A Christmas miracle part one

'Hey Dragon.

And don't get your ego all high and mighty because of that nickname, I'm calling you Dragon because you are arrogant and foul tempered like one. And just like a dragon you're always alone. I heard that even Mokuba wouldn't be with you this Christmas. But even a foul tempered dragon like yourself shouldn't be alone on Christmas, so I got a surprise for you. I'll give you one hint, you probably will use my nickname for your present, and hopefully not for me anymore.


your secret Santa.'

Seto sat in his office and read this words after opening a letter that was on his desk, together with a whole bunch of others. The only difference was that this letter didn't have a post stamp. He shortly wondered who brought this letter and what he was supposed to make of it. He was insulted by the writer of the letter but at the same time this person promised him a present. The only thing Seto knew for sure was that it wasn't a fangirl. They wouldn't insult him. especially not by calling him a dragon. Some had used this nickname before but never as an insult and Seto had come to like the nickname, even though he never cared for the girls, but now he wasn't as sure if he still liked it or not.

There weren't many suspects that could have written this though, considering that there weren't a great deal of people that already knew that Mokuba wasn't coming for the holidays and there were even less that would give Seto something, even though he was picking on them. It actually left one or two and considering the stile of writing, it was most likely the Mutt. But what this person didn't know was that it was pointless to give him something to stop him from being lonely, because he didn't mind. Seto wasn't alone because it just happened that he had ended up alone. He had chosen to be alone years ago. At a time where he had fallen in love with someone, who would never love him back and if he would, it would probably destroy the guy Seto loved and that was the one thing he didn't want to happen and so Seto watched over him from a distance, not letting anyone know that he cared for that person and Seto was contend with that. As long as the other was happy, so was he.

Seto threw the letter in the drawer of his desk. He didn't really care who had written that letter or what present he might get from this so called secret Santa. Thinking about it would be a waste of time anyway, because it would be revealed by itself in the end and Christmas was close by now, so he wouldn't even have to wait for long. And so he continued to work.

But just one day later he got another letter on his desk that didn't have a post stamp and upon opening it, he found a dog tag with the KC from his company on it.

'Hey Dragon.

How is your pride? Hope no one stepped on it, because I don't want you to turn into a murderer. I wonder if you'd ever go that far, well actually I doubt it, you'd be threatening it yes, but you're way too much of a softy inside to actually go through with it, at least I like to think so. Well, you probably wonder why I write again and to be honest, I just do it to get on your nerves. I love messing with your head. Oh and I've got an early surprise gift for you. Just to get you ready for your present.


your secret Santa.'

Seto looked at the dog tag and tunred it around to read the words 'If lost please return to the biggest jerk in history.' Seto stared at it and thought Please don't let him get me a puppy, I really don't have time for a mutt. Seto loved dogs and used to wish for one when he was younger and just started to live in the Kaiba Mansion. At a time where he was forced to learn so hard that on some days he didn't even get to see Mokuba. He had longed for someone to cuddle and talk to, who would never be able to betray him by telling his secrets to others or talk about the tears that had fallen down from his eyes some nights when he was a child. The tears that came when he was so lonely that he couldn't bare it anymore. And to be completely honest, now that Mokuba had moved out to go to college, he sometimes wished for something to just hug and cuddle, that would never tell anyone that he did that. A dog would be perfect but a little puppy would make him look way too soft and weak. And Seto needed his reputation.

Seto gave a sigh and put everything away again. Once more would he have to first do his work and then maybe waste some thoughts on this. He really couldn't use some cute little puppy. But this time he couldn't refocus his thoughts on his work as easily as the last time. His thoughts kept returning to the letter and the possible author of it. Seto was nearly sure that it was his Mutt, Joey Wheeler. There just couldn't be any other person that not only knew about his brother not coming home for Christmas, but also would be bold enough to talk to him in such a manner. The thought that he might at least get to fight with Joey, was raising his spirits more than he would ever admit to anyone. Not even his little brother knew how much Seto enjoyed fighting with the Mutt. Joey's face, when he got angry, was priceless and for those short moments all of Joey's attention belonged to him. Of course Seto didn't fight with Joey to get his attention. It would be foolish to fight with someone he secretly admired and liked just to get his attention and even Seto's social abilities weren't that terrible. But in this special circumstances it was the only thing Seto could get.

Joey had never shown the slightest interest and to tell the truth, Seto had started to pick on the blond long before the blond had managed to gain his respects and slowly steal his heart. But by then it was too late. Joey was showing a lot of interest in Mai Valentine, even though it sometimes seemed to be like Joey saw her more like an older sister. Seto was still sure that Joey wasn't interested in him and never would be. They were too different to have a relationship. Joey had no idea of proper manners, not even in school or other social events of his middle class life. If that was what he had and considering the place he lived in, Seto doubted that he even reached that class. He would be lost and helpless at the upper class social events that Seto was invited to and would feel left out much too easily. Seto knew that living with Joey would only bring sadness to the happy go lucky young blond and so Seto would stay away from him and never even show him his true feelings. It was easy enough to hide those, since he had practise with showing a poker face and not letting on his emotions, due to his work.

Seto worked till late at night, because the letter kept creeping into his thoughts, stopping him from working to the best of his ability. It wasn't too bad since Seto was one of the most intelligent man in the country and still could get his work done perfectly but everything took him a little bit longer than usually and considering the amount of work he did during an average day, that little bit summed up to be a few hours.

