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Wanderer and Black Moon looked into the room with fear and wonder. The walls were made of hundreds mosaics depicting battles and wars, dispersed with images of various magical creatures. The gore was evident in every different scene. Clearly this was some sign of inner turmoil.

A Cerberus sat in the center of the room. It had Rottweiler coloring and it adorned a silver key around its neck, the two doors that it opened stood on different sides of the room.

"We are Harry," they said in unison, "we are Trickery and Deceit," The center head then fell silent, choosing only to watch them with a benign interest.

"I am your best friend," the right one purred,

"I am your worst enemy," the left one growled.

"I speak naught but lies," right chirruped.

"I speak nothing but the truth," left hissed angrily.

"My door leads you to safety," right sang.

"Mine leads to certain death," left barked.

"But which of us is lying?" they laughed in unison. Wanderer and Black Moon looked at each other in fear.

"So this is Harry's inner Slytherin coming into play?" Wanderer joked. The left head sneered derisively.

"Keep telling yourself what you wish Wanderer, your choice here is either life or death. Your choice here seals both your fates," Black Moon bristled.

"I not sure if such a snake in the grass deserves my blood!" The Cerberus laughed.

"We are not always used," the center head put in gently, "I am the voice of Reason, knowing when lying and deceit is necessary. We have had a hard life, sometimes it is best simply to put up falsities in order to survive. We do what we must in order to get through each day." The left head snapped its jaws at the center head,

"Quiet you!" it turned to Wanderer and Black Moon. "Come on now, make your choice!" Wanderer cocked his head to one side, deliberating.

"What if… I don't make a choice?" he asked sneakily. The left head sneered at him again.

"Then we eat you, and you die anyway," Black Moon let out a loud baying whinny.

"This is ridiculous! There's no way of telling who is telling the truth! Wanderer?" Wanderer didn't answer; he was too busy staring out the center head. The calm brown eyes battle silently with the single blue.

"I…" he paused, and then let out a rougish grin, "I have made my choice. The key?" the center head smiled warmly, dipping it's head to allow the key to slide easily down it's neck, then tossed the glittering bit of metal over to Wanderer, which he caught one handed and strolled casually over to the door on the left hand side.

"Wanderer! Do I get a say in this?!" Black Moon demanded as he ran over to Wanderer, who was already unlocking the door,

"No," he said, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. He pushed the wooden door inwards and stepped through it.


Draco was pissed. The sun had risen, and Harry and Harru were not yet back.

He had run up to the castle and asked around if anyone had seen him.

No one had.

He had snuck into Harry's chambers to see if he was in there.

He wasn't.

He had scoured all of the Forbidden Forest.

Nowhere to be found.

In the end he had retired to the Slytherin dormitories to wait for his arrival. It was a Saturday, so there were no lessons on, and the common room was full students, so he had then again retreated, this time into his room.

He now lay, sprawled out on his bed, waiting for when his precious mate would return to the castle. Even the mysterious Tom had no idea where the two Panthers had wandered off to. The only useful information he had managed to glean from his was that his roommate, Wanderer, was also missing.

He held a fistful of the silky green bed covers and growled angrily.

"Quit growling Draco," Blaise muttered angrily from the neighboring bed.

"Shut it, ape! Blaise merely showed him his middle finger and buried his head in the pillow. Draco growled angrily again and Blaise lost it, sitting up in bed and launching his pillow at Draco's face.

"Fuck off elsewhere if you're going to keep growling! I don't want to listen to it! It's one in the fucking morning!" Draco scowled to himself and bolted out of the door, keeping his head ducked to avoid the unknown object that was hurled at his retreating figure. He phased into Panther form and ran down the corridor like a ghost. He stepped into the shadows, so he became virtually invisible to any students nearby. When he reached the common room, he disturbed his Dark, who was still part of the Shadows, dozing peacefully by the open fire.

