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Karen yawned and stretched before hopping off of Ike's bed. She looked out the window and smiled at the bright shining sun, relieved to see that a lot of the snow had melted away.

Karen ran out the door and quickly made her way down the stairs. Halfway down, she stopped dead in her tracks, shocked at what she saw.

In the Broflovski living room there was a small Christmas tree. Surrounding the tree was assorted presents, and off to the side stood her big brother Kenny.

Kenny grinned at his sister's shocked expression. She bolted down the remainder of the stairs and jumped into his arms gleefully.

"How did you do it Kenny?" Karen asked, happy tears in her eyes.

Kenny held her close. "I had a little help," he admitted.

Karen pulled away and looked up at him. "My guardian angel…?"

Kenny's smile widened but he didn't answer her. "Why don't you open your presents?" He asked as he set her down. "I think you'll be pleased with what Santa brought you."

Karen knelt next to the presents and looked for hers. Kyle and the rest of the Broflovski family joined them in the living room, all very touched by the scene.

"Thank you for allowing us to stay in your home Mr. and Mrs. Broflovski," Kenny said gratefully. "It means a lot."

"It's no problem, Kenny," Sheila replied. "We quite enjoy having the company anyway, normally things get pretty quiet around here on Christmas. This was a nice change!"

Kyle nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah, really. I had been bummed out a few days ago because Christmas usually gets me down, but not this year. I'm glad to have you around, Kenny."

Mr. and Mrs. McCormick dragged themselves down the stairs, groaning the entire way. When Mrs. McCormick saw Karen ripping open presents, she looked at the others in the room with confusion.

"What's all this about?" Carol asked warily.

"Kenny got me a Christmas!" Karen exclaimed as she hugged a new doll.

Carol was moved as she glanced at her son. "Is that true, Ken? Did you give our little girl a Christmas?"

Kenny's smile remained firmly in place. "It's not just hers, it's for all of us." Kenny pointed at the tree. "Take a look!"

Stuart and Carol exchanged shocked expressions before eagerly making their way to the tree.

"First thing tomorrow, a man is going to come out and fix Karen's window," Kenny informed them, "and we're going to be eating a decent meal at least once a week for a few months."

"I don't know how you did this, son, but I've never been more proud," Stuart told him.

Kyle put an arm around Kenny's shoulders. "You did good, Kenny. You did really good," he said encouragingly. "But you and I need to step outside for a minute."

Kenny frowned as Kyle pulled him outside. Stan and Cartman were walking up at that precise moment, deep in conversation until they saw their friends emerge from the house.

"It's weird seeing you without that parka," Stan commented.

Kenny nodded and looked down at the sweatshirt and jeans he had borrowed from Kyle. "Yeah, but sometimes things change. Nothing lasts forever."

Kyle, Stan, and Cartman all exchanged glances. All three of them smiled.

"Well, the reason we brought you out here was because we all pulled our allowances and got you a Christmas present," Stan began.

"We thought for a long time what the right gift for you might be," Kyle explained, "but I think we got it perfect."

Kyle leaned over and pulled a wrapped box off the ground next to the porch and handed it to Kenny. The blonde was stunned as he scanned the faces of his three friends.

"Wow, guys, this means a lot," Kenny said in disbelief. "I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything, just open the damn thing already," Cartman growled impatiently. "My mom's waiting."

Kenny didn't hesitate. He tore at the paper and let it fall to the ground before opening the box and peering inside. His eyes blinked in astonishment as they met the bright color orange.

Kenny pulled out a brand new parka; identical to the one he had had before. He grinned as he pulled it on, relishing in its warmth and comfort. He met the eyes of his friends again.

"You were right, Kyle, you did get it perfect," Kenny said with a laugh.

"We had noticed that your old one was getting so worn down anyway," Stan chimed in. "It's just a coincidence that a polar bear ripped it apart."

Kenny pulled up the hood and tightened it around his face. "Yeah, don't remind me," came his muffled reply.

"I guess nothing has to change after all," Kyle said with a smile.

"Kenny, Bubbe, we're going to get started working on dinner. Do you kids want to help?" Sheila asked as she stuck her head out the door.

"Sure," Kenny volunteered.

"Yeah, we'll be right in, mom," Kyle responded.

"You're having Christmas dinner here with Jews?" Cartman asked Kenny. "But Jews don't eat ham! And if Jews don't eat ham, what the hell are you supposed to eat on Christmas?"

Kenny shrugged. "I don't really care what we eat as long as it isn't frozen waffles or pop tarts."

"Want to join us, Stan?" Kyle asked as sincerely as he could despite his irritation towards Cartman.

"I'll go ask my parents," Stan said before running off.

"But ham is crucial to Christmas, it's tradition! Not having ham at Christmas is like not smoking pot at a Bob Marley concert!" Cartman complained.

"Don't you have somewhere to be, Cartman?" Kyle snapped angrily.

Cartman looked surprised. "Jeez, you're right, what the hell am I still doing here? Screw you guys, I'm going to get my presents."

As Cartman fled, Kyle turned to Kenny. "You know, I learned something today," Kyle told Kenny, his expression softening again.

"What's that?" Kenny asked.

"You really are a hero, Kenny, and a great friend. I don't know why we don't hang out more often just you and I, but we should. I realized that we haven't been as good to you as we should be, you kind of fade into the background sometimes and we let you because we get so distracted by all of our own messed up problems. I'm sorry," Kyle told him regrettably.

Kenny smiled beneath his parka. "It's okay Kyle. I know I can always count on you guys when I need you, and that's what matters." He paused. "Maybe something will change after all," he added.

Kyle looked at him confusedly. "What do you mean?"

Kenny placed a hand on his shoulder. "We can be better friends, and I won't let myself stay in the background anymore."

Kyle grinned at him. "Merry Christmas, Kenny."

Kenny turned towards the door. "Merry Christmas, Kyle."

As they went inside, the sun shined down on the town of South Park. The snow glistened and everything was at peace once more.

Just outside town, a lone polar bear wearing a shredded up orange parka watched the tranquil scene until a massive evergreen tree next to it suddenly collapsed, killing the bear instantly and spewing blood all over the pure white snow.

A/N: I like Kyle's speech, and even though Kyle is my favorite character, I wish Matt and Trey would write more for Kenny than they do. Even when Stan, Kyle, and Cartman aren't the main focus of the episode they have way more screen time than Kenny.

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