a Torchwood story

by RoadrunnerGER

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Suspense/hurt/comfort – T – Ianto Jones & Jack Harkness

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Chapter 49 – Return

Canary Wharf

Marriot Hotel

Stepping in Jack quickly looked around the hotel room. A smile cracked his tired features at the sight of his sleeping Torchwood agents.

Not so fast, Jack! he reprimanded himself. Ianto's not your agent. He belongs to One. Though, there's no difference anymore, right? If I'm in charge of the whole Institute he is one of my agents.

Pushing the thought aside Jack went to the left bed to wake his second in command.

"Suzie?" Gently prodding her shoulder he said a bit louder, "Suzie."


Sleepily she turned onto her side.

"Suzie. Wake up."

"What?" Forcing her eyes open she glanced up and started when she recognized Jack. "Whoa! You said you'd call!"

"Yeah… Well, I didn't."

"Obviously." Groaning she stretched her tired limbs. "Ugh, how late is it?"

"Some time after three."

"Three in the afternoon?" she prodded.


Nodding she swung her legs over the edge and stretched again. "Give me five minutes and I'll be ready to go."

"Don't rush it," Jack said, stepping aside. "We'll meet at the restaurant first."


Jack nodded.

Her gaze drifting to the other bed Suzie asked, "What about Ianto? You said he's part of the team."

Noticing her accusatory tone Jack frowned. "Yes, I did."

"What exactly did you mean?"

"I asked him to help us incorporate the artefacts and files we took into our archives," Jack explained. "He'll come to Cardiff for about a week."

"I see."

She turned around so abruptly that Jack wondered if she was actually mad at him.


Spinning back to face him she spat, "Jack, you're the boss, you make the decisions. I'd just have liked you to mention it to me before everyone else knows."

Oh! Jack was genuinely surprised. Those were things he usually did not think about, because he did not need to. Or maybe I'd need to but no one ever complained. Looking down at Ianto he said, "I asked him on the spur of the moment."

"Impulsive as always," Suzie snorted and vanished in the bathroom.

"What's wrong with that?" he called after her. Hearing the covers rustle from behind Jack turned back to Ianto. "Hey."

Blinking Ianto glanced up at Jack. "Hey." When he stretched reflexively he groaned.

"How are you, Ianto?"

Moaning softly Ianto turned his head, seeing that Suzie was gone. He was about to ask Jack where she was when he heard sounds from the bathroom. Sinking back on the pillow he groaned again.

"Don't know why I turned onto my back."

"The sores?"

"Yeah," Ianto moaned, trying to roll onto his side.

"Shall I kiss it better?" Jack suggested innocently.

Grimacing at Jack, Ianto huffed, "You wish."

Chuckling Jack squatted beside the bed to be at eye level with Ianto. He loved his wit and humour.

"Is our deal still in force?" Jack asked.

"About updating your archives?"


"Sure," Ianto confirmed.

"Good," Jack smiled and had to withstand the urge to brush aside a dark strand of hair that curled on Ianto's forehead. "I already told Suzie that we'll meet at the restaurant for a late lunch when you're ready."

"You want to scare away the other guests?" Ianto queried, looking Jack over, "Or will you retcon them when we leave?"

Jack laughed.

"You mean our ruined clothes? We'll have a room for ourselves."

"Good." Moving awkwardly Ianto sat up on the edge of the bed. "Food is a great idea. I'm starving."

"Yeah… Owen told me to order something light for you, though."

Snorting with wry amusement Ianto said, "That's all right, Jack. You'll order fresh fruit and porridge for me and I'll eat your pancakes."

Laughing out loud Jack patted Ianto's thigh. "You're brilliant."

Ianto smiled tiredly.

"Do you really want pancakes?"


"Then you'll get pancakes. With syrup and blueberries… or strawberries."

"Strawberries sound great. If they have any."

"I'll get you your strawberries," Jack declared. "If it's the last thing I do."

Chuckling lowly Ianto said, "Syrup will do all right, Jack."

"Okay. We'll meet downstairs then."

