A Christmas miracle part five.

"You think Joey will really show up today?" Yugi asked, looking out of the windows of his living room and onto the street. He felt guilty for not allowing Mutt to stay. He knew that if he gave in, Joey would stay too.

"Of course, why shouldn't he?" Téa asked. "I mean, he said he would the last time he was here and left with some money. I mean, I never thought he would get bold enough to steal money and just leaving behind a note, promising to pay you back."

"He just borrowed it and knew that I wouldn't give it in the hope that he'd stay instead." Yugi said.

"I know." Téa said and looked worried towards Yugi. "Hey, don't look so down. Joey is going to show up today. I mean he's a tough guy and I'm sure that he'll show up when it gets too cold for him or he gets too hungry. You know how Joey is, his stomach rules his actions ever since I know the guy."

"Yeah." Yugi said and continued to look outside. "But it's five past three and he's still not here. What if something happened to him? I should have let the dog stay."

"You can't, Yugi." Tristan said "And Joey needs to smarten up and stay here without the dog. He can't force you to keep the dog by running off if you don't. I mean, I doubt he's even thinking that far but still you can't let a dog say. That huge beast was in this house for a grand total of one hour and absolutely trashed the shop, using most of the goods as chew toys. It cost you a fortune. And don't forget what happened to your card card."

"Joey replaced it." Yugi said to defend his friend. "I just wonder what he had to do to manage that."

It was quiet for a while. All three worried for their friend, that had lost his home last summer and not even bothered to tell them till they noticed that he never got changed. He stopped by now at one of their places but never for long. Just for a good bath and some food. Sometimes he stayed for a night but most of the time he was gone before the night started, latest by the time they got up. Even Mokuba was calling once a week to ask if Joey was still alright and if he should talk to Seto, but Joey didn't want that. All of them understood that, even Mokuba, Joey and Seto had never gotten along and hated each other and it was probably too much to ask of Joey to let Seto help him now. But he even refused to let Mokuba help him and said ridiculous things like, "Seto would help me, as long as I annoy him enough, he loves it when I do that."

All three had decided that Joey was either being ironic and meant that Seto wouldn't even help him if Mokuba would insist or he had absolutely lost his mind.

"You aren't going to make him pay if he looses that bet, are you?" Yugi asked and looked towards Tristan and Téa for a moment. Wondering if Joey didn't show up, because he didn't have the money. Joey had 'borrowed' 20 bucks from him, he can't pay him back if Seto isn't coming and even Joey didn't really believe that Seto Kaiba will ever come to his Christmas party.

"What do you mean with if? He lost that bet the second he made it. But of course we won't make him pay." Téa said.

"Like he even could if we did." Tristan said with a smile. "But I'm thinking about forcing him to stay at my place for a week and do the dishes. That would get him off the street and he would feel like he had to do it just to pay off his dept. We should all try to make him stay for a week, after all he owes us all some money, now that he can't get Kaiba to show up."

"You think Joey lost it? I mean to even make that bet is crazy." Téa asked sort of worried. "I mean, we all know that Kaiba is nevert going to come."

"Maybe he will." Yugi said with a slight blush. He didn't have much hope either but he always had wanted to befriend the cold CEO, certain that he could use some friends. Yug still remembered how lonely he sometimes was before he met his darker half Yami and befriended Joey and Tristan soon after that. He was bullied in school and always alone. Seto might not be completely alone and no one dared to bully him in school, but a lot of people were jealous of his power and money and might try to take it, if Seto didn't mind what he did. The others didn't understand it though. Tristan and Téa have never been as alone as Yugi was but he had a feeling that Joey did understand. He had sort of lost his mother and sister, not as permanent as Seto had lost his parents but Joey must understand how it was to be an older brother and not to have much support from his parents. Maybe that was the reason he tried to bring Seto and made that bet to motivate himself further. He just hoped he succeeded for Seto as well as for Joey, who could really use that money from Téa and Tristan. Even though forcing him to stay and work was a good idea too.

