Welcome to "Sing a Song of South Park," a little place for musical South Park fun. I plan on adding original lyrics and parodies, standalone lyrics and descriptive musical numbers. This is intended to be permanently a work in progress, since there is no continuity between the musical numbers.

2. "Christmas Break" (Performed by Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, Stan, and Charlie)
3. "Bringing Christmas to the Jews" (Performed by Charlie)
4. "A Letter to Saint Nicholas" (Lyrics only; Performed by Cartman)
5. "Kevin Strikes Back (Kevin vs. Cartman)" (Performed by Kevin Stoley with an appearance by Cartman)
6. "Air Rifle" (Performed by Kenny McCormick)

Feel free to comment with suggestions! I'll take requests for songs to parody, characters to include, or both. Thanks for stopping by!

Last update: 12/13/12