"Yeah. We'll be there in a few minutes," Ianto assured him.

"Good." Jack got up and started for the door. Stopping at the bathroom door he called, "Suzie? What shall I order for you?"

After a moment of thinking she replied, "Salad with roast chicken would be great!"

"Your wish is my command, m'lady."

The door opened and Suzie appeared, swinging a towel at him. "Get lost."

"Yes, ma'am!" Jack mock saluted and ran for the door when she swung at him again.

When the door closed behind Jack, Suzie's angry features changed to a smile.

"Are you finished in the bathroom?" Ianto asked.

"Yes," Suzie replied. "It's all yours."


Getting up from the bed was awkward. For just a second there Ianto wondered how he was supposed to get to the bathroom as he was horribly stiff. Slowly he made his way across the room.

"Hey, Jones!" Suzie called out when he was about to vanish in the bathroom. "I'm sorry for, um…what I said earlier…"

"It's okay," he warded off. "Let's write it off to sleep deprivation."

Offering him a small smile Suzie said, "Go. I'll wait."


When Suzie and Ianto entered the hotel restaurant a waitress hurried up to them and showed them to an adjacent room where they met the rest of the team. When Jack spotted Ianto he left his place beside Toshiko to move to the head of the table, gesturing Ianto to sit down. Suzie settled down beside Owen.

Seeing the small stack of pancakes that now sat in front of him, Ianto chuckled. Jack's true to his word. Grinning he reached for his cutlery and dug in. Delicious!

"Hey!" Owen grunted around his steak, "You won't have those pancakes!"

"Oh, really?" Ianto smirked, picking up two pieces on his fork. "How do you plan to stop me?"

"Jack, you shouldn't encourage him," Owen growled.

"I didn't," Jack pouted.

"You should know better! Shame on you, Captain Harkness!" Owen huffed. "I'll blame you when he gets sick."

Ianto snickered at the exchange.

"It was Ianto's decision!" Jack defended himself.

"Owen!" Ianto mingled in when the medic took a breath to prepare for another tirade. "Stop pestering Jack. If he hadn't done it I'd have ordered them myself… and I'll eat them, too, no matter what you say."

"You'll remember my words when…"

"Owen!" Suzie cut in. "Enough is enough! It's not your fault if he gets sick! Now, maybe you could stop complaining and do something productive instead like giving an overview of what you did before you left the tower?"

"What's to tell?" Owen snorted. "We searched three more sublevels without further incident, packed up, and transported what we gathered at Secure Archives to the truck. End of story."

"Where's the truck now?" Suzie asked.

"Still at the tower," Toshiko told her matter of factly. "When we were done loading we controlled the content again and sealed it before we left."

"And I went to retcon the civilian witnesses," Jack added. "I also talked with the Brigadier. UNIT will take care of the cleanup for us, so we can go back to Cardiff now."

"We'll have enough to clean up there," Toshiko sighed.

"Like the hole in the roof," Suzie nodded.

"Yeah… among other things."

"All of that can wait," Jack declared, putting his glass of water down with a thump. "Once we're back I want you to go home and get your well earned rest."

"How long?" Owen teased. "Until tomorrow morning?"

"I don't want to see you again before Monday," Jack said. "Unless the Rift is throwing something big at us that I can't handle on my own."

"Woohoo! Sounds like vacation!" Owen cheered.

"I'll come in to help, Jack," Toshiko said. "You can't deal with the Rift alone."

"No, Tosh," Jack shook his head. "I meant what I said. You have the whole weekend off."


"No buts, Tosh. I dealt with the Rift on my own for years. I'll manage a few days."

Chewing pointedly Owen mumbled, "Don't argue. It's the closest we've got to a vacation for ages."

"You never asked for one."

"I'll change that," the medic vowed.

Chuckling Jack leaned back in his chair. "Suzie, I'd like you to drive the SUV back."


"Owen, you'll be on the truck with me. And Tosh, you'll take Ianto home?"

"Of course, Jack," she agreed readily.

