Here's a new fanfic. I'm just going to let you read so no more introductions.

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22nd December. 3 days left.

I looked out of my window. The snow was falling heavily past the window of the room I shared with my three brothers. There were only three beds but I didn't need one. I never slept. I never felt like I needed to either. I looked down at the book in my hands. It was a copy of Twilight. I was only eight but not sleeping meant I had a lot more time to learn things about the world. I finished the last page and put it back on my bookshelf. That senior was right. It wasn't literature at all. It was just plain dull. I sighed, then sat at my desk and began to write. I write little adventure stories from time to time. Not often but enough to have written about five in two years. That was when we moved here. We were told we could have three new pieces of furniture for our quarter of the room. We all got a desk and the other three got new beds. I got a sofa instead. We got a chair each added on for our desks and we each got a bookcase, me getting two because Sora realized he didn't need one after it was bought and got a T.V. instead. I took the bookcase I even then I had more books than I could fit.

I sighed again, looking out of the window. Christmas was nearly here and I knew the rest of my family would soon be panicking about Christmas shopping. Me? I bought my gifts over a month ago to avoid the plentiful mobs and huge prices. I sighed and, giving up on writing, sat on the sofa with my laptop. It had taken ages to save up for it but I eventually got it. I checked my in-box for emails but there were none. I looked back out of my window and sighed again. I was often depressed but today I was even more so. I didn't know why. I decided to get some rest.

I emerged from the trance-like state that replaces sleep for me about a hour later. There were still three hours before Sora woke half the neighbourhood and another hour after that til breakfast. I slipped down to the kitchen to get a snack and ate it before I returned to my sofa. I started to reread Brave New World, not a brilliant book but it suited how I felt. I followed it up with an Agatha Christie. By the time I'd finished that there were still five minutes left. I sighed again, grabbed clothes from my wardrobe and headed to the bathroom to shower. I washed and, as I dried myself, I heard Sora wake and yell his usual greeting. "Good morning world!" he yelled through the window, waking everyone in the neighbourhood. I wasn't even joking.

I never do.

I heard my brothers yell complaints before getting dressed and returning to our room. I found Roxas and Ventus armed with pillows chasing Sora . I sighed and waited for them to come close, then quickly slipped my foot in Ventus' way. He tripped and brought Roxas down with him. The latter glanced up and was about to glare daggers but realized it was me and stopped. They never argued with me. I just got them frustrated with technical terms so they gave up. "Stop" was all I said before returning to my sofa to do some Sudoku on my computer, followed by a game of solitaire then chess. I looked up to see them all staring at me. I noticed a lead running from my laptop to Sora's TV and realized thy had been watching. I pulled out the lead and continued playing. At five to eight I locked the screen then headed down for breakfast. Our parents were there in their usual colours, bright pink for mum and black for dad. I was the only one who didn't look like either, with my black hair and yellow eyes. They were a sure way of stopping anyone from trying to beat me up. They made me look like I could easily take on anyone in my school year, which was filled with people two years my senior.

"So, do you have any plans for today Van?"

"No. I've done my shopping already. Can I stay at home?"

"Of course son. You know the rules."

"Don't answer the door and if someone calls, pretend that you're too busy to take the call."

"Correct, not that I expected anything less from you. Now go on, dig in!"

It was at that exact moment that my brothers crashed through the door. Emphasis on crash. They leaped to the table and started to demolish the pancakes on their plates. "Grm pamcmkep pum!" Sora said through a mouthful of food. I took a much smaller bite.

"I agree with Sora. They are brilliant."

"Thank you kids. But Sora..." Sora swallowed, then gulped. Mum's voice became stern. "You..."

"You shouldn't talk with you mouth full. Any of you." finished Dad. Sora sent him a thankful look. "Now come on. Eat up. We're going Christmas shopping at nine."

"YAY!" Ventus and Roxas cheered at the same time. They were freakishly similar but they never wore the same clothes as each other. They all ate with renewed vigor and I laughed. That made them all stop and stare. That takes a lot.

"What?" I added a touch of venom, just enough for them to notice, but not Mum and Dad.

"Um, nothing. Pass the Nutella Roxas?" Sora replied.

They left as planned, and I went to my hiding place for presents. It was just a loose floorboard hidden by the carpet. It was a great spot. Even Sora, who combed the house every time it was our birthday or Christmas, had yet to find it. All the gifts were there, along with other things I didn't want anyone to find. I replaced the board and folded the carpet back, then went to research what I'd be learning next term. I often did this during my common times alone. Today, I researched space and some basic chemical processes to make sure I remembered everything correctly. I then settled down to read a Caroline Lawrence. I got through five before I got an e-mail. I sighed, marked the page and open IM. It was Axel, a boy four years older than me and in the same year as me, him having been held back twice and me being moved forwards twice.

Hi Axel.

Hi Van. :)

How are you?

K :). U?

What? I never did understand text speech.

Sigh. Sometimes you're a forking idiot. I smiled at that. Predictive text did not suit Axel. It means I'm good. How bout you?

I'm good. And you know I hate that.

I know.

Well, what did you want?

I wanted to know what you got me for Christmas.

Who says I have anything for you?

I know you too well.

Thank you for writing normally.

W00TZ! :) XD! H8. U 2. I didn't reply. Van? VAN? WHERE ARE YOU?

I've not gone. I wonder how people cannot figure out how you got held back that first time...

HEY! It was a tricky year!

It was Kindergarten.

No need to rub it in! So, are you studying?

I was. Have you done your homework?

Of course I have...


No...I've not done the book report yet. I haven't even chosen a book.

Well I read Rainbow Six...

WTF! That's like...1000 pages long!

I'll ignore that. I'll give you a book when you visit.

What's it called?


Why not? I have it on my bookcase already.

...You have books?

OY! Anyway, I'll try to read it then write the report. Bye!

Goodbye. I logged off. I stretched, then returned to my book.

Several hours later, I was interrupted in the last book by Sora bursting through the door and launching himself onto my sofa. I turned back to my book. "Go." I stood to get out of the room so my brothers could hide their presents and try to find mine. I talked to my parents, who once again told me I shouldn't be friends with Axel, him being four years older than me. I then explained why it wasn't bad with the help of a website I'd found that day. They finally gave in. When I went back upstairs, they called after me to get my brothers in bed. I obliged, playing soothing music on my laptop to help them sleep. Then I grabbed a book and read.

If you are wondering, as you probably are, as to how an eight year old has such a large vocabulary, has been moved forwards two years and is so mature, he's an insomniac with a laptop and not much liking for any games but puzzle games. He researches things. If there's a word he doesn't know the meaning of, he'll find it in the dictionary then pretty much read the whole page. The maturity is just his personality. That's my excuse. I know it's not realistic but it's fan FICTION.

Anyway, this is just a little Christmas fanfic I wrote in the summer. Yeah. Anyway, bye!