I was scared to approach her. She looked so frozen and numb. Quinn was still beautiful though. She wore a gorgeous pastel blue gown that made her look like she was a princess who had just stepped out of a fairy tale.

"Quinn?" She was aware of my presence now, and she looked up. I sat down tentatively on the bench next to her. We were in a dark corner of the gym – nobody took any notice of us. All the prom-goers were gathered around the stage. Before they had been anxiously waiting to find out who was prom king and queen. Now they were all dancing wildly as Mercedes and Santana belted out a number on stage and Kurt and Blaine swayed on the dance floor.

"Have you been here long?" I asked quietly. "A little while," she said flatly. "Just processing the fact that I'm gonna be a Lima Loser for the rest of my life."

"That isn't true Quinn." I said sincerely. The blonde made a disbelieving noise. "I'm nothing now," she muttered. "I have nothing and I am nothing. Nobody respects me anymore."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "You didn't have respect to begin with, Quinn," I stated firmly. "People didn't respect you, they were scared of you. Now's your chance to start over and find people who really matter to you. People who love you for who you are."

She smiled, a little sadly. There was silence for a minute as we watched their fellow glee clubbers rock out on stage. Normally Rachel would have been up there with them. But she couldn't leave Quinn.

"What do you think of my corsage? Finn picked it out for me." Quinn said proudly, holding out her arm. Around her wrist was a beautiful white gardenia with a light green wrapped around it. I smiled to myself. It was clear Finn had taken my advice. "It's beautiful. I told him to pick it out for you, actually." I informed her.

The blonde raised an eyebrow. "Really?" she laughed. "Shows how useless Finn is. But why would you do that for me?"

I hesitated. "Well, it was partly because I knew it would look amazing on you," I stuttered. "And also because I was trying to tell you something." Quinn's eyes were full of yearning. "What?" I took her hand and held it softly in mine. "Gardenias. They mean secret love."

I had no idea how the other girl was going to respond to this. But before I knew it, Quinn's hands were snaking around my waist and pulling me towards her. She looked into my eyes for a moment before capturing my lips in a deep and passionate kiss.

And that was where we remained for the rest of the evening, cuddling and kissing in a dark, unnoticed corner of the gym.