"That's great, Tosh. He'll need to collect some things."

Ianto released a breath he did not know he had been holding. For a moment he had thought that he would be left behind after all. Now he returned his attention to his pancakes. They were delicious, but even though he would have loved to devour them all he felt that that was not the best idea. Feeling regret at having to leave them, he took two more bites before he shoved the plate aside.

"Anyone want the rest of my pancakes?" he asked. "I didn't touch the last two."

"Sure!" Jack jumped at the opportunity.

As nobody else claimed them Ianto pushed the plate toward Jack.

"I told you so," Owen grunted.

"No, you didn't," Ianto shot back. "In contrary to what you've predicted, I avoided getting sick because I know when to stop eating."

"Hey, kids!" Jack threw in. "Will you stop fighting?"

"I'm not fighting," Ianto declared. "I just made a point."

Owen scoffed.

"Jack, what about Torchwood One?" Ianto asked.

"What about it?"

"Well, you said that UNIT will clean up the tower," Ianto said, "but what about the Institute itself?"

Realizing what Ianto was asking about now Jack told him, "No decision was made yet, but I doubt that it will be rebuilt, actually."

"So… once I'm done with your archives I'll have to search for a new job?"

"Don't worry about that now," Jack said. "As I said, no decision was made yet."

Nodding Ianto accepted his answer, but a nagging worry still remained. They finished their meal over small talk and once they were done they left the hotel to get their respective cars for the trip back to Cardiff.


Standing in his living room Ianto looked around with a peculiar feeling. It felt oddly strange. When he and Lisa had moved in together their households fused while unpacking and arranging furniture and bits and pieces. Now Ianto let his view drift through the room and realized how much Lisa had influenced the decoration. A few framed pictures and the shelf with his book collection were about as much as Ianto had contributed.

"This has a female touch," Toshiko murmured. "I'm so sorry for your loss."

"Thank you," he replied, feeling the words catch in his throat. "It's so strange. It doesn't really feel like she's dead, but still I miss her horribly already."

At a loss for what to say Toshiko just nodded. Furtively she watched him while pretending to study the book shelf.

"Did you decide what to do yet?" she asked.


Actually Ianto still was not sure. Jack had suggested that he stayed home for the weekend and would come to Cardiff by train on Sunday evening to join them on Monday morning. That would allow Ianto time to arrange things, but it would also leave him with too much time to brood. So he seriously considered Owen's offer to stay with him. Of course he would find a hotel or a room to let for the time he would work at Torchwood Three, but it would be good if he could do that on-site.

But what will I do in Cardiff the whole weekend? Three days. I can't stay at Owen's the whole time. He took a deep breath. I could go and visit Mam and Rhi.

His insides constricted at that thought. While he yearned to see his family he also feared their meeting. They had not enjoyed the best relationship since he had left for London.

"Is this a first edition?" Toshiko suddenly asked.

"Huh?" Looking at the book she was indicating he shook his head. "I wish it was. I can't afford first editions."

"Your collection's almost complete," she smiled.

"I have all the classics, but I don't care that much for the new Bond novels. I'd like to have them all on DVD, though."

Nodding her understanding Toshiko said, "Yeah, I'm collecting…" she chuckled with slight embarrassment, "eggcups."

"Oh!" Ianto smirked. "How did that happen?"

"I… don't know," Toshiko chuckled with real amusement now. "I just do."

"Will you show me?"

His request sounded so honest and innocent that she could not refuse. "Sure. Remind me, I forget things like that when I'm busy."

"Oh, I know that feeling," Ianto assured her. "Depending on how busy I'll be incorporating the materials from One into your archives I might forget as well."

"Hm, then we should take a note," Toshiko suggested and pretended to get out her calendar to select a date. "When would you like to come and see my collection?"

Ianto laughed.

It sounds out of place, he thought ruefully and fell silent. Lisa is dead. I shouldn't laugh. At the same time it felt weirdly natural which confused Ianto no end. I can't stay here. I'd go mad! Where's the suitcase?

