Last part. I hope that all of you enjoy this. And I still don't own Kingdom Hearts or any books.

24th December. 1 day to go.

"So Vani. What about you?"

"What Sora?"

"What would you wish for?"

"You might want to fill me in on the details."


"What are you talking about?"

"Right. We were talking about wishes and I asked what everyone would wish for if they got one wish. I'd wish for lots of money!" His eyes sparkled at the thought.

"I'd wish to be famous." Ven said.

"I'd wish for glory."

"Roxas, do you know what glory means?"

"Of course!"


"It means, um, I can't remember."

I closed my eyes. "Glory is very great praise, honour, or distinction bestowed by common consent."

"What does that mean?"

"It just gets more complicated."

"Right. Anyway, let's play hide and seek! Axel's visiting so he can play with us!" Just like Sora to change the subject like that.

"YAY!" Roxas and Ven yelled in union.

"Why don't you run down. I'm getting some breakfast."

Five minutes later, I was back on my sofa with some toast and a laughing Sora in a wardrobe. Axel came into the room, not making a noise, surprisingly. I pointed at Sora's hiding place. "I'm not playing, Axel." I finished my toast and headed downstairs to grab my coat. "I'm going for a walk Mum. Don't worry, I'm not going to be walking far." Before she could reply I left the house and started to walk to the bookshop at the corner of the road.

I arrived to find Zexion browsing the horror section. "Hi Zex. What are you looking for?"

"It's called 'Trapped, A Novel of Terror' but I can't find it anywhere." I smiled to myself, remembering that I'd bought the last copy a couple of days ago for him. "It's not here either." he sighed.

"Let's see if that book's out yet."

"Which book?"

"'Inheritance'. I can't wait to read it."

"If it's not, I'm getting 'The Dark Flight Down'. I want that book so much."

"Here it is. I'll check for the other book." I found several copies of the other books in the series, but there was no sign of the new one. I grabbed another book, 'Shades of Grey', and told Zex.

"Oh, well at least I have a back up." We took our books to the counter, paid, then wandered off home.

When I got home, I found Axel being forced into a car by his parents and Sora crying because of it. "Axel had go home in a hurry then, Mum?"


"W-why d-d-did he-he-e ha-ha-ave to-to-o g-g-go?" Sora was snivelling.

"Because his parents needed him at his home." Mum replied.

"Where are Roxas and Ven?" I asked.

"S-still hiding."

"Why don't you go and find them?"

"Good idea Vani." He sped off upstairs.

"So what did you get?" Mum asked, looking at the bag.

"Just a book. It's called 'Shades of Grey'."

"How did you know that you wouldn't get it for Christmas?"

"It only just came out."


"Found you Rox!" we heard Sora yell.

"Sora's loud isn't he? I just remembered, I never answered that question..."

"What question?"

"What I would wish for..."

"Well, I'd wish for a larger house."

"Right...I don't know."

"Well, think about it. Will you tell me when you've figured it out?"


"Well, I'm going to start on this. See you at lunch."

"Bye Vani."

"Bye Mum." I walked up to my room. I found Sora, Ven and Roxas trying to do their homework. I sat down and started to read. At half twelve, we were called down to lunch. After that, we continued what we were doing. When I finished that book, I logged on to IM to talk to Zexion.

Have you finished your book yet?

Yes. Sixteen minutes ago.

You beat me. You know, I think it's the apocalypse.


The other three are doing their homework. Quietly.

Must be then. What are you going to read next?

No idea.

Me neither. Sorry, I've got to go. Bye Van.

Bye Zex.

I logged off, and sat thinking about the wish.

"Guys! Dinner's ready!" We had an enjoyable meal before we returned, once again doing the same. At ten, our mother came up the stairs. "Bed time. And Vani, you know the rule."

"Yes Mum. Christmas Eve night, draw the curtain. I know."

"Ok. Well, good night kids!" She turned off the lights and we went to our own sections. I drew the curtain, then sat, looking out of the window. I grabbed a random book and sat down. I started to read, then realized that the answer to the question was simple. There was only one thing that I truly wanted.

"I want... I'd wish that no matter what happened to me, the people I love would never be subject to any danger." I leaned back, closing my eyes as I heard the sound sleigh bells played in my ears.