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The cry of a seagull rang out across the waves as three of the white and black seabirds soared just over the crystal blue waters. Their destination: a small town built onto the beach. It rested on the shoreline and had an impressive forest on one side as well as the majestic waterfall in the center.

In the simple paved streets, demons of all types, animal, plant, spoke with each other, going about their business.

There was suddenly a loud, airy whistle piercing through the air. The sound was due to the new train station that had been built near the center of town during the past year.

"I don't know what the hell…" In the middle of a peach grove, fluffy white ears twitched at the sound of the whistle. Cat-demon and mother of nineteen Hidan Shiroi-Hoku narrowed his ruby eyes as he was working in the grove with his husband, "Possessed Tsunade into thinking that that damn train station was a good idea."

"It brings in tourists and money easier." Was the gruff reply from the strong, broad-shouldered stitch-demon Kakuzu Hoku as he hefted up a basket of the fresh fruit onto his shoulder, "It's not that bad, the animals have gotten used to it."

"Doesn't mean that I have." The albino rolled his eyes as he helped carry another basket back to the house. While they were walking, Hidan abruptly asked, "Hey, what time is it?" Kakuzu looked at his wrist, at the watch that his eldest daughter had bought him,

"Almost 3, why?"

"Shit!" Hidan dropped the basket and the fruit and immediately grabbed the brunette's arm, shouting, "We gotta go, we gotta go!"

"What are you talking about?" Kakuzu frowned, "Ugh, Hidan! You're going to bruise the fruit!"

"Fuck the peaches!" The albino hissed, "Kiro, Kire, and Kira have a recital today! Jashin, if I miss this there's going to be hell to pay…"

Indeed, the first graders of the Adamant Falls Primary Academy were to perform a recital of different songs and dances today to celebrate their school's 100th birthday.

When Kakuzu and Hidan had finally managed to get to the school building, they barely stopped to acknowledge anyone as they tried to find seats in the crowded auditorium. Hidan was about to start shoving people out of their chairs when a call of,

"Hidan!" Caught his attention. It came from a blonde bird-demon in the front row. His name was Deidara, a skilled maker of cosmetics, and he sat next to a red-haired scorpion-demon: his fiancé Sasori, a fashionisto for the ages. "Over here, un!"

Kakuzu and Hidan quickly snatched up the seats before anyone could say otherwise, Hidan whispering "Thanks. Is everyone else here?" Deidara replied,

"Pretty much. Though Zetsu is all the way in the back because he gave up his seat five times just to be polite. Tobi's with him though, so it's not so bad, un. Then Sasuke and Naruto are somewhere in the crowd… Oh, and Ivan and Alfred had to come early to make sure that Mizuki and Alexandr were here on time."

"I still don't know why Mizuki didn't just want to stay with us while Kisame and Itachi went on that trip…" Hidan huffed, Kakuzu explaining,

"It's because he realized that our house is already crowded Hidan, get over it."

A new train pulled up into the station, demons and creatures filing out into the seaside. Among them, two certain demons took a slower pace: appreciating the smell and sunshine of home. "I can't believe it's been three months." A calm, gentle voice stated.

"Yeah," A deep, rough baritone replied, "Even the most luxurious locations can't compare to home." They soon began walking, their destination: Adamant Falls Primary Academy.

After a painful singing performance from Sakon and Ukon (though no one wanted to say anything since their father Orochimaru was quickly angered and their mother Kabuto was too wasted on wine to care either way), Iruka walked up on stage and announced, "Thank you Sakon and Ukon, that was… something special. Ahem, our next performance is from a very good group of friends. May I introduce the Chakra-Mark Musketeers!"

The dolphin-demon quickly moved off of the stage and the lights dimmed. Rose and cerulean shaded lights lit up the stage as a voice sang,

"You can push yourself to the limit

Be strong, now jump with me…

You can fly over the rainbow with me

Close your eyes and just believe…"

When the lights were all up, you could see eight children begin to dance on the stage as music started, cuing their excellent routine. During the course of the past year, Ongakuhana had grown even more into wonderful stage presence. Her voice, though it came from such a small body, seemed better suited for filling a concert hall.

But the audience was in for quite the show as Ongakuhana strolled across the stage, singing as the other children acted as her back-up dancers,

"You used to hide… Behind another face…

At first I didn't… understand…

But then I saw… in you a kindred spirit…

I called your name and held out my hand…"

The outfits that they all wore, the blue shirts and shorts with the matching CMM scarves, had all been designed by Kakuzu and Hidan's youngest daughter Kira, the small cat-demon doing her best to keep up with the hyped up, yet fun, choreography that had been set up by their friend.