He forgot about the suitcase and darted into the bathroom instead. There he leaned on the open toilet, coughing, fearing that with every breath he gasped in he would get even sicker. Thankfully the pancakes stayed down. It was not the food that made him choke but his emotional uproar.

"Ianto?" he heard Toshiko's anxious voice from behind. "Can I help? Should I call Owen?"

"No!" he croaked. "Don't." Several times he gasped for breath between coughs. "I'll… be all right… Just… a minute."

"Ianto, you don't look all right," she said worriedly and ventured awkwardly inside to stand beside him. "What can I do?"

"There's… I… I'll be…"

Ianto's voice wavered. Looking into the bowl of the toilet did not help calming his stomach. Chills ran down his back and he started to tremble.

"Ianto?" Toshiko called out with renewed anxiety. "Ianto!"

Wrapping her arms around him she tried to support him when sobs bubbled out of him, his legs buckled and he collapsed in front of the toilet. Incapable of keeping him upright they both ended up on the floor where they sat, Ianto cradled in her embrace. Overwhelmed by everything that had happened he submitted himself to her soothing when she guided him down to rest his head in her lap. Continuing to murmur nonsense to him she held and caressed him while he was crying.


After dropping Owen off and parking the truck at the secret loading dock Jack entered their base through the vaults. The first thing he became aware of even before he entered the centre Hub was the stench.

The Octopus, he remembered. I've got to get rid of the carcass as soon as possible.

Ignoring the remains for now Jack went straight to his office. Shards of glass that scattered the floor and some of the furniture made it painfully obvious that he did not know how that had happened.

Must have been the octopus. Looking out through the destroyed window he checked on what else the giant creature had smashed. Owen's workstation. That must have made Tosh's heart bleed. At least Mainframe did not suffer.

Heaving a sigh he brushed two shards off his office chair. He was about to sit down when the phone rang.


"Yes?" he answered the call. "Ellis!" he greeted cheerfully, even though he could not say that he was happy to hear from Chief Superintendent Cadwallader. His mood sagged even more as he listened. "I don't know what you're complaining about. They're both in one piece, right?" he queried. "No, Chief. Nothing happened to them. They were all right when I dropped them off at home."

With fading patience Jack listened to Cadwallader expressing his worry about his constables. "No, Ellis. Maybe they were so relieved to be off duty that they drank a pint too much." Another, even more vociferous complaint made Jack's ears ring. "If he was drunk enough, maybe he did it on a dare! Otherwise, I don't know. Check the local spas. If anyone gave your PC a full body wax, I am sure it will show up on their receipts." Another query about their wellbeing followed. "I'm sure they're all right." Another mention of the officers' amnesia. "Sorry, Ellis. Can't help you."

Thankfully he could finish the call then. Right at that moment Jack felt like pulling the plug out of the phone. Instead of sinking into his chair he climbed down the ladder to the room under his office. There nothing had changed.

Jack sighed and bent down to open and remove his shoes. His coat dropped on the chair, followed by his braces. Heavily he sat down on the bed and fell backwards onto the cover.

Should I contact Tosh? Suzie called me when she left the SUV at the garage to head home. No, Tosh will call as well. She always does.

Closing his eyes Jack concentrated on just breathing for a minute or so.

I wonder if Ianto decided to come to Cardiff straight away. When we parted he appeared less determined. I could call, but I shouldn't push too much.

Cadwallader's call still fresh in his memory made him recall the conversation about retcon that he had with Ianto. It led to his spontaneous question if Ianto would temporarily join the team. Back then it seemed to be a great idea, but now he questioned his decision.

Maybe even the simple question was too much. Ianto must be traumatized by the battle and his captivity in the conversion unit. He was exhausted as well. And still he managed to pull himself together and work with us. His strength was what impressed me. Together with his intelligence and quick-wittedness.

But I never spared a thought to Ianto's wellbeing. What is good for him? Is it good to tear him out of his familiar environment? Is it good to force him to relive his trauma by making him work with the artefacts from One? Is it good for him to be stuck with the remains of the organisation that is responsible for his fiancé's death and that almost got him killed?