Yugi looked out once more, surprised to see a huge limousine stopped just outside of the building "Come over and look at this" Yugi said and stared outside, while both of his friends raised from their places to see what had caused the outburst. "Kaiba's limousine just arrived." Yugi added before they even made it to the window.

"Impossible," Tristan said, before he reached the window to press his nose against the glass. "Ha, it's just because Mokuba came after all." He added after Mokuba got out of the car. They watched Mokuba staying there and waiting. It took some time in which Mokuba looked up and noticed them standing at the window. He waved up and looked back into the car, saying something no one understood.

"Someone must be with him." Téa said surprised. She stood behind Yugi and Tristan, who had been faster to reach the window, and looked between their heads to see what was going on. "Maybe he met Joey. I wonder if he came to talk Seto into helping Joey after all."

And indeed Joey was the next one to climb out of the vehicle. But he was followed by no other than Seto Kaiba himself right away. Joey looked up and waved too, while Kaiba simply glared up for a second before he said something which must have gotten the others to walk to the door. "I'll go, let them in." Yugi said quickly and left.

"I can't believe it." Tristan said. "He really won that bet."

"I know." Téa said just as surprised "I was so sure I'd win that one. But it's just his luck that Mokuba showed up after all and Seto probably just wanted to spend as much time with his brother as he can and only came because Mokuba wanted to come."

"Yeah, you're right." Tristan said. "I really don't get how he managed to end up on the street with that kind of luck on his side."

A little later Mokuba walked inside of the room, followed by Yugi and then Joey and Seto right on their heals. "Sit down guys. I'm so happy you all came." Yugi said cheerfully. "How comes that you're here Mokuba? I thought you'd be with that girlfriend of yours."

"Yeah, I was staying over at her place and being with her parents for this holidays. We had decided to split it between our relatives and come here every second year and be with her parents every other one. But Seto told me that I'd get a dog and I wanted to see it, so I made a short day trip over to see it and have to go back tonight."

"Like I said," Téa said to Tristan, "it's just his luck."

"What is?" Joey asked, knowing that if they talked about luck they must mean him.

"That Mokuba came." Téa explained. "You'd never manage to win the bet if Seto hadn't gotten him a dog."

"Oh it's not luck then," Joey answered with a grin. "I gave Seto the dog but he doesn't like Mutt any more than Yugi does. Maybe even a little less. So he's passing him on to Mokuba."

"Are you sure you know what your doing?" Yugi asked Mokuba.

"I don't have as many toys and he behaved alright at Seto's so far. Apart from the fact that he jumps up on my brother whenever he tries to call Joey a mutt." Mokuba explained with a laugh.

"Told ya it would help me one day when I teach him that." Joey said with a grin.

"Which is why he has to go." Seto sai.d "I'm not going to let your dog stay when you teach him such manners."

"You really are a jerk, you know that?" Joey asked but grinned.

"And you're a mutt, so deal with it." Seto answered but to everyone's surprise he smiled at Joey when he said it and Joey simply smiled back, not looking upset at all. It was clear to all of them that something must have changed, but apart form Mokuba, no one knew what that could be.

"By the way," Joey said, "you two better pay up."

"That's mean." Tristan said. "We wouldn't have make you pay up."

"I would have paid." Joey said, "Sooner or later anyway. After all a bet is a bet, so pay up."

Both of them handed Joey the money they owed him and Joey passed it on to Yugi. "Here you go pal, and sorry for taking the money without asking."

"It's fine Joey, really." Yugi said. "I understand why you did that but what did you need the money for anyway?"

"For a tag for the dog." Joey explained. "But he won't need it now. It doesn't fit when Mokuba gets him."

"Why not?" Mokuba asked.

"Because it reads that the dog is to be returned to me if he gets lost." Seto explained.

