Summary: Jasper and Bella make the Cullens go on Wife Swap with the Simmons.



"Why don't you go home Carlisle and spend time with the family." Doctor Hopkins told me putting his hand on my shoulder. I nodded trying to act weary, but I did want to go and spend time with Esme.

I arrived at the all too familiar driveway and checked the mail. It was the usual bills, magazines and a manila envelope. What, I'm confused since when does L.A send me mail. I strained my mind, trying to remember if there was any business that I worked with that was in L.A. Then I saw the logo "Wife Swap".


Crap, Carlisle found the letter. "Bella," I said running into her room. Interrupting Edward and her's alone time.

" Bella, Carlisle found the letter, were screwed Carlisle is pretty mad." I finished trying not to wince at his anger, but it still showed on my face. Bella looked at me with horror on her face mouthing profanities.

"Jasper, what did you do?" My reason for existence Alice asked. I just shook my head and led her out of the room.


I heard Carlisle's car pull into the garage, so I went out to meet him. "Hey love." Carlisle said as he gave me a big hug spinning me around the garage.

I looked into his face and noticed a hint of anger in his face. "What's wrong Carlisle?" I asked him caressing his face. He just flicked his eyes to the house where the kids were and back to my face.

"Ah, what did the kids do this time?" I asked him shaking my head. They're always up to something. He gave me the letter and kissed my cheek to head to the house. I read the logo and got what they did.

"Kids family meeting now!" I yelled throughout the house, making my way to the dining room to sit beside Carlisle. As they filed in I flung the letter on the table, to see their reaction.


"Kids family meeting now!" Esme yelled.

Wait, Esme yelled. I wonder who's in trouble. I didn't do it though. Emmett froze beside me,

"Em, what did you do?" I asked my husband.

"I didn't Rosie I swear." Emmett trembled. "I just have almost never heard Esme yell before."


I watched as all the kids filed into the living room. Deciding in my mind who was guilty and who wasn't. I knew my sweet Renesmee wasn't involved in this. Bella couldn't be either; I figured Edward was to mature to be in this. I also knew Rose wasn't that stupid, I was thinking Emmett and Jasper maybe Alice. I don't know about Jacob though.

"Do you kids know anything about this letter from L.A? I asked scanning each of their faces. Edward frowned and looked at Bella. Bella was looking around the room, Jasper was trying to calm me down, and Alice was glaring at Jasper. Rose was for once not looking at Emmett but at Bella.

"Emmett, you didn't do or have any part in this did you?" I asked with disbelief in my voice. He just shook his head and pulled Rose closer to him. "Well lets see, with Als glaring at Jasper, I would say he had part in it and the fact that Rose and Edward are looking at Bella. I would say she had a part in this also. I have to say I am shocked at you Bella. But not at you Jasper." I finished with a sigh


Crap, we are screwed. I tried to calm Carlisle and Esme down but Carlisle glared at me and Esme shook her head at me. I could feel Carlisle scanning each of our faces and could feel Alice turn her to glare at me while disappointment was her main emotion.

"Carlisle I swear I am very sorry and it was Bella's idea." I tried to talk my way out of it.

"Carlisle, Jasper was part of the scheme to and he made the video that got us on the show." Edward said smirking at me. Edward I swear your piano will get it if you don't shut up. I threatened him in my head and show the boy gulp. Good maybe now he'll shut up.

"Jasper is this correct?" Carlisle asked me surprising calm.

I hung my head "Yes, Carlisle this is true." I whispered ashamed. Bella spoke up at that point.

"Carlisle I had a big part in it to." Bella spoke up.

"Let me guess, Edward can't read your mind, so no one can tell." Esme said, talking for the first time. Bella shook her head yes.

"Go get the video, and we can see what you two got us into." Esme said standing to go into the living room.