Why did I want him to work for me anyway? That he knows One's system inside out is only one of the reasons and just a paltry excuse.

Jack rubbed his forehead to soothe the headache that throbbed against it.

If it was just due to carnal attraction I could've kept Ydris as well, Jack admonished himself. Back then I didn't know that we would bring in that much from One, though. And Ydris doesn't know Torchwood, Ianto does.

They both are quite handsome with expressive eyes, he smirked to himself. Ydris's green, Ianto's blue. Mmmm, but I do love Ianto's voice. It's so deep.

'You wish.'

Jack chuckled at the memory.

Gorgeous and brilliant.

He sighed and tried to relax enough to finally fall asleep. Despite his usual bragging about not sleeping he did very well need sleep.

Despite the trauma Ianto must have fallen asleep due to sheer exhaustion. But then, how much did he really see of the destruction? And of the dead? Once he was free Owen kept him away from places where he might be confronted with killed colleagues.

As far as I know Ianto was taken straight to the conversion unit when he was caught by the Cybermen. He saw his superior being deleted, though, and even though he did not have to watch it, he knew that his fiancé was converted into a Cyberman. Didn't he say that he saw her again after the transformation? When he was already stuck in the thing?

It's a miracle that he survived. So many dead. More than ninety-five percent of Torchwood personnel exterminated by Cybermen and Daleks. And still it could have been so much worse.

All of a sudden another thought came to his mind.

Wait a moment! Didn't Ianto say that his fiancé was converted in the very same unit he was then stuck in? What the hell must that do to his mind? I shouldn't drag him deeper into Torchwood. He should have counselling instead.

The other survivors also have to deal with traumatic experiences. Someone should make sure they're being taken care of.

That thought made him cringe.

That someone's me! it hit him. As new director of Torchwood they're my responsibility.

A burden he neither liked nor wanted.

I can't do that! I don't know how!

Suddenly his stomach felt like it had turned to a lump of lead. From one second to the other the walls seemed to close in on him, making it hard to breathe. Feeling half-suffocated Jack jumped out of the bed, starting to pace. Realizing quickly that that did not help he climbed up the ladder.

Seeing the broken windows of his office made things worse.

I have to get out of here!

Even the Hub seemed to shrink on him. Upon leaving the office Jack was confronted with the carcass of the octopus again, the sight and the stench reminding him of what had happened.


Unable to breathe Jack staggered and just made it far enough to sink down on the sofa in the rec area. There he lay, trying to slow his heartbeat and to regain control over his lungs. Every fibre in his body yearned to run.

Flee the Hub.

Flee the city.

Flee this planet.

But there was nowhere to go. And no way to get there with his vortex manipulator still burnt out.

The only one who could take me is the Doctor. And he's already left me behind again.

Jack's heart ached with the realization. His whole being longed for the life he had known before the game station. Before he became this monstrosity. Before he got stranded in this god-forsaken time.

Images of happier times aboard the TARDIS came to his mind. Rose dancing around the console room with delight at the prospect of visiting another extraordinary world. The Doctor rummaging around in the bowels of the ship, trying to fix some circuit. The TARDIS herself murmuring in his mind.

A sob bubbled up and he was glad that nobody could see him grimace at his heartache. His restless nature revolted against staying put in the same place for an indefinite amount of time. Even if he travelled the world this planet would be too small for him. He did not belong here and the bitter truth gnawed at him from the inside.

But I'm free! Jack reminded himself, brushing his tears away with the sleeve of his shirt. Finally! I'm free to go wherever I like!

With renewed energy he pushed himself up from the sofa and strode to his office to grab some stuff only to realize that there was very little that belonged to him.

I still have nowhere to go.

Erratically Jack swivelled around and stormed out, stopping dead in his tracks between the workstations. He still felt trapped.

Looking around frantically for a line of flight his gaze fell upon the frame around the monitors on Toshiko's workstation where she had pasted some photos. Suzie and Owen bent over a piece of alien tech, laughing. Toshiko, deeply engrossed in her work. A snapshot of himself, playing basketball with Owen.