"Hi Dranto," Draco muttered sullenly. Dranto grunted sympathetically and gave his Light a comforting lick on the shoulder. He sighed and lay down next to his Dark, who began giving him a gentle grooming. "Thanks buddy. I've been blessed with a tolerable Dark," he purred. He knew better than to describe Dranto as 'nice' unless he wanted a nasty scratch across the face. Dranto chuckled and nipped his ear, understanding the implied compliment.

"You're padding across unsteady ground with Potter y'know. You'd be best to select a different mate and move on," Draco gave a low growl and watched a couple of students pack up and leave to their dorms. Thank Fenris they were still in the Shadows, therefore invisible, else some awkward questions would be raised.

"Evenun' boys," they groaned as Jayson padded over to them,

"Hello Jay'" Draco said in an attempt at being friendly to the barley understandable Light. Dranto gave him a goofy grin and got up to give his mate a kiss. This soon turned into a full make out session with Draco staring pointedly at the fire, trying to block out the wet slurping sounds coming from next to him.

"If you're done," Draco huffed pointedly, "I'm going to go for a walk." Jayson laughed.

"Beggin' yur pardon mi duck, I cannea contain me sen. Finkin' you's needin' some com'pney', come chat wiv' duh Pride." Draco caught about half of this, and promptly covered his face with his paws. Fenris and Selena help him.


The part of Harry that was Harru was bored.

There was nowhere near enough violence.

He thought this could be perked up with a lot more death, a few violent rampages and some binge drinking. Just like that time when- wait! He was getting off track.

He had a tendency of doing that. He supposed it came from having so many turbulent and dark thoughts all milling around in there at once- damn, he was doing it again!

He was watching the forms of Black Moon and Wanderer walking through the corridors of his mind.

He sat in curiosity as they spoke with the Keeper of Doors; the Cerberus.

He was really bored.

The Cerberus didn't eat them.


This conjoined mind he was in was stable.



He needed chaos and darkness.

He grinned to himself.

This was his mind after all; maybe he should make things a bit more interesting…


Black Moon flinched as the door opened, expecting a guardian of some kind to lunge out of the tunnel and kill them.

But the corridor beyond was just filled with echoing silence and flickering firelight. Wanderer grinned at him, then strode off down the corridor. Damn that man was rude; he just expected everyone to follow him.

Black Moon, of course, followed him anyway. This man may need his ego deflating a bit, but outside it all, he knew what he was doing. Sort of.

"How- how did you know that, was the right door?" Black Moon panted, trying to keep up with the man's long strides. He had really long legs. Wanderer chuckled.

"Harry may lie, but his is a kindly soul beneath it all. In the end, you had to ignore the lies both heads spouted and go through either door, and nothing would be waiting on either side. Don't you see? It's a trap designed to make trespassers falter, and turn back, thinking it isn't worth it. Clever really," Black Moon thought about this. It made sense… sort of.

"So… they were both lying?" Wanderer nodded.

"Yes," He peered at Black Moon out of the corner of his single blue eye.

"You see, the one who said he was telling the truth was in fact telling the truth, but in a way that suggested he was lying. The one who was lying made it sound as though he was telling the truth, and in the end it's all one big mind-fuck maneuver," Wander grinned, clearly pleased with his summary of it all. Black Moon, who had followed none of his explanation, merely said;

"Uhhh…" Wanderer laughed to himself, clearly not even registering Black Moon's attempt at speech, as caught up he was in his own genius.

"Incredibly ingenious. I might have to try it. It's nothing more than a judge of character," he smiled benignly and smoothed the front of his robes as he walked. Black Moon watched this man with a fascinated curiosity. He was like a bright, everlasting flame; life giving, beautiful and mysteriously. But deadly and destructive if it so chooses. That is how he now saw this mysterious traveler. A quirk of nature. Both blessed and cursed all at once.

"These aren't really personality traits you know," Wanderer said suddenly, surprising Black Moon out of his reverie.

"They're not?" he asked, surprised.