"Nope," Joey said, "It said, that he is to be returned to the biggest jerk in the world. But yeah, technically you're right, since you're the biggest jerk in the world. But I still have to thank you for letting me decorate a tree. That actually was nice of you."

"He did what?" Tristan asked astonished. He couldn't have heard right, Kaiba wouldn't do something nice for Joey, would he?

"He went out with me yesterday to get a tree. He didn't have one when I came to give him Mutt as a present and so we went out into the countryside to get one from a forest." Joey said with a smile. "And then I had to make self-made decorations, because the shops were closed and he didn't have any from the last year, but he had the top and was kind enough to bring it and even let me put it on the tree and before I forget, he still had the lights for it and brought them too." Joey said, smiling all the while.

"I really need to find a way to make you shut up when you start babbling such embarrassing things." Seto said with a death glare towards Joey.

"He's lying, isn't he?" Téa asked Mokuba, who just shook his head. He had seen the tree and didn't doubt for a second that Joey was the one to decorate it. Seto would never have decorated it with self-made snowflakes and stars out of paper. Mokuba was surprised that Seto had one at all until now.

"I told ya that ya first need to figure out how to make me shut up." Joey said with a grin.

"I bet I know a way." Seto said, remembering how Joey had shut him up the night before.

"I bet it ain't going to work." Joey said grinning.

"Don't bet," Seto answered grinning back at him "You'll loose that one."

"That's what Téa and Tristan said but look who won." Joey retorted to him, still grinning.

"Will you shut up on your own or will I need to prove my point?" Seto asked.

"You may try to prove, because like I said yesterday, I ain't shutting up." Joey said and soon was quiet because his lips were sealed with Seto's. The three friends that hadn't known what the change was, stared at the two kissing guys speechlessly. Unlike Joey, who started to speak again the second Seto removed his lips, "You´re still a jerk…" That wasn't all he wanted to say but he had to make a break, because Seto kissed him once more to stop him. "…and I'm still…" he continued as soon as he could but returned the kiss he felt soon after happily. "…yapping, so give it up." Joey managed to finish that sentence and looked into the face of a rather angry looking dragon with a big grin on his own face. "Really Seto, did ya think ya can stop me from talking if ya treat me to a kiss every time I annoy the hell out of ya? But hey, where is my next kiss? I'm still yapping."

Now Seto grinned at Joey and whispered, "How would you like to lick some cream and chocolate sauce from my chest tonight, when Mokuba is gone?" Joey blushed but stared at Seto with excitement. "But you only get to do that if you manage to keep quiet for...let's start with 10 minutes."

Joey looked at the time and then made a movement like he was locking his mouth and nodded.

"What did you tell him?" Mokuba asked his brother with a grin, while Yugi and the rest was still staring at Seto and Joey.

"Secret but I doubt that anyone can make him speak for 10 minutes, unless I promise him that he gets his treat even if he does, which I won't." Seto said with an evil grin.

"You kissed him," Tristan suddenly said, sounding utterly disgusted. "Joey, how could you let him KISS you?"

But Joey just grinned and shrugged. He really loved both cream and chocolate. And to have both from Seto's chest was nearly like the ultimate treat. There was only one thing that could possibly be better. Ice cream, chocolate sauce and cream from Seto's, well let's just say a little further down than his chest.

"Tell me Joey, how can you let him not only kiss you but also try to stay quiet for that jerk?" Tristan asked. "What is he doing to you pal? I'll help you no matter what it is he does to you, just tell me."

But Joey just rolled his eyes and grinned at him, shaking his head. Seto wasn't doing anything to him after all, at least nothing that required any help from his friends.

"I bet I can make Joey talk." Téa said. "Joey, if you tell me right now, I'll buy you as much ice cream as you want every day for a month."

Joey bit his lip and looked at Seto helplessly. He really wanted that ice cream. But Seto whispered to Joey. "You'll get ice cream and even a cherry with it if you want, just stay quiet."

