Hello! This is a fic made from the mentalness that is my mind. I'm not quite sure where this came from, but it's been evolving for the past month and I'm quite enjoying here it's going. It's a creature fic, cuz I love them and I enjoy writing them. Flames aren't appreciated, but constructive criticism is, so if you haven't got anything useful or nice to say, don't comment :) Right... anything else... oh yeah! I was just going to give a bit of background info. Right, since I'm lazy and can't be bothered to weave this info into the actual fic here it is; in this one Harry goes into year seven and Dumbledore didn't die at the end of six, he convinced Draco to come over to the light side. Is there anything else... nope! Enjoy the mentalness that is my mind.

When Harry Potter awoke on his 17th birthday, he noticed several things almost immediately.

First, he could see; even though his glasses were on his bedside table. And everything was so clear. Colours seemed sharper and brighter than before, and shade was less visible than it had been before. Dust motes flickered in the air catching the lights and forming beautiful swirling patterns in the air.

Second, he had a tail; a long cat-like tail with fluffy white hair. And his ears had become pointed and catlike; he could feel them twitching around. He ran a tongue over slightly pointed canine teeth in confusion. Somehow he'd become cat man overnight.

Third, he was no longer alone in his bed. Two boys around his own age lay either side of him.

Turning his head, he saw one of them looked more or less like him, but this slightly more pointed features. In fact, he was almost exactly like him. He had long shaggy black hair that hung down to the middle of his back.

He looked at the other boy. On first inspection, the boy had sharp, aristocratic features. Looking more closely, the boy looked similar to the riddle that had come out of the diary all those years ago. He had dark brown hair that fell loosely around his ears, and was actually quite handsome.

Harry sat up in bad and gave a huge catty yawn. He rubbed his eyes mournfully and looked around the room blearily.

'This is the weirdest birthday I've ever had.' He mused, 'but definitely the most interesting.' He thought wryly. He jumped lightly out of the bed and scratched the small of his back. Hedwig looked at him and rolled her eyes pointedly, pecking at her lock.

"Fine, fine. I'll let you out." Harry muttered, stumbling across the room and pulling the lock off Hedwig's cage, surprising himself with how strong he now was. He wrinkled his nose slightly as the smell off owl assaulted his nose. Clearly his sense of smell had also improved. Twitching his ear he heard the grunting breathing of his 'family'. Obviously his hearing had also improved. Hedwig blinked at hi lazily and flew out of the window into the pre dawn sky.

"Good morning." Harry spun around. The man who looked like him had propped himself up on one elbow and was gazing at him inquisitively. The man had his eyes, but in a blood red colour.

"Hello." Harry said warily. He was aware he was dressed only in his boxers, but he stood his ground anyway. The man looked him up and down slowly, taking in his skinny demeanour. After a few moments of staring him down the stranger shrugged and hopped out of the bed. Harry noticed that this man too had a cat's tail and ears, and canines that jutted down out from his upper lip. The man had no clothes on at all but still arched his back and stretched, cracking his back and giving a satisfied groan. He as much more muscled than Harry, and much more tanned. His skin as slightly bronzed, but his hair as a deep raven black. Much darker than Harry's had ever been.

Harry felt something brush up against his mind and recoiled. The man straightened up and looked at him through those blood red eyes curiously. The thing brushed up against his mind once more, but this time Harry reached out to it tentatively.

Whatever it was, it felt so... dark. Anger, bloodlust, insanity and other dark thoughts swirled around it, but from the moment he connected with it he felt a rush of understanding course though him. He learned through this man. He was him, but a darker version of him. The man thought through instinct. He automatically knew what he was and why he was here through pure instinct. He was a Shadow Panther. He had come into his creature inheritance on his 17th birthday, and by the nature of the Shadow Panther, it had torn his soul into two factions. A light half, and a dark half. The red eyed man before his was the darker half. His darkness. The other boy though... he didn't know how he'd got there. The man kept calling him 'Tenant'.

"Who... are you?" Harry asked curiously, "what... are you called?" The man cocked his head and looked at him calculatingly.

"You, my little Light, may call me... Harru." Harry nodded, "now I believe that we have been told to leave the house before first light by your... ahem, 'family'" Harru spat the last word with venom and began to rummage through Harry's wardrobe for clothes.

Harry looked closely into the mirror and noted with shock his hair had grown down to his shoulders and had turned a pure snow white. He had lost all of baby fat and he looked, in general, older, more mature, and more... attractive. He shrugged and raked his hand through his hair, musing about what to do next.

'Tenant', as Harru had nicknamed him, was dozing quite peacefully in the bed still as Harru dressed himself and Harry waited his turn. His instinct was kicking in, and it was telling him that Harru was dominant to him, so he had to wait his turn. Harru finished dressing himself, and was now magically turning his clothes black. Harry shuffled around him and began to dress himself in all white whilst Harru woke up 'Tenant'.

'Tenant' wasn't at all happy about being woken up, and waking up in another person's bed. Once they were all dressed and Harru had calmed down 'Tenant', they began to tell each other's stories. As Harry and Harru were the same person, they told the same story, but with slightly different opinions.

'Tenant', it seemed, was a fraction of Voldemort's soul. He had been blasted off the whole during his attempts to kill Harry as a baby, and had latched himself onto Harry. It seemed that 'Tenant' preferred to be called Tom, and was in fact, in a sense, Voldemort's light. A part of Voldemort, however small, still retained a faction of sanity and light. This part was Tom, and when his Darkness had attempted to kill a human child, he'd finally had enough. He had ripped himself away from the whole and Harry had subconsciously welcomed him into his body, hence the nickname; 'Tenant'.

When Harry's soul had split with his creature inheritance, Tom had been forcibly pushed out of his mind. Tom was a good natured individual on the whole, a little confused as what was going on exactly, but no darker than Harru, who was clearly insane and murderous.

When the sun was just beginning to appear over the horizon, Harry had packed a rucksack, and Harru and Tom were cracking jokes.

'So what's the plan Light?' Harru asked. When they had brushed their minds together they had established a mind link between each other. Harry had been trying to shut him out because his thoughts were so turbulent and dark. They frightened him, more than anything ever had before

Harry slung his backpack over his shoulder and held his broomstick in his other hand. All of his possessions were no inside his magical enlarged rucksack; all his textbooks, his clothes, the invisibility cloak and all his other personal objects. He was leaving Hedwig's cage. He didn't need it anymore and the Dursley's could get rid of it.

Tom had agreed to come with them as well. As far as he was concerned his Darkness was mad and needed to be put down. So as the sunlight began to pour across Privet Drive, Harry Potter, Harru Potter and Tom Riddle left Harry's childhood hell behind for the last time. Out into the war torn world.

There you are. They get to Hogwarts in a few chapters, and I need ideas for pairings. Anyone got any particular preferences as to who you want? I thing a Harry x Tom pairing would be interesting. Or a Harru x Tom? Or someone from Hogwarts? Some OC's should be coming in soon so you can pick from one o them if you want. Any ideas, until next time, R&R.