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Kurt was always the top dog when it came to fashion. he lived and breathed it, and that was what inspired him to go into the business. His mother had always dressed him in the best clothes as a young child— up until she died. Kurt had been young, but he had been strong. He still is. Ever since he was young, Kurt had been a very feminine boy. Always having tea parties with himself, wearing clothes a child of seven normally wouldn't. He had always been different. As Kurt got older, he realized to embrace his differences, and it wasn't long after he started to embrace himself was when he realized he was gay. There was no hiding it, either, or shame. Kurt was proud of who he was, and he always would be

Kurt was now 20 and out in the big wild world on New York and was working on setting his fashion line. His life was perfect, except for one piece. He had a gorgeous boyfriend, don't get him wrong but that boyfriend was away in the war, that boyfriend was fighting every day and risking his life to save others. Sure, Kurt was proud of him, so so proud of him and wouldn't drag the other boy back for his own needs but like anyone else with people out in the war he was scared and he just wanted his boyfriend home with him. Kurt hated coming home from work on days, wanted to stay and brim in all the fashion, to spark up his designs and do what he could to get his line finished and more to the fact that he always came home to a empty house. His house was empty, the spirit of Blaine gone and damn did Blaine have some spirit. Last Christmas, when Blaine was home, Kurt rushed home, expecting something romantic and heartfelt but no – Blaine had attacked the apartment with Christmas decorations.

But then there were some days when Kurt loved to come home, he had always counted the days, the days until he got a letter. He would count how many it took for Blaine to get his own and knew without a doubt that Blaine would write him one straight away and have it posted the same or next day and then Kurt would count the average days it would take to arrive, it had always happened like this.

The edging winter of January Kurt counted, and counted until the day came. He rushed home, holding his bag tightly as he hoped for a letter to be at his door. He ran inside and up the small flight of steps; head down as he whispered to himself, words of hope and wishes. He couldn't see where he was going and didn't even notice the person in front of him before he was running smack into them, frowning in pain but looking up in confusion. "Mr Hummel?" The voice came, Kurt's eyes look to his badge and nearly jumped for joy. It was the post man. "Y-yes?" Kurt questioned the hope building up in his voice as he looked at the man. He looked down into his hand, seeing a letter, his eyes went to the stamp and oh – it was from Blaine.

Sent - January 1th.

Arrived – January 11th.

Hey sweetheart,

Well, this is a wasted letter really, but I wanted to write it. Just in a way to feel closer to you, to let you know I'm okay and that I'm still here, just. Wow that was horrible, should I scribble that out? Wait, if I did then this wouldn't make sense. Then I'd have to scribble all this out and it'll be a just scribbled out note and you'd spend forever trying to pick letters out to create words and sentences. Stop cooing over how I'm messing up over letter. When I get home I bet your going to pull this out and tell me how adorable I am. I know you so well.

Anyway, nothing exciting has gone over here since Christmas accepted the fact that I have washed and I have shaved with the new equipment you got me. I couldn't thank you enough for the present's baby, they were so perfect. Every man out here admired the gifts the children got for them and we got a line of string to go through some of the tents so we could dangle them upon there. It was a fun day, setting all that up. It took our minds off the situation we were in anyway.

As I said, very quiet over here, no sign of anything in enemy lines lately. That could change from now until my next letter or phone call. Not that I won't be safe and the others in my team won't be safe, of course. I shall always keep myself safe for you, baby.

So as I stated, this is a useless letter. A waste of the gorgeous paper you got me. Strangely I always liked paper; I like what it can do. You can crumble it up and scribble all over it and just create the most beautiful art. Oh god, I'm going mad. Save me Kurt. Do you remember that time a few days before I came out here you were drawing up for your new work portfolio and you couldn't get this one design right and you crumbled up around 10 pieces of paper and threw them at me, but then it all back lashed on you when I turned it into a paper war and we had around 40 piece of crumbled up paper around our apartment living room. I totally won that wore, throwing your hands in the air in defeat does not count as you winning darling, and we have been over this.

I miss you, I love you. I wish I could be there, I wish you could hold me. I wish that we could take lazy showers together and then stand by our window that looks out on NYC and wrap our lower selves in a blanket and totally do it all Moulin Rouge style and just stand there, caressing and remembering ever crease in each other's body. It was be so beautiful and organic. We need to do this when I come home now; it's one of my mind sets!

I always hate finishing letters to you; I just want to write a huge letter one day, just a huge one. Like, 20 pages long explaining about my undying love to you. Another thin that's on my mind sets!

I love you beautiful. Stay strong, stay talent, stay mine.

Love, your prince charming.

Sent – January 12th

Arrived – January 23rd.

Dear Blaine,

How did you even manage to be so wonderfully charming and dapper and gorgeous, oh and don't forget a complete adorable goober through paper? Every letter you send brings a smile to my face; never call it a waste of paper because it isn't. It means so much to me when I find I have had a letter off you, remember last Christmas when I went out and you decided to decorate the house?

Remember when I came home there was this huge Christmas tree in my living room, decorated with Disney characters, tinsel EVERYWHERE and fairy lights tangled but somehow placed around nearly everything. I wanted to scream, really. I was looking forward to putting the decorations out nice with you, to make the place look homely and lovely and what did you do? You took me in your arms and told me to look up, and when I did I was met with some mistletoe, and then I was met with your lips. I could have melted into you Blaine. All my anger was gone in a split second. I had to admit, as much as the house didn't look catalogue worthy, dragging two chairs next to the Christmas tree, pulling a sheet over the top and pulling pillows inside and then running fairy lights around our new tent/fort was the best way to sleep Christmas Eve night. I did have a aching back afterwards from sleeping on the floor but it was perfect.

Everything you are is perfect Blaine, everything about you, your whole being. It makes me want to scream sometimes how I always seem to look a mess next to you. You scrub up so well. Even when you don't scrub up, when you let that gorgeous stubble of your grow a little, you still look so amazing then. It isn't fair, Blaine.

I'm glad you had a good Christmas; mine was different to last years, obviously. It was spent mostly back in Lima, I went back to see Dad and Carole. I also visited Rachel, she was on the phone with Finn and I slipped in a 'Say hello to Blaine for me!' not sure if he passed it on.. But I slept in my old room, my dad had kept it exactly the same. It broke my heart to see, to see everything still perfect and still in order and the exactly same way I had left it. It filled me with memories. The memories of our first time in this house, of course it was the second time we had done it and it was just as special and enchanting as the first. But then the few times after that when Finn walked in on us, not so.. Oh god, remember his face? Actually don't because he sleeps in the same tent as you! But back to Christmas, I brought my scrap book down here and there were a few empty pages on the back. I hope you don't mind that I wrote in them, my darling. It was just some memories, a list really of small things. Like the first time we said that we loved each other, the actual way I nearly choked to death when you did.

I hope Noah, Finn and Sam are okay. I know you are a perfect leader, a perfect Sergeant, but I was wondering how they are behaving. I know that Finn is doing okay seeing as the phone call I heard of Rachel but I haven't been able to get any news on Sam and Noah. Is Noah behaving? You remember what he was like in high school, please God don't say he's the same..

I hate finishing the letters that I write to you as well, honey. But finishing them and posting them is one of the best parts, the excitement and the thoughts of getting one back grows strong and strong every day. Hurry home my Prince, I love you.

Love, kisses, tackle hugs and chocolate, Kurt.

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