doors. I tried to avoid them because I did not need them saying anything today, but they always knew when I arrived because of my '53 chevy truck.

"Hey loser." I heard Lauren say.

I just looked ahead, ignored them, and tried to keep walking. I can't wait until High school is over. But I was just pushed back.

"Where do you think you are going loser?" Lauren said with Jessica nodding behind her.

"I need to get to class." However, I wanted to say I needed to get away from them. They thought they were royalty around here just because their parents owned stores in Forks.

"Lets leave the duck alone Lauren. We need to find the new kids and tell them to stay away from her if they want to have a social life." Mike said. They all agreed and left while laughing at me.

I hated them I thought to myself as I walked to 1st period, we all used to be friends but when we got to high school, they started hating me. They turned everyone against me. No matter what I do or what I say, none of the students listen anymore.

~~~~At lunch~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My classes passed in a blur, same thing everyday. I knew that I needed to have good grades so I could leave this place. I teach the material to myself so I could be ahead.

I got an apple and a water bottle and I walked to my table, away from everyone. When I sat down, I saw the new kids I heard about.

They were all beautiful, looking like they belong in a fashion magazine instead of high school. There were 3 boys and 2 girls. The girls were opposite of each other. There was a blonde that looked like a supermodel, she was gorgeous. The other girl was beautiful too and she was short. She had a black pixie cut hair and she reminded me of a pixie. One of the boys had brown curly hair and he had a huge build. Another boy had blonde wavy hair, he was muscular but not as much as the 1st boy. The last boy was the one I noticed the most he had bronze unruly hair, he was handsome. More so than the other 2 boys. I noticed they all had honey golden eyes. It was weird because they were all adopted. I heard the story of them. They were adopted by doctor and mrs. Cullen. Alice and Edward were twins and Emmett was their older brother. They were the sons and daughter of Mrs. Cullen's sister and her husband who died in a car accident years ago. Jasper and Rosalie are also twins who was adopted a little later when doctor Cullen treated them, their parents were killed in a home burglary.

I saw them walking my way, why are they doing that? Didn't Lauren and them warn them about me?

"Hi I'm Alice Cullen." The pixie looking girl said. "This is Jasper my boyfriend-" she held his hand of the blonde boy.

"This is Rosalie-" she said pointing to the blonde girl who was holding hands with the muscular boy. "and she is with Emmett."

"And this is my brother Edward." she said pointing at the bronze haired boy.

"Can we sit with you or are these seats taken? What is your name?" Alice asked. I nodded. Wow she could sure talk fast.

"My name is Bella." I said looking down. I heard them taking seats around the table. I looked up and saw Edward on my left and Alice on my right. Jasper sat next to Alice. Rosalie sat next to Jasper and Emmett was in between Rosalie and Edward.

The cafeteria got quiet. I can only imagine why. Everyone was staring. I looked at Laurens table and saw Lauren glaring at me.

"You guys shouldn't sit with me if you want a good reputation and a social life at school." I said quietly.

"We don't really care about stuff like that." Alice said.

"There was a group of people that came up to us before school started, but we couldn't stand them." Rosalie added.

"Everyone in this school hates me, I'm the outcast." I told them.

"Well we will be your friends. Lauren and her friends all seem fake and we don't want to associate with bullying." Edward told me.

I was happy but apprehensive. What if Lauren put them up to this? What if this is all a trick? However, I never made friends here because everyone wanted to be in good graces with Lauren and her friends. I nodded though agreeing with being friends. Now there will be people that have my back.

"I would like that but I hope this isn't a trick." I said seriously.

"No it's not a trick we really want to be friends with you. You seem genuine." Alice told me and the others nodded with her.

We all stood up when the warning bell rang, signalling lunch was over.

"Well see you later Bella!" Alice said excitedly.

My next class was biology, I noticed Edward following me.

"What class do you have next?" I asked.

Edward looked at me and said "Biology with Mr. Banner."

"Cool I have him too." I replied smiling.

As we walked to our class, I noticed many people were staring and Lauren and Jessica were giving me glares. I smiled back at them annoyed for everything they put me through.

When we arrived in the class, I took my seat in the back of the room. Edward stood by Mr. Banner's desk and gave him the slip to sign.

When the bell rang signaling the start of class Mr. Banner said "Edward Cullen, welcome to Forks High. You will be sitting next to Bella Swan who will also be your partner for the year. Bella raise your hand to show Edward where you are."

I noticed the whole class looking back to where I was seated. Most of the girls were shooting me glares because they noticed how handsome Edward was.

"Do you go through the glaring often?" Edward asked as he sat down next to me.

I answered "Yeah, but I usually ignore them."

"OK so we will be learning about Mitosis."

~~~~End of the school day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I said goodbye to Alice who was in my last class and walked to my car. Today was a good day, there was not a lot of confrontation with anyone, so that's good.

When I arrived home I noticed Lisa was not home yet, I was glad because I didn't want to deal with her yet.

I ran upstairs to my room and got ready to do homework, when I saw my window open. I swear it was closed earlier. Thats weird.

What was even weirder was that on top of my desk, a box laid there looking out of place.

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