"No. They're defense mechanisms. When you feel threatened, your less… desirable, quirks take place. You lie, your sneaky, you lash out. Just a way to protect yourself. The first few guardians proved this; you sometimes use your mind to worm you way out of trouble, some people even joke and play around to ease the tension of the situation." Black Moon cocked his head, considering. These were some really unusual people. He'd preferred life before these strangers had wandered into his herd and confuse file up into this muddled mess. How had Wanderer lived like this for millennia after millennia?


Tom was bored now. Harry and Harru had been missing for nearly two days now, and Wanderer had been missing for longer than that. He flicked his wand carelessly and watched the steam of gold and silver sparks with only a small amount of interest. He glanced over at the cup sat in a puddle of shadow on the table.

He understood now.

He was a horcrux.

He vaguely remembered researching about them when he was whole.

He knew what had to happen to him now.

He had to die.

All of him had to die.

But could he do it?

Could he willingly walk into a death he had tried so hard to avoid?

Tearing his soul like he had to escape it's claws?

He had to. He had to save all of these people and end it all.

But not yet. While he had a body he could help. It was strange, but he could almost… sense the other horcruxes. He had known what the cup was the moment he saw it, and he'd felt his world come crashing down.

He had to die.

There was a knock on the door and he looked up from the chair he'd been slumping in to see a flash of long ginger hair.

"Hi Ginny," he muttered. Ginny faltered at his obviously depressed tone, then hurried across the room to sit in his lap. She looked at him with big brown eyes.

"What's wrong?" he looked away, unwilling to meet her beautiful gaze.

"Nothing…" he trailed off, realizing she didn't believe him anyway, so there was no point in even bothering with the façade of innocence.

"Now both you and I know that that is a lie, plain and simple. It has something to do with whatever that stranger left in your room, doesn't it?" she snapped, jabbing a finger at the offending golden cup perched on the table. Tom averted his eyes and pulled a face. Ginny huffed, cupped his face in her hands and turned him to face her. "Tom," she said gently, her big brown eyes sparking with worry, "listen, whatever it is, you'll be fine. Everything turns out alright in the end, right?" Tom closed his eyes. Yeah, he thought bitterly to himself, for the good guys. But I'm not a good guy, am I? I'm as dark as they come.

Then he felt a pair of warm lips press against his, and he froze up, blushing tomato red. He snapped his eyes open and looked up at the girl now straddling him. He looked into those eyes, and saw a flashing image of the same girl lying, soaking, on a cold chamber floor. Nearly dead, by his hand. That over whelming sense of triumph that came with her inevitable demise.

He pulled away and pushed Ginny to her feet, rushing hastily across the room to put some distance between them.

She was an untold beauty. Once soiled by his hand, but not again. And he, well, he was a beast, a monster forged by his own willing hand. He couldn't let her draw lose knowing he would eventually pass on an leave her alone.

"I know what your thinking you know," she murmured. He felt her arms snake around his back, and her warm face bury its self between his shoulder blades.

"Really?" he asked, a touch of amusement coloring his tone.

"Mm," came the agreeing hum. "Whatever the bit of you from that diary did to me, it's not you. It will never be you. It will always be him, and he's just a memory now. Nothing more," the sudden amount of wisdom coming from this Weasley was rather astounding in comparison to her usually hot headed tendencies, and h=it left him being able to do nothing but blink rather stupidly for a moment.

He felt the arms withdraw, and a chaste kiss being placed on his cheek.

"Think about what I said, hm? Just because I'm a Lioness and you're a Snake, doesn't mean you can't visit my common room," she waltzed away, and Tom turned to see her paused in the doorway to the room. "In fact, I don't mind if you Slither-in," and with a laugh that sounded like wind chimes, and a bright flare of her usual bubbly personality, she left. Leaving Tom, alone in the room, with his turbulent thoughts.

'Well, not quite alone, hm?' a voice sounded in his head, one that sounded very much, like his own.