The agents were sitting on the jet waiting to return home. Hotch occupied his usual loan seat at the rear of the cabin, while Morgan and JJ sat at the small table and Reid stretched out on the couch. He kept his eyes closed in hope that the lack of light would rid him of his crippling hangover. They were shortly joined by Rossi who was, as always, late. He sat beside JJ looking around

"Where are Emily and Rebecca?" he asked confused. Prentiss had a habit of being 10 minutes early for everything.

Morgan shrugged while JJ offered to call Prentiss. She dialled the number and it rang out until there was a noise at the front of the jet and two very flustered women boarded.

"Sorry we're late Rebecca lost her room key last night." Prentiss muttered while planting herself beside Morgan. Rebecca waved her hand in greeting to the agents feeling a blush rise up her neck at the sight of the sprawled out genius on the couch. She sat in the large seat opposite the table and the four agents, resting her head on the back of the cool leather attempting to relieve her headache.

"Jeez Rebecca you look about as good as I feel." JJ smirked at the pale agent who had dark shadows under her eyes. Her hair was thrown up in a messy bun with strands falling around her face.

"Late night?" Rossi raised one eyebrow at the younger team members.

"Some were later than others." Morgan grinned at Rebecca who felt her face grow hot and there was a fidgeting noise from Reid's direction. She shut her eyes to avoid the curious glances being thrown her way silently cursing Morgan. This was going to be a long plane ride.

Rebecca's POV

We had been on the plane for almost an hour and still I hadn't brought myself to make eye contact with Reid. Not that I could if I wanted to, he was still covering his eyes with his arm. He'd been like that the whole journey I was starting to think he was stuck. I feigned sleep in hope that I could avoid any more jokes from Morgan but every now and then I peaked out to look at Reid. I'm pretty sure Rossi caught me at it a few times too but he never said anything. Stupid profilers.

Just ask him I thought ask him about the kiss. That kiss, that mind blowing, earth shattering kiss from the night before, that one? My cheeks reddened just at the thought of it there was no way I could bring it up. I always considered myself confident around guys but Spencer was different. He's Dr Spencer Reid he catches serial killers for a living, and he's ridiculously hot! And even if I finally managed to talk to him about our drunken adventures what would he say? What if he doesn't remember? My eyes flashed open at the thought. I blinked to adjust to the brightly lit cabin. Rossi looked at my alarmed face questioningly and then pointedly to Reid and back at me. Damn Rossi, Rossi knows everything.

I stared at the floor debating in my head. When I heard Hotch begin to shuffle papers and put away files I realised we must be landing shortly. That's it I told myself sternly You are Rebecca Kane, top of your class at CalTech and the youngest intern the FBI has ever taken on. You can ask out Spencer Reid, and if he says no… I sighed If he says no tell him Morgan dared you to do it.

Reid's POV

I shifted uncomfortably on the couch attempting to fall asleep. My head was pounding and I wasn't sure if I could keep down this mornings rushed breakfast. No matter how hard I tried the memory of kissing Rebecca on the hotel floor kept popping back into my mind. I tried to distract myself by running through meaningless statistics and hypothetical ways of how the jet could fall from the sky but my thoughts betrayed me every few minutes and Rebecca would appear in my mind once more. I didn't trust myself to sit up or talk to anyone throughout the journey in case I ended up staring at her, or worse, Morgan might say something suggestive to both of us. No, it was definitely a better idea to keep my head down.

I had to clear my mind and stop thinking about the previous night. The more I thought the more hope I had that maybe I could kiss her again, or maybe more than kiss her. Despite what Prentiss and Morgan think I'm not a robot. But girls like Rebecca don't go for guys like me, last night was a drunk end of case fling. Now we were headed back to dreary Quantico where I was the office geek and she was the bubbly intern who most of the male staff flirted with.

We landed smoothly and JJ, Prentiss, Rebecca and I decided to return to the office to grab some paperwork to finish up that night. Prentiss had suspiciously joined JJ in her office leaving Rebecca and me alone in the bullpen. I threw random files into my bag as Rebecca shuffled through the load on her temporary desk. She plucked several from the bottom before spinning around to look at me. It wasn't until then I realised I had been staring at her and I felt my face turn red.

"Reid I-" She began blinking up at me with her big blue eyes. Great here comes the rejection I thought groaning inwardly. "About last night, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to, I mean I think we should-"

"Rebecca." I interrupted turning an even darker shade of red at the high pitch of my voice. I cleared my throat "It's fine let's just forget it ever happened."

"Oh." She stared at me for a moment before turning away and busying herself at her desk "I see, okay."

"I'll see you tomorrow." I began walking towards the elevator trying to get out of there as fast as possible. You did the right thing I told myself as the doors closed blocking my view of the dark haired girl sitting at her desk running a hand through her hair You didn't need to hear her reject you out loud. I hit the carpark button angrily wishing i had the guts to return to the bullpen and kiss Rebecca again.

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