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A Peculiar First Impression: John.

" I hope you have a good journey, darling, remember to send a text when you get there. Just so we know you're alright."

John cheerily nodded his agreement to his mother, not really listening to a damned word she said. He knew all to well that by the time he actually got there, the act of even picking up his phone would be entirely pointless; based upon some of their previous conversations, it would not be helpful to make the effort of communication, could even be detrimental to their already tenuous relationship.

"I'll tell Harry you said hello. And I'll get her to call you." He paused , then moved to hug the shaky woman. He wrapped both arms around her in a tight embrace, holding onto her for a little longer than necessary.

It was the first time in years that he had managed to actually feel like her child, rather than just a child. But he had gotten rather adept at reading her emotions across the last four years, and knew that, for once, she would appreciate the gesture.

"I love you, mum."

He pulled back, and was actually hurt by her almost hyperactive response of "I love you too, Johnny."

Give it two hours, and he would be lucky to get a response at all. If he did, it would normally be a single statement of blind hate, and the passing of blame.

Before he could say anything potentially dangerous- which could be anything-, he bid her farewell and practically jumped into the back of the black and yellow taxi cab that awaited him.

As the school had sent it to collect several students that happened to be outside of the catchment area, the driver had no need to ask where he was headed, and took off without warning, making John frown as he reached cautiously and rapidly for his seatbelt.

As John had previously been informed, the driver stopped twice, to pick up a total of three students.

He knew two of these people already, which was unsurprising as one was his own sister, Harriet Watson. The other being the acquaintance that held tightly to the aforementioned sisters' hand. Clara.

John barely had time to relay his mother's message of wanted communication- which set Harry off fuming and had Clara kissing her in an effort to calm her down- before the vehicle came to an abrupt halt once again.

And the passenger door opened to reveal an irritated boy, who appeared to be muttering under his breath.

In Greek.

He took his seat whilst still muttering, not even acknowledging the presence of three other teenagers as he pulled his seatbelt on sharply.

He then did speak loudly, to rudely inform the driver that he needed to actually drive.

The driver was not a foolish man, and must have met the peculiar boy before, as he drove with no further questions.

At least he had actually allowed him time to get settled.

As they set off at a speed that had to be illegal , John politely turned to the new arrival, offering his left hand.

"Hello. I'm John Watson." The boy ran his hand lightly through unruly curls, and John had almost given up by the time he finally reached across and shook hands with him, confused expression across his formerly harsh face.

"The names Holmes. Sherlock Holmes. And you are a rather odd boy, John Watson."

John could not keep himself from giggling aloud, though he did try his best.

"You find me funny." Sherlock raised an eyebrow, but didn't look insulted so much as intrigued.

"Um, Yes, I guess so. What about me strikes you as odd?" He sounded slightly defensive, and accusatory as he took in the sight of the teenager who was wearing a purple fitted shirt and black formal trousers.

"Don't look at me like that. I know I'm not ordinary. That, actually, happens to be the point. Because-" The remainder he said tenting his hands at his chin, and staring whilst changing between rapid blinks and none at all- "Why, would anyone with a functioning brain, introduce themselves to me?"

"General politeness?" Harry had disentangled herself from Clara long enough to send a harsh sounding response to the person who did not turn in acceptance of her speech.

He responded, but kept both eyes on John.

"Not General Politeness, you'll find the common sickening phrase missing from his introduction. 'Nice to meet you', and all that. I've never understood it. There is so little point in saying that when the first meeting could turn out to be disastrous and horrific and definitely not an experience you would care to remember. So why would anyone assume it to be nice?"

" Continuing onward, why bother to talk to me at all, then? I know what I look like, and yes, it was Greek. As you learnt from your 'cute' pen-pal two years ago."

Then he shook his head, frowning.

"Nope. That's not right. You did have a greek pen-pal, but you already knew the language conversationally, that much is obvious. You have a relative that speaks fluent Greek, your grandfather, who takes both you and your sister in for the summer."

Then he mumbled a long passage to himself, of which John heard almost nothing, and turned back to him. The end of his little monologue sounded something like 'best not mention that', and John thought it best not to ask.

The boy studied him a little longer, then realisation dawned, and his mouth formed a small 'o'.

"Obvious, Sherlock, obvious." Then , louder, "Socially awkward, doesn't spend time among others. You hate conversation, but think that if you give a casual greeting, people will do similarly, and you will be left with a comfortable silence. You think I'm odd, but you're in no place to judge, which explains why your only response to my behaviour occurred after I called you on yours."

Then he grinned unexpectedly.

"So sorry to have infringed on time better spent in silence. I know exactly how you feel."

He pretended to tip an imaginary hat, then materialised a piece of paper from a space very close to the partition separating them from the driver, and read aloud from it in a flat, emotionless voice.

"He is in Tibet."

He frowned, crumpled the paper, then elegantly loped from the car as it came to a gentle stop. It was amazing in contrast to the two previous stops that John had experienced.

"I would say good day to you all, but that it stupid considering that this is probably a rubbish day for all of you. Particularly with the news just received. So, I'll say have a day of some kind, and be off."

With that he actually was gone, leaving a very confused John Watson behind him.

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