One the next day it was Christmas Eve and Seto would only have to work for a little while. His employees would be home even earlier, to be with their families. On that day there was another letter on his desk that looked just like the two letters from his secret Santa. Seto opened it, trying to stay calm. No matter how likely his assumption that this secret Santa was Joey might be, he still hadn't had the time to try and verify that theory. Once he'd opened the letter, he saw that one little dog treat was in it. Seto placed it at the side, certain by now that he would need to drive to the pound on Christmas to get rid of a poor little pup. Joey probably would be devastated if he did, but he didn't have the time to look after a dog.

Seto slowly unfolded the letter and read it.

'Hey Dragon.

And yes, I still mean it to be an insult because you always think you're the greatest. This is the third and last letter since Christmas is right behind the corner. One more night and you'll see your present, even though I'm sure you little smart ass got it all figured out by now. I bet you even know who I am. In case you don't know what you get, here is a hint, don't eat that doggy treat, you still need it to give a Christmas present to your present. And don't even think about driving to the pound with your present or I'm going to kick your butt into the next century, got it?

And before I forget, dragons really are full of themselves, proud with an ego up in the clods and most people are scared when they see one but they're also powerful and usually pictured to be intelligent and really cool. Just like a Mutt can be protective, loyal and would never give up to protect the one he loves, now matter the odds. So don't forget that everything has two sides. And no matter how scary a dragon can be, no one should be alone on Christmas.


your secret Santa.'

Seto stared at the letter and wondered if he had been wrong. This was too witty for Joey and it nearly sounded like this person had a strange way of flirting with him. Seto gave a sigh and put the letter away, almost certain that it was only wishful thinking, when he had concluded the author of this letters to be Joey. Joey probably wouldn't care if he was alone at Christmas. But one thing still made Seto believe that it could be Joey after all. In the first letter he had said that with this present Seto might have to stop calling him the names he did, if this was a dog, Seto might call him a mutt instead of that person and in the last letter now there was the talk of a Mutt, too. All the good attributes that Seto admired in the blond were mentioned in the last letter.

But no matter who had written this, Seto didn't need a dog to look after and so he picked up his phone and called Mokuba. Once he hared the voice of his younger brother he smiled a little. He was alone and could allow himself to drop the poker face. And to hear Mokuba's happy voice always made him happy. "Hello Mokuba. How are you?"

"Seto? I'm great but why are you calling?" Mokuba asked surprised. Seto never called, unless he needed to talk about something important. Mokuba knew that Seto was much too busy for a social call and didn't hold it against his older brother.

"I'm just wondering if you can help me avoiding a rather inconvenient situation I might get in tomorrow." Seto started to explain.

It was quiet on the other side for a moment and then Mokuba asked, "How can you get into an inconvenient situation on Christmas day? And most of all, how can I help avoiding it when I'm not even there?"

"I'm getting letters from some secret Santa and if I understood the implications correct, and considering how obvious those were, there is no doubt I did, this person is intending to get me a dog for Christmas." Seto explained the predicament. "And this person does so, because I'll be alone for Christmas, have you talked to anyone about being gone for the holidays?"

"Really?" Mokuba asked excited. "You're getting a dog? What kind of dog? Will it still be a puppy?"

"Mokuba," Seto said, stern to interrupt his brothers pointless questions. "How would I know? I haven't seen the dog yet and I don't even intend to keep the dog."

"Why not?" Mokuba asked.

"Because I don't have the time to mind a dog." Seto explained.

"You raised me big bro and I think you did a great job with that," Mokuba said. "You always found time for me, you could find time for a dog and have a maid looking after him when you can't."

"But you're my brother," Seto said, "I didn't mind raising you, because I love you. But I don't intend to waste my time for a stupid dog."

Seto heard a sigh from the other end of the line and knew that Mokuba wished for a dog, just as much as he had once upon a time. "Why are you acting so cold? I know you always loved dogs and used to want one."

"When I was a child." Seto clarified. "Which I'm not anymore. But since you sound so eager, how about I don't drive the dog to the pound but you have to come back here as soon as you can and then you take the dog?"

"You mean it?" Mokuba asked, "I'm really getting a dog from you?"

"Yeah," Seto said, "That isn't what I had in mind when I called you, but I won't need to fight with this secret Santa to take the dog away again."

"And what did you have in mind?" Mokuba asked.

"That you call around and tell everyone you know that I hate dogs and if anyone dares to give me a puppy, I will drown it." Seto answered.

"You wouldn't." Mokuba said shocked.

"Of course I wouldn't. The press would have a field day with it if that came out, but I would drive the dog to the pound and that would just be inconvenient." Seto said.

"You really did get cold, big brother." Mokuba said and Seto could hear in his brother's voice that he was pouting. "But at least I'll get a dog. I just hope the dog isn't too big. I'm not permitted to have larger pets in my apartment."

"Then start looking for another place," Seto suggested immediately. "Just make sure that I don't need to watch your dog for too long."

"All right," Mokuba said. "But give me a call tomorrow, once you know if I really need a bigger place. As long as it's a chihuahua or such, I'll be fine."

For a moment Seto imagined himself walking around town with a tiny little chihuahua in a little bag, just like Paris Hilton and he shivered. His image would be ruined forever.

Authors note:

Thanks for reading the first chapter of my Christmas story.

I planned it to be a one shot but it took on a life of it's own. It has 4 chapters now and I'm going to uptade every day till the fourth is out on Christmas day. I hope you're all going to enjoy a sappy little Christmas story.