"It's another lazy-hot day in Lawrence; unfortunately for any lizards out there yearning for the sun, today marks the first full day of classes starting right here in University of Kansas. That means shaded lecture theatres and droning professors – do enjoy. Here to help you along, as ever, this is a track from me to you…"

As the cool voice cut off to be replaced by a well-picked song, Dean rolled over in his bed. He couldn't help the smile on his face, he liked this guy – he was funny, he had a good taste in music. Only thing was no one really knew who he was. He was a student, probably, he had a two hour slot every other day and an extra late night slot on a Friday. He had an amazing voice for radio, that much was sure – just the perfect mix of serenity and deep, gravelly tones that made Dean think he might be just a joint away from spitting conspiracies down the mic.

He'd been finding it hard to settle in, only a freshman, only his first few days here; and the crisp voice and kick-ass tunes assaulting his ears were the highlight of his day. He'd never been in to the education thing, but his mom had encouraged him to make the most of himself, and the only way he knew how to do that was follow what their real pride and joy Sammy had been talking about for so long. Sam's five year plan (slightly altered of course) had become Dean's five year plan. So here he was in KU, studying Mechanical Engineering, which would probably just land him back on the path of working on cars anyway.

But he liked that, he liked machines, they were easy, they were predictable. Not like people. And he had never been all that good socially, sure he was athletic and quite handsome (so he was told, but he had never had trouble getting a girl), so he was far from the normal 'outcast' or 'geek', but prolonged interaction wasn't exactly his strong suit. That made fitting in here even more difficult.

And that's why listening to this show, on the university radio, made him feel a little better. The mysterious presenter, went by Angel on the show for any callers – his show being called Angel's Demons. He didn't quite get it – figured Angel was either quite religious or a book-enthusiast. And Dean was neither of those things; but it didn't stop him from wondering what it would be like to be the guys' friend. And maybe that was a thought dragged directly from the mind of a teenage girl obsessing over her favourite idol; but he still felt this was different, because he just wanted a friend.

So many times he found himself almost talking back to the man on the radio, agreeing with his statements, laughing at his jokes, singing along to the songs he played. Even if this was only really a one-way relationship, he still saw Angel as a friend.

But sometimes he wondered if things would change if he ever met him in person. Would he be a whole other somebody? Would he think Dean a creep and laugh at him if he ever found out?

The song ended and Dean readjusted his headphones as he lay on his back again, maybe it would be better if he never found out.