Joey smiled and nodded fiercely. Téa might be able to promise him ice cream for a month but Seto had a nicer plate and Joey doubted that Téa could promise him to let him have that much ice cream from Seto's chest. Only Seto could do that.

"Joey?" Téa asked. "Don't tell me he just promised you even more ice cream?"

Joey shook his head and moved his hand up, putting his index finger a little over his thumb to indicate that he had promised a little.

"You mean, he only promised a little more ice cream?" She asked and Joey shook his head again, pointing to Téa and moving his hands apart and then to Seto before moving his fingers close together again to show that he was promising less.

"You mean, you stay quiet even though he is offering you less ice cream than I do?" Téa asked. "Are you getting something else? Because I promise that if it isn't too expensive I'll give you the same." She watched Joey shaking his head and said, "So it is expensive?" Joey shook his head and pointed at Seto's chest.

"Have you ever heard about discretion, you stupid mutt?" Seto asked, happy that he didn't blush "If you even try to let them know about that part of the deal in anyway, you might as well talk again because you won't get anything."

Joey looked at him angrily and opened his mouth, close to saying an insult but he shut it again. He looked around angrily until he grabbed a cushion of the couch and hit Seto at the head with it, happy again at the face Seto made now. Joey just loved that he could still annoy the hell out of Seto.

"You might as well give up." Mokuba said with a happy smile on his face. "I bet Seto promised him something none of you can. And you don't need to worry about the kissing. Unless it gets too much. I wasn't able to talk to them at all during the ride here, hell I hardly got them to get out once we where here. They are glued to each other ever since they got together."

"They can't be." Tristan said. "They hate each other and insult each other. They did just now before and after the kissing."

"And in between, he called me a jerk after all." Seto said grinning again at the shocked look on Tristan's face and put an arm around his newest and most precious possession. He was happy to feel Joey cuddle against him. "But we don't hate each other, we actually love each other, whether you like it or not, Joey is mine now. By the way Mokuba, this means that we both will have a dog now." Seto felt Joey jump up and look at him happily, about to say something before he moved a hand over his mouth to stop himself from making a sound. He just jumped up and down and pointed at himself and then moved his hand letting it hover over the floor at about the same height Mutt has. "No Joey, Mokuba is getting that annoying beast you dragged into my house. I'm not going to keep that beast." Seto said, watching Joey look at him confused and disappointed.

"Then how comes that we'll both have a dog?" Mokuba asked his brother, knowing that Joey would never be able to get whatever Seto had promised him, if he didn't get an answer to that question.

"Easy," Seto said with an evil smirk on his face. "You get the four legged Mutt and I'll keep Joey." And this time Seto grabbed the cushion, when Joey tried to hit him in the face with it again. "You're way too predictable Joey."

Joey looked at the time and was happy to see that the 10 minutes were just over "Hell I'm predictable, I bet ya didn't see that kiss last night coming, did ya?"

"No, I didn't." Seto admitted. "But it is really, really rare that I don't know what you say or do long before you do it."

"I've noticed." Joey said clearly upset and folded his arms over his chest, "How do ya do that anyway?"

"I just know you." Seto said and pulled him closer. "I studied you for years in high school. You were the only reason that I attended school whenever I could and never tried to take a few extra days off, pretending them to be for work. Not that I would need that much time to study you, considering that you're way too predictable. But it was fun fighting with you."

"Really?" Joey asked, much happier that Seto had loved him back then already and came to school just because of him.

"Really." Seto said with a smile and kissed him once more.

"But ya going to keep that promise, right? I mean, I stayed quiet for 10 minutes." Joey said proud of himself that he'd managed to do it.

"Yes, I never break my word." Seto said with a smile.

"Do I have to have it from where you said?" Joey asked and Seto looked confused, he thought that was the only reason he stayed quiet, even though Téa was offering more ice cream. But he understood as soon as Joey asked what he wanted instead. "I'd rather have a little dragon plate."

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