"We're pirates." said Luffy. Twilight groaned. "I don't think that's what she meant. She meant what species are you? We've never seen any of your kind before." Nami was the one that answered this, "Not very surprising considereing this is the grand line. Anyway's to answer your question we're humans."

Twilight was about to ask another question when Nurse Redheart came in. "Everypony is fine. I treated them all." "What about the princess?" Twilight asked. "She's okay." Nurse Redheart reasured her. "She only has a broken leg." Twilight sighed in releif. It was good to hear that.

"Oh! I know! We should have a party!" Pinkie Pie suddenly burst out. Twilight was a little annoyed at this. "Pinkie this isn't the time for a party." she said. "Of course it is silly! It's always time for a party. Besides, everypony can get to know them better." Pinkie said while motioning towards the Straw Hats.

Twilight was about to say something until Luffy interupted her with a shout, "Woohoo! Party!" "It'll take a little while to set up so go do some stuff til it's done okay." Pinkie said and then dissapeared. Twilight sighed giving in. "Alright. We'll talk later then."

Rainbow Dash suddenly flew up to Luffy and said, "How about we race? I know you're strong, but are you fast?" Luffy laughed, "Okay. I'll race." Rainbow Dash grinned, there was no way he could beat the fastest flier in Equestria. "Great! Follow me." she said flying out of the hospital.

Luffy and everyone else followed her to the edge of town. She turned around to them and said, "You guys wait here. This'll be the finish line." They nodded and stayed there. Luffy continued to follow Rainbow Dash another 100 yards to a tree. "Here," she said, "is the starting line. We'll start off here and race to the edge of town got it?"

Luffy nodded. "Alright then." Rainbow Dash said as she got into stance. Luffy just spread his legs out and put his hands on them. "On the count of three." she said. He nodded. "One." "Two." "Three." "GO!" she yelled out and started flying. Luffy just stood there.

Rainbow Dash looked back. This was going to be easier than she thought. He wasn't even doing anything. Back at the finish line Twilight asked, "What's he doing? He's just standing there." Sanji smirked, "Just watch. Luffy's going to win for sure. You'll see." She didn't understand how he could be so confident.

Luffy suddenly shot out his arm without stretching it making himself glow red and making steam come out of him. Dash was now 10 yards away from the finish line. Then suddenly to everyone watching it seemed as though Luffy just dissappeared. Just as suddenly he reappered right in front of Dash on the finish line 5 yards away.

She didn't have time to stop so she made a sharp turn. Unluckily for her there was a building and she didn't have enouogh time to swerve again so she crashed right into it making a big hole in the wall and getting stuck. It didn't help her pride that Luffy started laughing at her.

Everypony was stunned to silence at what they had just witnessed, or rather didn't. He had just suddenly dissappeared and reappered at the finish line in a second. Finally Twilight was able to get out, "Wha? Who? How? I don't." Suddenly they heard Pinkie yell out, "PARTY TIME!"

Authors note: Sorry for the change, but I wanted them to have their full powers. Pls don't hate me.