Said friend was the small Baba Yaga Alexandr, adopted son of the Baba Yaga Ivan and the Trickster Spirit Alfred who was currently cheering his head off in the audience, "Go Alexandr! Come on Mizuki! Go! Go!" Alexandr had the gait and steps of an angel, the delicate moves that seemed to combine ballet with any dance he looked up.


You looked in my eyes…

And I said…" Ongakuhana sang, turning to Kira for a second before she smiled and sang out,

"Not another…


Get in the way of saving those that you love…

Not a world…

Is there…

You can have stronger faith within your heart…"

Kiro Hoku, the oldest of the young Hoku triplets, was doing his best to keep the tone of the performance via violin. He wasn't really good at anything that didn't include numbers (they found that out during rehearsals) but music turned out to be just up his alley with its rhythms and patterns…

And though Kira had created the outfits, her other older brother Kire had done wonders on their hair. Well, it was his special talent after all. Though if it hadn't been for Saso, Sasori and Deidara's son, they wouldn't have been able to get all the fabric, dyes, and such that they had needed.

"You can push yourself to the limit,

Be strong, now jump with me…

You can fly over the rainbow with me,

Close your eyes and just believe…

Mizuki was probably the calmest out of the Chakra-Mark Musketeers. But then again, he was the calmest, most level-minded child you could find. However, it seemed that during these past three months the small otter-demon had gotten even quieter. But he was fine, as long as he had his best friend by his side: the hell-dog named Hun who jumped to the front of the stage and began… rapping, wait, what?

"I got you when the going gets rough, yo!

No life as tough as this, love!

You may feel like you can't go on!

If we try, side by side, we'll survive, live or die!

Now you feeling my flow, what I mean,

No doubt that you're feeling like I do!

Don't let a chance like this pass by you!

A combo like you and me is meant to be!

Come on!"

Ongakuhana had to be a musical genius for her to find an outlet of music for the package-delivering hell-dog to excel in. At that moment, Ongakuhana and Kira joined hands and danced what could best be called 'a cute, li'l samba' as the plant-girl sang,

"You can push yourself to the limit

Be strong and I…

You can fly over the rainbow with me

Close your eyes and I…"

The rest of the song was a combination of Ongakuhana vocalizing and Kiro playing them out with the violin as they performed their last few dance steps. But right as the song ended, Mizuki looked over towards the back doors and saw something that caused his eyes to go wide in disbelief.

Without waiting for the audience to clap or boo or whatever, Mizuki jumped off the stage and ran as fast as he could to the back of the auditorium.

"What is going on?" Ivan asked before one of the other teachers turned on the lights revealing what had gotten Mizuki's attention: a very familiar shark-demon and weasel-demon.

"Kisame!" Kakuzu called out, Hidan and Deidara shouting,


The largest table, and a side table for children, in the Clamshell's Buffet House had been reserved for the impromptu dinner party that our favorite group of demons were holding to celebrate the return of their friends: Kisame and Itachi taking a brief vacation for the past few months.

Needless to say, Mizuki was happy to have the two back… Even though he wasn't showing it.

"How was your trip?" Zetsu asked, Itachi sighing,

"Nothing short of amazing."

"Tropis is really a great place," Kisame commented, "Next time I'm definitely splurging for a group trip."

When the waitress asked what everyone would have to drink, Itachi was the only one who didn't order something alcoholic. Actually, that wasn't the only thing. Kisame seemed a bit more… over-protective than usual. Like when a waiter brought over a plate of bread and picked up a butter-knife, the shark-demon rushed in front of the weasel-demon and demanded, "Watch where you point that thing, will you?"

After a whole night of strange looks, Kisame looked to Itachi. After receiving a nod, he began, "We actually… have a surprise to share with all of you."

"Yay!" Tobi clapped his hands, "Tobi loves surprises! Is it a puppy?" They all laughed at that before Itachi shook his head,

"No, it's not a puppy. And, actually…" He softly rubbed at his stomach, "This surprise is going to take around six more months to arrive and—"

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" Deidara chirped in excitement, "You're pregnant, un?" Itachi nodded, Kisame kissing his cheek before Ivan and Kakuzu stood and patted the bluenette on the back.

"Good job comrade!" Ivan chuckled, Kakuzu adding,

"Hopefully you'll get a maturity boost between now and when the baby's born, otherwise I might have to step in as the responsible uncle—"

"Shut up…" Kisame smiled, "But yeah, where's Mizuki? I need to tell him the news." As if on cue, the otter-demon walked by in an attempt to get to the dessert bar. "Mizuki!" Kisame called out, just for the child to reply,

"Yes baka-same?"

"Mizuki, you should stop calling your father that. Now, we wanted to tell you something special." Itachi shook his head, the otter-demon nodding for them to go on. "Well, in a few months you're going to get a new baby brother or sister."

"Oh, is that all?" Mizuki replied nonchalantly before going off for some chili pepper ice cream.

3… 2… 1…