Chapter One

Gwen opened the door and looked around. Her home was a little dusty and cobwebby, but a good thorough cleaning would sort it out. From behind her, Arthur spoke

"Agravaine wanted me to sell it, but somehow…I couldn't. I guess I always hoped that you'd come back to me. And now you have"

Gwen turned to face him.

"I'm just so happy to be back here. Back with you"

"Merlin said we'd find each other again." Arthur told her

"He's wiser than you give him credit for." And then Gwen did what she'd wanted to do since she first saw him in Merlin's mother's house: she leaned in and kissed him. And as their lips met she remembered how happy she had been when she was with him, how that had been the best time or her life. She remembered knowing every day that Arthur loved her, and that they had each other no matter what. She remembered woodland strolls, love filled embraces and mesmerising gazes. She remembered love.

But all too soon Arthur was gently pulling away. Gwen removed her arms from where they had somehow become wrapped around his neck and took a deep breath to steady herself.

"I should be going" Arthur murmured

"Yes…I suppose you should." Gwen agreed reluctantly.

"Goodnight, Guinevere" Arthur whispered, and with a kiss to her cheek he was gone into the night.

Gwen softly closed the door behind him and danced across the room to her bed. She collapsed upon it and, exhausted, fell asleep immediately. Gwen slept better than she had done since she left Camelot, her dreams full of happiness, love and joy.