This is my first fanfic ever so I hope you enjoy!

Of course I do not own criminal minds… although I wouldn't say no to Spencer Reid.

It was early Monday morning in the BAU. Reid, Prentiss and Morgan were in the bullpen exchanging stories of their weekends. Emily claimed she was still hung over from a girl's night out with JJ and Garcia. Morgan had met a girl at a bar and in his words 'one thing led to another'. Reid admitted he had spent most of his weekend reading and had to listen to the other agents telling him for the hundredth time he needed to get a life.

There was an air of excitement in the unit as today was the day the new intern started. And it wasn't going to be just any intern, it was Prentiss's cousin. Morgan had spent the last few weeks making jokes about sleeping with her, much to Prentiss's dismay. She knew he was only messing, but with Derek Morgan you never really knew.

Half an hour later the elevator door opened and a small figure stepped out. There was a screech and Prentiss hurtled into the elevator, embracing whoever had walked in. Morgan and Reid quickly looked up from their desks, startled. There was a rush of high pitched squeals of delight, the kind of noise only excited woman could make.

"Must be the cousin" Morgan said, dropping the file on his desk and watching the elevator with interest. Prentiss turned around and began walking towards them, dragging the figure behind her.

"Guys, this is my cousin Rebecca Kane" she said with a smile. Finally the woman stepped into view. She was gorgeous.

She was small and petit, but her tight white t-shirt and jeans that almost looked painted on reassured the men that she was as gifted as Prentiss when it came to her chest and butt. Her dark hair almost hit her waist as her blue eyes appraised the two agents in front of her.

"Lovely to meet you!" she stretched a hand out to Morgan who quickly shook it.

"Derek Morgan" He introduced himself "Glad to have you here" Reid thought he could detect a different meaning in his tone.

The dark haired girl turned to Reid, who almost jumped back from her outstretched hand. She was easily the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. Morgan sniggered at his awkwardness as he took Rebecca's hand

"Dr Spencer Reid" he couldn't bring himself to make eye contact and quickly turned back to his desk.

"C'mon I'll introduce you to the others before the flight" Prentiss hurried her cousin up the steps, who threw an amused glance back at Reid.

"Man you have got to be kidding me" Morgan chuckled, throwing a pencil at Reid "What was that?"

"I don't know what you're talking about" Reid fumbled with is papers, his cheeks burning.

The chuckling continued "Prentiss's cousin is hot."

Reid's cheeks reddened further. He began organising his bag, thinking of what he will do if he has to speak to Rebecca again.

"Don't worry kid, she must be around your age, I'll let you have her."

"Shut up" Was all he replied