The sight of the photos evoked another flood of emotions, but of another kind. Having selected them for his team he cared for them as much as he cared for Rose and the Doctor. They needed him. He had a responsibility.

This was a burden he carried with good grace.

Someone has to guard the Rift, he recalled his words to the Brigadier.

Jack sighed.

Besides, the Doctor would be disappointed in me for just running off.

Once more he heaved a sigh.

On Monday they'll be back. Somehow I'll manage until then.

Jack did not exactly come to peace with his destiny, but at least staying became more bearable.


Ianto loved Toshiko because the situation never turned awkward between them. After his embarrassing breakdown in the bathroom she simply reassured herself that he would be all right and left him to his own devices in order to make himself more presentable again. When he went to the bedroom she just sat down on the couch with a magazine from the coffee table. Ianto selected some clothes and returned to the bathroom.

Washing himself was a bit tricky, but he managed and got dressed. It was such a relief to finally feel clean again!

Upon crossing the living room he found Toshiko sleeping. So he tried to be silent when he packed a suitcase with clothes and a few other things he might need. One of his favourite books also vanished between socks and shirts, the rest would go into a backpack. Once he was ready to leave he carefully nudged Toshiko's shoulder.


"Hmmm?" She blinked and sat up straighter, yawning heartily.

"I could drive," Ianto offered.

"No, it's okay. I'll drive," Toshiko murmured and scooted forward in her seat. "Just a moment."

"Would you like a coffee?"

"Coffee would be wonderful," she smiled at him gratefully. Only then she realized that he had changed into casual clothes and eyed him appreciatively.

"Something wrong?" he asked.

"No," she assured him. "Everything's fine."

"All right. I'll make the coffee," Ianto said and vanished in the kitchen.

Brewing the beverage did not take long and they sat in silence and nursed their drinks. Setting her empty mug down Toshiko declared that they should go. Ianto took his luggage and followed close behind her. At the door he stopped and looked around the flat for a last time. Leaving it now he felt that one part of his life was completed while another was about to begin.

Sighing Ianto closed the door and locked it before he followed Toshiko to her car where she just finished her call to Jack.

A few kilometres later, though, Ianto repeated his offer that Toshiko gratefully accepted this time. While she slept in the passenger's seat Ianto let his mind wander. He only woke her again when he entered Cardiff, asking where he had to drive to now. They arrived at Owen's place about 11pm, but he still admitted them relatively quickly, clad only in worn jeans. As they entered Owen eyed Ianto critically.

"Looking good," the medic commented on his way to the kitchenette. "How do you feel?"

"I'm fine," Ianto assured him.

"Tell me if that changes," Owen said, pouring himself a scotch. Holding up the bottle he asked, "Tosh? Like a drink?"

"No, thanks. All I want is a good night's sleep." She turned to Ianto who appeared a little lost standing in the middle of the loft. "You'll be all right?"

"Sure," he nodded. "Thank you."

Sensing that he meant more than just the lift to Cardiff she smiled at him. "No problem. See you."

"Night, Tosh!" Owen called distractedly as he dropped on the sofa while she let herself out.

"Nice place," Ianto commented.

"Thanks," Owen grunted. "Don't just stand there. There's the bathroom," he gestured in the right direction.

Instead Ianto went to the living area to sit on the couch across from Owen's.

"You belong in bed," the medic scoffed, obviously unhappy with the company.

"You could have told me earlier if you don't want me here. I'd have stayed in London until Sunday."

"That's not… I'm in doctor mode."

"Well, in that case you should stop drinking," Ianto brushed off the half-apology.

"Hey!" Owen snapped. "Who's the doctor?"

"You are, so you should know better."

Huffing his discontentment Owen downed the rest of his scotch before he put the glass on the coffee table with a clonk.

"Get in bed!" Owen commanded.

"Only if you go, too," Ianto said. "And I'll take the couch."

"The hell you will," Owen frayed. "You'll take the bed!"

For a moment they just glared at each other until Ianto asked a question out of the blue.

"Did you burn it?"

"Burn what?" Confusion wrinkled Owen's forehead.

"Your sweatshirt."

"My sweatsh… oh!" Owen chuckled mirthlessly. "Yeah, I probably should. It's bloody." Seeing Ianto scowl he prodded. "Why do you ask?"

"That's not what I meant, Owen," Ianto told him gravely.

"Then what the hell are you talking about?"

"Ghosts, Owen," Ianto snorted. "Ghosts on your sweatshirt. It was hard not to see that you were caught by the hype around them."

"Oh, that!" Owen smirked devilishly. "Just loved the take on the scene." Dropping his voice he tried to imitate Bogart, "Here's looking at you, kid."

Ianto still scowled.

Realizing that something was not right Owen asked with honest concern, "Did that really bother you that much? You could've said something."

"No," Ianto said, regretting that he had brought up the subject. "At first it was too dark to see it and when the lights came on I… you were so supportive that it became irrelevant."

"There's still something," Owen prodded. "What is it?"

At that Ianto squirmed a little, declaring somewhat sheepishly, "Didn't want to mention it because I didn't want to scare you away."

"Oh! You needn't worry about that."

"Well, now I know," Ianto agreed, "but… there… was a couple. They said, they'd send help, but… nobody came."

"Oh. I'm sorry."

"Don't be," Ianto tried to shrug it off. "Maybe they never made it out of the tower. And if they did they probably were too scared to… tell… anyone."

Owen clearly heard his voice trail off and knew that he should not allow him to brood about this, so he grasped the first idea he had and asked, "Do you play rugby?"

Incredulously Ianto stared at him. "Do I look like I'd play?"

"No, but… it's Welsh national sport. You are Welsh. So…"

Despite his sour mood Ianto had to chuckle.

"That's an incorrect syllogism, Owen," he chortled.

"A what?"

"Implying a wrong conclusion, like: All Weevils have fangs. Your dog also has fangs, so it's a Weevil."


Still Ianto chuckled. "Anyway, rugby's not in my genes, Owen. And no, you won't get to test it."

"I've got enough work as it is," Owen snorted. "So… do you support a team?"

"Well, actually, no. I rarely get to go to the games," Ianto shrugged. "I watch the Celtic League on TV when I can."

"Ah, so you are Welsh after all," Owen teased. Yawning widely he got up and walked around the couch to where Ianto sat, lightly patting his upper arm.

"C'mon. The day was long enough."

"I'm not tired."

"Because you're high on adrenalin," Owen snorted. "That'll change when you're in bed. C'mon."

Reluctantly Ianto let himself be prodded over to the bathroom and prepared for the night. Owen still insisted on Ianto taking the bed and prepared the sofa, that turned out to be a studio couch, for himself.

Once Ianto stretched out and Owen pulled up the covers the young Welshman had to admit that the medic was right. He was dead tired. Still being somewhat wound up he settled on his side. When Owen switched off the lights his gaze drifted out of the panorama windows. The view across the bay was spectacular. Lights were dancing on the water and a freighter cut through the waves in the moonlight.

Looks peaceful, Ianto thought. As if nothing has happened at all. Somewhat weird.

A signal horn blew.

In a day or two, he would find himself a place to stay. He was not ready to worry about that just now, but he could not impose upon Owen indefinitely. Then he would look in on Mam and Rhi. He wondered if maybe Captain Harkness would give him a week before he started integrating the Torchwood One objects into Three's archives. He had not been home in quite a while, and now that he was here, he was suddenly homesick for some of his old haunts. It would be nice to have some time to visit.

But all of that could sort itself out tomorrow. Right now, he was finally safe, and he needed to sleep.

"Owen?" he murmured.

"What?" the doctor grunted.

"Thank you."

Another grunt and the rustling of bedclothes were the only answer Ianto got. Smirking at Owen's attitude Ianto enjoyed the view until his eyes fell shut and he drifted off to sleep.

The End

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